Staying true update Thursday 22 June 2023

Staying true 22 June 2023: Pramod congratulates Tia’s father for fixing Sanjay and Tia’s engagement. Baby says they should wait for wedding till Sanjay’s divorce finalizes and can finish engagement in the evening tonight. Sushma asks why in such a hurry. Pramod says they just need to perform rituals. Baby asks Sushma why is she hesitating when she had Tia’ background check already. Sushma agrees and asks Sanjay if he is ready. Sanjay agrees. Susham rejoices hearing that. Abhay and Ashi request Vinod to stop this engagement. Vinod says he already spoke to Sushma and Sanjay and they are not ready to understand, its Sanjay’s bad luck that Paragi is not his fate and Paragi deserves better.

Sanjay informs Paragi about his engagement in the evening. Paragi is shocked to hear and that and says Pramod and Baby are definitely hiding something. Sanjay says he cannot understand why Tia’s family is in a hurry, Tia also looked weird. Paragi says went so closer to Tia that he noticed so much. Sanjay says he didn’t. Paragi says she will talk to him later. He demands a kisses. She kisses. He says he will come there itself. She asks him not to and disconnect call. He kisses the screen repeatedly, turns, and stands shocked seeing Abhay. Pramod and Baby celebrate their victory.

Abhay thinks Sanjay was kissing Tia over phone and confronts him. He snatches phone to delete Tia’s number from his mobile and gets happy noticing Paragi’s number instead. He thanks Sanjay and asks what is happening. Sanjay thinks he cannot tell him that his parents are the culprits and requests him to keep it a secret until he asks him to. Abhay promises that he will not open his mouth until Paragi is his bhabhi.

Abhay thinks Sanjay was kissing Tia over phone and confronts him. He snatches phone to delete Tia’s number from his mobile and gets happy noticing Paragi’s number instead. He thanks Sanjay and asks what is happening. Sanjay thinks he cannot tell him that his parents are the culprits and requests him to keep it a secret until he asks him to. Abhay promises that he will not open his mouth until Paragi is his bhabhi.

Paragi threatens Mayank to do whatever she says if he wants to save his job. He agrees. She asks him to get his team ready as they are going for a special invite. Back to Pathak house, Vinod tries to leave the house when Tia’s family walks in for roka/engagemnt. Pramod introduces Vinod to them. Sushma sees gifts and denies to accept it. Baby says they can return it later. Sanjay walks down for engagement. Ashi and Abhy hope this engagement doesn’t happen. Engagment ritual starts when Mayank with his team enters and stops it. Pramod asks reason. Mayank says Sanjay is already married and its illegal to have a second marriage before divorce. Baby says its just an engagement. Mayank says seeing the huge gifts, it looks like Sanjay is remarrying for dowry.

Sanjay recalls Paragi’s words and asks Mayank if he will file a dowry case on them. Sushma pleads Mayank not to insult them in front of guests. Sanjay tells Sushma they shouldn’t interfere in police’s duty. Pramod asks Vinod to speak to him. Vinod requests, but Mayank doesn’t agree and asks constable to make a recording of each dowry item. Pramod warns Mayank that he will call his superior and says Sanjay is divorcing Paragi. Paragi enters and says she hasn’t divorced Sanjay yet and thinks she has to hurt Sushma because of Pramod’s evil plan. Sanjay thinks one has to go against dear ones when they are wrong.

Shiva tells Atul that let Mayank follow Paragi’s orders, they should do something and keep all the money with them and not let Paragi know about it. He agrees. She gets tensed noticing Chanda hearing their conversation.Paragi tells inspector Mayank that she and Sanjay are still married and haven’t divorced legally yet. She asks Sanjay to show divorce paper if he has and confronts Pathaks for thinking of bringing another bahu without listening to their first bahu, they may repent after finding that she was right. Sushma shouts at her stop showing her IAS power and ruin Sanjay’s life again. Pramod says Paragi will be suspended and divorced soon. Paragi says she is here as a Sanjay’s wife and not an IAS officer and orders inspector to arrest Sanjay and Tia for trying to marry without divorcing her.

Tia’s father asks Pramod what is happening, why didn’t he sort out the issue before fixing alliance. Pramod promises to fix the issue soon. Pramod assures Sanjay to bail him out. Sanjay asks Paragi how can she insult his family. Paragi asks Sanjay to arrest Sanjay.Chanda hears Shiva and Atul’s conversation and says she came to tell them that she is happy that they both changed, but they are like a dog’s tail which will never straighten. Shiva and Atul nervously say she misunderstood them. Chanda says she was wrong and a fool to think they both changed, they both are traitors. She tells her husband’s photo that he was right that their children have gone on her and she was covering their mistakes, she will not repeat her mistake and will correct her mistake and do whatever is necessary. Atul and Shiva stand tensed.

Baby alleges Paragi that she acts as loving Sanjay and is taking revenge from them. Sushma tells Paragi that she will forgive her and her mother’s mistakes and will even hold her feet if she spares Sanjay.Sanjay stops her. Paragi asks inspector Mayank to arrest Sanjay. Sanjay warns Paragi that he will divorce her and marry Tia. Paragi murmurs not to overact. Pramod warns inspector that he will complain against him to his superior and get him suspended, so he should leave. Paragi thinks she wants Pramod to get out of control and do a mistake. Mayank arrests Sanjay and Tia take them away. Sushma requests Vinod to stops Paragi. Vinod says he would have if Paragi is wrong. He says they should mend their ways and praises Paragi for her daring move.

Pramod calls CM’s secretary Sharmaji to stop Sanjay’s arrest, but Sharmaji denies to help him. Tia’s father Vermaji tells Pramod that he told divorce is happening with mutual consent, but Paragi created a scene. Pramod says they both should go and stop Sanjay and Tia’s divorce and takes him along. Sushma asks Vinod again to do something.

Chanda throws Atul and Shiva’s bags away and orders them to get out of her house. Atul says this is also his house as he was born and bought up here. Chanda says Paragi studied by herself and is still working hard for her survival, but they betrayed her. Shiva pleads her not to kick them out of house and behave as if they are strangers to her. Atul asks her not to plead maa as she forgot her duties as a mother. Chanda says he is right, she would have followed a mother’s duty if he had followed a son’s duty and orders him again to get out of her house. She pushes them out and locks door saying her daughter Paragi is much better than them.

Paragi meets Batra and says she laid a trap and soon culprit will be caught. Batra asks if she is sure that her plan will work. She says this is the only way to prove their innocence. Mayank walks to them and greets them. Batra says he is the same officer and asks how can she trust him. Paragi says she cannot say anything now and asks him to trust her. Mayank says he put Sanjay and Tia in lockup, what are the next orders. Paragi says they should wait for the opportunity. Pramod walks in with Sushma and others and warns Mayank of dire consequences. His lawyer walks in and says Sanjay and Tia’s bail is rejected. Sushma asks Paragi if she will send Sanjay to jail. Paragi thinks soon Susham will know the truth. Pramod warns Mayank again. Mayank warns them to leave or else he will put them in lockup.

Pramod humiliates Mayank. Mayank warns him to get out of his way. Pramod calls him his wife’s dog and says he took money from his wife and supporting Paragi instead. He accepts what they did and continues to threaten Mayank. Sanjay walks to him and asks how can he defame Paragi to hide their company’s financial fraud, he linked Paragi with her boss. Pramod says he was just asking Mayank to to get him out of lockup and asks Sushma to trust him. Sushma stands silent. Pramod says the issue is something else. Paragi asks him to tell what it is, he defamed a daughter like DIL for his benefit. Batra says its time for action and suspends Mayank for conspiring against SDM and DM and says Pramod will go to jail now.

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