Sex education for ladies: Read 7 Great Sexual Health Tips

Dear woman, you deserve to be comfortable and happy in your own skin. You don’t need to stick to society standards set for a woman to be coy and pious when it comes to how events and circumstances affect them sexually.

The modern woman is smart, savvy, independent, can hold her own and most especially is 100% up to date with her sexuality.

Sexuality here then deals with sexual preferences and education as it pertains to a woman. Owning your sexuality tells you as a woman to understand how your sex organ works and live a fulfilled sexual life. Gone are the days when men are the only one allowed to freely express details of their sex life and preference while the woman is met with criticism and backlash if she ever dares to express her sexual experiences.

This article however is not a feminist rant trying to pitch one gender against the other; it merely seeks to awaken the woman to a knowledge that will help her enjoy the best of her sexual life.

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1.Learn how the female reproductive organ work
A very important step to take if you want to live a full sexual life; you should understand how your sexual organs work. Terms like ovulation, menstruation, monthly cycle, follicular and luteal phase should be something you should have at the tip of your hand.

It is unbecoming when a millennial woman’s knowledge of this term is sketchy. So get reading, chart your cycle and play closer attention to changes in your body, breast and vaginal discharge.

Female reproductive organ

2. Tell your partner how to please you in bed.
This is not an era to be timid and lay docile and immobile during sex. Forget whatever beliefs that society and religion has subconsciously ingrained in you. You have as much right to orgasm as the guys. And to do that, you should be able to tell your partner unabashedly the right places he needs to touch for you to be sexually ignited.

And guess what? The men like it when you do. If he is not selfish and about his cum alone, he would definitely want to prove his bed prowess if only you can take the reins and communicate.

3. Track your monthly circle accurately
The average woman has 28-day circle; although other women’s menstrual circle range from 26-35 days normally. And most time the menstrual circle run consistently through the months changing only due to internal and external factors.

The point here is that you should by now know the length of your menstrual circle and in that vein be able to chart when you’re likely to ovulate or not. This can go a long way to improving your sexual life without worries of unplanned pregnancy.

28 days monthly circle diagram

4. Don’t engage in Sexual practices that endanger your health

Smoking, excessive alcohol, hormonal pills etc. may overtime impact on your sexual life. You should have more control over practices that can affect you sexually if you want to totally own your sexuality.

Also, having unsafe sex is not a smart woman move. If your partner insists on not caring, you owe it yourself to. Don’t allow the waves of passion rub you of self-preservation; you will only have yourself to blame.

5. Say No to unwanted sexual advances
Though the society with consent from some women have been able to objectify the woman overtime, but in this modern time and age, the woman should be able to have control over that perception. Don’t settle as a sexual object if that isn’t a voluntary choice.

Report rapist, violent partners and sexual offenders whether at home or in the workplace; and most importantly avoid comprising situation. If some men give excuses that a woman’s body is enough to make them lose all iota of sexual control, then don’t give them the basis for that. Be a lady of class who isn’t afraid to flaunt her body in a dignified manner. But then again, dignity is relative.

6. Treat all UTIs and Schedule medical check-up regularly
The smart lady knows that Urinary Tract Infection is common among women. Experts rank the lifetime risk of this infection as 1-2 every year with many women running the risk of having repeat infections in a single year. Women are especially prone to UTIs because they have shorter urethra and therefore give bacteria quick access to the bladder.

Also the vagina is an opening into your body therefore bacteria can find have access to your Urethra through sex and unhealthy toilet hygiene.

Yeast infection is also common with most women. Yeast is a natural occurring fungus in the vagina of healthy women; it only turns into an infection when it grows out of control in the vagina caused by an imbalance in the percentage of yeast and bacteria.

A symptom includes vagina discharge that is typically thick, whitish gray in color and odourless; there are also other symptoms. Read more about this here…

Fibroid too is a disease that generally affects women’s health. They are the benign diseases that self-consciousness invade the womb. Regular medical check-up can detect and cure them before they pose problems.

Final words:
A complete woman has control on all areas of her life, she is constantly in search of knowledge and most of all knows how to live a healthy life.


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