Staying true update Sunday 18 June 2023

Staying true 18 June 2023: Pramod tells Vinod that Paragi is openly cheating on Sanjay and hence there is no other option left than divorcing her. Abhay says they should give Paragi a chance to explain her side. Ashi asks Sanjay not to take any decision in haste. Sushma says Sanjay suffered a lot because of Paragi and will continue to suffer if he doesn’t get rid of her off his life. Vinod tells Sanjay that he knows they both love each other, so he should trust his love. Pramod shows the newspaper with Paragi and Batra’s affair news and says he will fix Sanjay’s meeting with a lawyer for divorce. Sanjay leaves from there.

Paragi reaches office where reporters throng around her car and question her. Batra calls her and suggests her to stay at home till media gets silent. Paragi gets out of car. Media questions how can she do such a heinous act being a woman. Paragi tongue lashes them to find the source behind the photo and the person behind it instead of ruining her image with their half cooked news. She tears news paper and throws it air and walks away asking them to find out truth and then question her. Batra hears her confrontation.

Sushma gets tensed when Sanjay doesn’t pick her calls. Baby provokes her to force Sanjay to divorce Paragi and get him married to another girl as Pramod has already found an alliance for him. Sushma shocked asks how is it possible. Baby says it can only if Sushma wants and says they shouldn’t give any time to Sanjay and convince him for a second marriage. Sushma says she is right, but Paragi will not divorce Sanjay so easily.

Batra informs Paragi about the departmental enquiry on them. Paragi says department should question the peon and his driver. Batra says peon is absconding and driver is ill, so till the department enquiry finishes, she can take a leave. Mishraji informs Paragi that Sanjay is waiting for her outside. Paragi meets him and asks what is he doing here. Sanjay shows her newspaper and says their love story started with this news paper, it wasn’t easy journey for them from love to marriage, again this newspaper is interfering between them, he is tired now and cannot continue with her anymore, so he wants to divorce her. Paragi shocked says its just a fake news and he cannot decide about their relationship with just a news. Sanjay says he doesn’t want to listen anything now.

Paragi asks how can he doubt her character. He gets adamant. Batra walks to Sanjay and says its just a fake news to tarnish their image. Sanjay apologizes him for his misbehavior the other day and says he has already taken a decision and will not change it.Pramod informs Sushma that Sanjay sought divorce from Paragi. Sushma cries and says she cannot see her son shattering after divorce. Baby says a happiness is awaiting for Sanjay after divorce and she should thank god for making Sanjay divorce Paragi. Sushma agrees. Vinod walks in clapping on her. Paragi thinks how can Sanjay talk about divorce. Batra walks to her and informs that they can’t work on educational institute case till the investigation ends.

Paragi says they worked hard on this case and all the corrupt officers will get a chance to escape. Batra says he knows and maybe one of the accused party is involved in this, anyways she can rest at home and solve her personal issues. Paragi cries thinking she is losing everything because of someone.Pramod tells Vinod that Sanjay decided to divorce Paragi. Vinod asks Sushma that how can she thank God when her son’s relationship going to end. She tells him that this is right for Sanjay. He tells her that because of small misunderstanding Sanjay decided to divorce Paragi and how can this be right. She tells him that he don’t want to see the truth that’s why he feels that that’s a misunderstanding. He tells her that they are Paragi’s family and it’s their responsibility to trust her in this difficult situation.

Pramod tells him that Paragi didn’t trust Sanjay that’s why she send summon to Sanjay. Vinod tells him that trust and duty are two different things. He says that they wanted Paragi to leave from the house since beginning. Sushma tells him that she never interfered in Paragi and Sanjay’s relationship because she knows that how much Sanjay loves Paragi. But now Sanjay himself want to divorce Paragi because that much he suffered. She adds that Vinod can support Paragi but she cares about Sanjay only.

On the other hand, Sanjay sees a couple and imagines him and Paragi in their place. He tells himself that he loves Paragi so much but she can stay happy without him only then he will leave from her life. Because his priority is her happiness. Meanwhile, Paragi reaches the house with her office stuff. Atul asks her that if she lost her job or what. She tells him that she don’t have any energy to answer him and moves from there. Shiva stops her and tells her that society badmouths about her already. Paragi tells her that she have not lose her job yet. Shiva asks her to arrange a place to stay and even Batra will let her stay in his place. Paragi yells at her. Chanda comes there. Paragi cries hugging her. Chanda asks her to trust God and nothing wrong will happen.

Pramod informs Baby that Batra and Paragi won’t handle his case now. So he has time to change his black money into white money. She asks him to handle Paragi and she will bring a girl in Sanjay’s life after his divorce. She hopes that Vinod won’t force Sanjay to change his decision.Vinod tells Sanjay that this decision is wrong and asks him to back off. He says to him to trust Paragi’s love. Sanjay tells him that he won’t change his decision. Vinod tells him that he feels helpless and leaves from there. After some time, Sushma and Baby talks to Sanjay about his remarriage. He asks them that why they are in hurry and leaves from there.

Paragi tells Chanda that Sanjay didn’t even listen her side story. Chanda motivates her saying that how the latter never back off. She asks her to fight for her relationship. Paragi thanks her and decides to save her relationship.Later, Paragi meets Rumi. They tries to find out details about peon. Sanjay tells Paragi that Pramod and Baby are involved in this scandal. He reveals that he acted like he don’t trust her. He tells her that he have problem with Batra but he trusted her always. She smiles hearing him and hugs him.

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