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Waiting for love casts

Right from the beginning , Kamini has always been against Mohini and Ayaan relationship because she has the wrong impression of Ayaan.

But through events to the final episodes, he gets a chance to win Kamini’s love and show her that he truly loves her sister/daughter.

Meanwhile, Inder gets into some trouble with the CBI who accuses him of a crime he thought he had been acquitted for. It now turns out that it was all Vijaylaxmi’s plan to trap Inder in the fake case so she can manipulate Ayaan.

When Inder realises this, he plead with Vijaylaxmi to have mercies but instead, she places a condition which involves getting her daughter, Madhavi married to Ayaan if he wants to be free of the false charges alleged against him.

Her plans will not work however because Mohini discovers that Kamini is her mother and Madhav is her dad. She and Madhavi also settle their long feud after Madhavi discovers they are sister. She even accepts the relationship between Mohini and Ayaan. She also rebukes her mother Vijaylaxmi and chooses to stay with her dad and new found family.

Kamini and Madhav meet and finally open up all secrets and old wounds that have kept them apart for years. They declare their love for each other and it is all smiles and happiness for everyone except Vijaylaxmi who gets disowned by her husband and daughter.

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Final events: Episode 120 Teasers. 

The episode opens with Ragini and Kamini discussing Mohinis’s paternity even as they are interrupted by the entrance of Madhav.

Mohini tells him that he is her enemy, since she read his letter, she decided to take revenge on him.

Kamini says you did wrong to read that letter. She asks Madhav to leave. He refuses to go. Mohini asks him to answer why he did it.

Madhav says I will answer everything, but first let me clear my illusion, I was feeling heartbreaking pain since morning, I learnt Mohini and Ayaan’s relation was breaking, but why did I feel bad, what’s my relation with you. Kamini asks him to leave without saying a word. He says I got my answer.

Rajjo tells Vijaylaxmi that her PA resigned and left, she goes out murmuring about Madhav’s visit to Kamini’s house after so many years. Vijaylaxmi is shocked.

Rajmata comes to Kamini’s house and defends Madhav. Kamini asks Rajmata to take her cheating son. Rajmata says he is not responsible, Rana and Vijaylaxmi played the game. She tells the truth of everything finally. Kamini cries.

Madhavi tells Kamini ‘you sacrificed your love and chose me, why, I have never seen you happy after that day, why?’

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Rajmata says Madhav sent that letter so that Kamini hates him and easily forgets him. Ragini says hiding one truth got costly for us, if Madhav said the truth, Kamini’s life would have been in danger.

Madhav says he did what he thought was right that time adding that “trust me, there was not a single day when I didn’t regret for that decision, I have always remembered Kamini, each day in that 21 years”.

He apologizes to Kamini. She says I never wanted to slow you down. He asks her to confirm who Mohini is to him, what’s her relation to him. Kamini says she is just my younger sister, what else. He asks what did Ragini try to say.

Madhav asks Mohini her age. She says 20 years. He says our relation broke 21 years back. Mohini says but my mum is Ragini, what’s the truth, I heard Kamini call me daughter and then stop, is truth something else, is something hidden from me.

Ragini cries and says I didn’t give birth to you, Kamini is your mum. They all cry. Mohini says you are my mum. Kamini nods.

Vijaylaxmi comes there and taunts the happy family reunion. She congratulates Madhav for getting his other child. She threatens Inder. Madhav asks her to stop it.

Vijaylaxmi argues with him. He says I can go to any extent to protect my children, maybe you don’t know this, Ayaan will marry my daughter Mohini, not Madhavi..

Vijaylaxmi threatens him. Madhavi asks her to start with her. Madhav stops Vijaylaxmi and tells her that their relation is now over. Madhavi supports Madhav. Vijaylaxmi leaves.

Mohini apologizes to Madhavi. Madhavi says its fine, and unites Ayaan and Mohini together. She hugs Mohini. Ragini says the day got a new life for all. Mohini unites Madhav and Kamini and says. Madhav shouts I love you Kamini Mathur. They all smile.

Waiting for love ends happily for all the couples.

Waiting for love casts


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