Staying true update Monday 26 June 2023

Staying true 26 June 2023: Pramod announces that he will not leave the house as the house runs on his earnings and they were on Vinod’s mercy, they wouldn’t have been in mansion today. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Baby says Pramod is right, he worked hard for the family or else Vinod never came out of his book shop and Sanjay is always behind Paragi. Sanjay asks her to insult him and not Vinod; he says he knows Pramod’s earning are more than them, but loses family’s dignity because of his fraud nature. Paragi asks Pramod to think before speaking ill about his elder brother. Pramod says she reached minister to demafe their family and is trying to teach him. He announces that he is not sorry for anything and will not leave this house.

He picks kumkum from the temple, draws line in between the house, and demands partition of the house, leaving everyone more shocked.After sometime, Sanjay feels sad seeing partition line. Paragi walks to him. Sanjay says he grew up in this house between a joint family and never saw any major fight between them, but today has to see partition line. Paragi blames herself for all the problems. Sanjay asks why she thinks so. She says he must be remembering sweet memories with family before their marriage, even maa says that since she entered this house, there are continuous problems in this house. Sanjay asks her not to blame herself as partition would have happened anyways. Paragi says when they cannot handle this, how will papa handle it.

Vinod cries seeing family video on laptop. Sushma brings food for him. He says he is not hungry. She requests to eating something at least to have his BP medicine. Vinod says he promised his parents that he will never separate from his brother, but never thought his house will be partitioned. He feels guilty that he couldn’t fulfill the promise made to his parents and failed as a son and brother and cries vigorously. Sushma tries to console him. Baby questions Pramod if they took a right decision as their son is going against them. Pramod says Paragi created a situation that he had to think about partition, she humiliated him in front of Sushma, he just wants Viond and his family realize his value. Baby says situation shouldn’t worsen so much that they may have to repent for their decision. He assures they will not.

Shiva feels body pain after doing household chores. Atul says she has to do household chores if she has to stay in this house. Shiva plans to harm Chanda. After sometime, Chanda tells them that she didn’t want to punish them as she cares for them, she loves Shiva like her own daughter and wanted her to realize her mistake and become responsible to take care of her future children and family. She says she would be really happy if her children becomes responsible and says she will prepare tea for them. Atul and Shiva feel guilty for their acts. Shiva recalls dropping oil in Chanda’s way to make her fall and rushes to stop her, but Chanda slips and falls by then. They both rush to Chanda and make her lie on her bed. Kinkar serves Chanda and says he will confront Atul and Shiva at any cost today.

Atul and Shiva walk in and apologize Chanda for their mistake and agree to become responsible from hereon and obey her orders. Chanda says she is really happy today for her children and hugs all 3 of them.During breakfast, Vinod receives advocate Bhatt’s letter. Pramod says its his letter and says he has demanded partition of business, he will keep the university as he worked hard on it and Vinod can keep their book shop. Vinod stands shocked hearing that. Pramod warns him to sign the papers if he doesn’t want any legal battle. Vinod signs the papers with shivering hand and collapses. His family rushes to him. Baby asks Pramod and cross the partition line and check, but Pramod denies. Doctor treats Viond. Sanjay says doctor informed his Vinod’s BP shot up and he should rest. Paragi brings massage oil to massage vinod’s nerves when Sushma snatches the oil bowl, drags her away, and blames her for all the problems at home.

Paragi and Sanjay stand shocked hearing that. Sushma warns Paragi to stay away from her family. Sanjay and Paragi walk down sadly when Pramod asks them about Vinod’s condition and they just stand silently, leaving Pramod worried for Vinod.Pramod gets concerned for Vinod seeing his condition and asks Sanjay and Paragi how is Vinod. Sanjay and Paragi tell him that Vinod is fine now, but he may get a heart attack in the future if he gets so much stress. Paragi requests Pramod and Baby not to break the family and says she lost her parents and then Madan and hence knows the value of family. She further tells Pramod that she got government accommodation and will shift there with Sanjay, Vinod, and Sushma tomorrow morning, hence Pramod doesn’t have to divide their house and business and can keep it to himself.

Sanjay says they will visit the house during festivals to celebrate with everyone.Pramod asks if they are telling it by heart. Sanjay says yes. Pramod asks if Vinod agreed for this. Sanjay asks him not to worry about Vinod as it’s best decision for Vinod’s health and everything. Sushma overhears their conversation. Paragi and Sanjay then visit Vinod and inform the decision to Vinod. Vinod says he is proud of them that they chose family over property. Paragi asks him to rest as they will leave the house in the morning.

Next morning, Vinod’s family walk down with their bags. Sushma crosses parittion line and asks Pramod to erase it once they leave the house. She gives house key to Baby and apologizes to her for hurting her unknowingly and says even elders can do mistakes. Vinod asks Pramod to take care of himself and the business and take it to the new heights. He says his blessings are always with his younger brother and he is always available to help him if need be. Abhay also decides to leave with them. Baby asks Abhay to not leave his parents as the will be alone it the house without him. Abhay tells her that he will become like Pramod if he stays back. He leaves house with Vinod’s family.

Pramod cries recalling the quality moments he spent with the family. He holds Vinod’s feet, apologizes to him for becoming blind in greed, requests him to punish him but leave the house. Baby requests Sushma not to go as she cant;e handle everything alone. Vinod emotionally hugs Pramod, and Sushma hugs baby. Whole family walks back inside the house except Sanjay and Paragi. Vinod asks them to come in. Paragi says she doesn’t want to be the reason for their problems again and hence she wants to leave the house. Sanjay says he is going with Paragi as he cannot leave her alone. Sushma asks Paragi not to go, accepts her mistake, and thanks her for saving their family.

Pramod apologizes Paragi for trying to defame her, thanks her for making him realise his mistakes, and erquess her not to leave them. Paragi gets emotional. Sanjay happily hugs Pramod. Next day, Sushma serves breakfast to Paragi and asks her to invite Batra for dinner. Pramod informs Vinod that he paid fine for making fraud in the company accounts. He informs that he got a new investor for their university project. Sanjay reveals that he wants to to prepare for his IAS dream again, hence he is going to join their coaching center. Paragi gets ready for her office while Sanjay gets ready for coaching center. Sushma feels proud of Paragi and Sanjay. Sanjay tells Paragi that their relationship will never break again at any cost. Paragi promises to balance between her personal and professional life. She slips. He holds her, recalling their first meeting. They decide to start their life afresh.


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