Staying true update Saturday 17 June 2023

Staying true 17 June 2023: Sushma watches Paragi and Batra’s news and tells Sanjay that Paragi didn’t inform Sanjay where she went for the same reason, she is betraying Sanjay. Vinod says there must be something else and he is sure that Paragi would never break Sanjay’s trust. Abhay says its a fake picture to ruin Paragi’s reputation and anyone can morph it. Ashi backs him. Baby says they cannot ignore the fact as Paragi hasn’t returned home yet and also not picking calls. Vinod warns her not to drag the issue. Sushma gets adamant that Paragi is betraying Sanjay. Sanjay can’t handle this.

Sanjay breaks down watching the news. Mishraji says he is sure its a fake news. Sanjay asks him to give the address where they have gone for inspection. Paragi gets conscious and wakes up Batra. Batra asks where are they and how did they come here. Paragi says even she is confused. Paragi notices time and says it’s already 8 p.m., it looks like they are drugged. Batra says they had just tea and realizing peon drugged them says he will not spare that peon. Paragi says he would have left by now. Batra watches news. Paragi panics thinking about Sanjay’s reaction and drives car towards home. Reporters throng outside SDM office. Mishraji asks Sanjay to leave via backdoor or else he may not be able to answer reporters’ weird questions.

Atul rejoices watching news and praises Shiva for her conspiracy. He hopes they are not caught this time or else Paragi will send them to jail. Shiva says they are safe this time as she kept the gun on Baby and Pramod’s shoulders and shot her targets. Sanjay walks on street recalling his and Paragi’s happier moments. He hears 2 men talking about SDM and DM’s affair and gets into an argument with them. Atul and Shiva reach Sanjay’s house acting as supporting Paragi. Vinod asks them to leave as he knows their evil intentions and walks away with Sushma. Shiva asks Baby when will she get her remaining money. Baby asks her to wait for sometime.

Paragi speeds car towards home. Batra says he will not spare the peon and whoever is behind this conspiracy and assures Paragi that he will speak to Sanjay and clear the misunderstanding. She thanks him. Sanjay returns home shattered. Sushma asks if he saw the news. Pramod and Baby spill venom against Paragi. Paragi reaches home. Sushma warns her to dare not go near her son and get out of his life. Paragi pleads to let her speak to Sanjay. Sushma says her son doesn’t want to speak to her. Vinod says let her speak. Baby says whole Bhopal saw the truth. Paragi pleads Sanjay to say something. Sanjay says mom is right, please leave his house and runs to his room. Pramod and Baby grin. Paragi packs her bag. Sanjay walks in. She slips. He holds her. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi.. song plays in the background.

Paragi slips. Sanjay holds her. Paragi says any misunderstanding will not change her love for him. He walks away without answering her. She picks their fallen pics on the floor and thinks she will not let their relationship shatter by the storm of misunderstanding. In the living room, Pathaks get irritated by phone calls. Pramod says he doesn’t know how to reach the institute tomorrow. Vinod says people will continue to call them until they find out the truth, but they didn’t let Paragi speak. Sushma says the truth is in front of him, but doesn’t want to want to see it. Paragi walks down with her luggage. Shiva asks Atul if his sister will stay with them now. He says they can tolerate her in exchange of her huge salary.

Vinod asks her not to go and tell truth to them now. Paragi says she will gather proof of her innocence by exposing the person behind the conspiracy and will send him/her to jail; she will return to the house only after winning this battle. He blesses her for her victory. She looks at Sanjay standing in balcony and leaves house with teary eyes thinking she will return to this house and her Sanjay soon with pride.Batra orders Mishra to find out who is behind the scandal and catch the peon soon. Mishraji says his team has already reached peon’s house and will find the mastermind behind this conspiracy. . Batra asks who dared to try to ruin an IAS officer’s reputation.

Mishra gets a callback and informs Batra that the peon escaped, but his team is searching for him.Baby and Pramod celebrate their success with a coffee. Pramod says now Paragi and Batra will face investigation now, he fears that Paragi will try to find out the truth. Baby says he need not worry as Sanjay will be attacked before that.Atul shows pagdi to Paragi and says she wore this pagdi with pride promising to take care of their family, but she doesn’t deserve this now after her heinous act. He says they are humiliated because of her; maa has gone to Shirdi to seek blessings for her, don’t know how will she react after knowing the news. Paragi says her silence doesn’t mean she is wrong, she will give this pagdi to Kinkar until she proves her innocence.

Shiva tells Atul that she is still arrogant after so much happened. Atul says she is flickering high like a lamp does before blowing off, soon she will lose her power and Sanjay and will break down.Sanjay misses Paragi and imagines her. Paragi also misses him Sanjay and cries. Tenu Itna Pyar Karan.. song.. Next morning, Rumi shows Mithai serial’s promo to Paragi. Paragi prays god to get sweetness back in her and Sanjay’s lives.

Sanjay is busy working when Baby provokes her to speak to him. Sushma says he hasn’t slept the whole night and is very tense. Baby insists. Sushma serves tea to Sanjay and says she wants to say something. He asks her to go ahead. She hesitates. Baby says Sushma wants Sanjay to divorce Paragi. Vinod is shocked to hear that. Sanjay asks her not to say that again. Vinod asks Sushma how can a mother think of breaking her son’s house. Sushma says there is no peace or dignity left in their lives. Sanjay asks her if divorce is a solution for their problem. Susham says she got him married to Paragi and there is nothing left in this marriage. Vinod says they can solve this issue with mutual talk. Pramod says Paragi cheated on Sanjay and deserves divorce.

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