Staying true update Friday 23 June 2023

Staying true 23 June 2023: Batra tells Inspector Mayank that he tried to ruin 2 IAS officers’ reputation and hence will be suspended and then tells Pramod that he will go to jail. Sanjay says his wife Baby Pathak is his Pramod’s partner is crime. Sushma tells Pramod and Baby that she is feeling ashamed with their acts. Batra asks Mayank to arrest Pramod and Baby before his suspension.

Atul knocks door and requests Chanda to open the door and get them in as neighbors are watching them. Shiva pleads Chanda to let her serve her. Atul shoos neighbors away. Shiva says her sunscreen lotion is left inside and asks Atul to tell Chanda to give it via window. Atul shouts that she is worried about her skin when they have lost a shelter over their head. He suggests to shift to her parent’s house.

She denies. He blames her that because of her greed and befriending Pathaks, they are out of their house. Shiva says he got his bike and gifts because of Pathaks, now he is blaming her. Atul curses that Pathaks should be out of the house like them.
Baby pleads Paragi to stop her boss from filing an FIR against her and Pramod, she will be blamed that an IAS officer sent her family members to jail. Paragi denies. Baby then provokes Sushma against Paragi that Paragi wants to grab their business and ruin their family’s reputation. Pramod tells Sushma that Ashi will not be married if they go to jail. Batra asks Mayank to arrest the drama company. Paragi stops Dubey and requests Batra to let her speak. Batra says he will speak to her after getting them arrested. Paragi says she is IAS officer and also a bahu/DIL, she just wants him not to press serious charges on them. Batra asks what is wrong with her, he thought she keeps her personal and professional life separate.

Paragi says her family’s reputation will be at stake. Sanjay says family’s reputation will be gone because of Pramod and Baby, she should get out of allegations on her. Paragi says people will forget about the allegations on her, but family’s reputation cannot be compromised. Batra asks what about his reputation. Paragi says people will believe what they think right and will forget everything over time, she will take a written apology from Pramod and Baby and will make sure they don’t repeat their mistake. Batra says he will present the case and final decision will not be his. She thanks him. He leaves. Sanjay tongue lashes Pramod and Baby that they tried to defame Paragi, but she saved them from humiliation. He tells Paragi that he doesn’t agree with her decision, but will respect it. He holds her and takes her towards home.

Back home, Sanjay and Paragi touch Vinod’s feet. Vinod says he doesn’t know whether to bless him or feel bad for misunderstanding him, he is really proud of him that he supported Paragi. Sanjay says Vinod didn’t have food in Paragi’s absence. Paragi says seeing Vinod’s condition, they wanted to inform truth to him, but their plan would have failed then. Pramod with Babyand Sushma walks in. Vinod asks Sanjay and Paragi to go to their room as he wants to talk to his brother. They walk away. Vinod holds Pramod’s hand and takes him towards their childhood photo. He tells when his father was clicking this pic, he had taken promise to take care of his brother; he thought his brother is with him, but his brother betrayed him and went far away and stooped so low that he dared to defame their family bahu.

Pramod says at this time, he cannot explain him and neither he will understand; he can just tell him that whatever he did is for Sanjay. Baby says Paragi is clever and wanted to defame them instead of speaking to them directly. Pramod says Vinod cannot see Paragi’s mistakes, but he cannot act blind; the truth here is since Paragi became an IAS officer, Sanjay has become her 24×7 servant and Paragi humiliated Sanjay repeatedly. Sushma recalls the events. Pramod says he wants to separate Sanjay from Paragi for his sake, their way was wrong but not their thinking. Baby says they want Sanjay’s betterment. Vinod asks them to spare Sanjay and let him live. Pramod says he doesn’t have to fold his hand in front of him and tell him directly to leave this house. Vinod is shocked to hear that. Pramod says he didn’t want to hurt him or his family, but if he thinks so, he will leave this house.

Sushma asks Pramod not to say that again as this is also his house. Pramod says he doesn’t think so. Baby says if Vinod doesn’t respect them, its better for them to leave this house. Sushma asks Vinod to stop his brother. Vinod says he doesn’t act; when he didn’t ask them to leave, why would he stop them; they are wise enough to take their decision. Pramod sys because of Paragi, his elder brother didn’t stop him from leaving the house.

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