Snatched update Sunday 23 February 2020

Snatched 23 February 2020 starts as Ajay comes to shreya’s place with his dog. He says you can pet him and you wont feel lonely. She says i dont like dogs i am scared of them. he says its a gift and a dog is a man’s best friend.

Mamma ji and everyone appreciate the sweet. Kirlok says this is so good, vinati says i didn’t make it alone, shreya made it with me. The cards are printed wrong. Vinati says i am really mad, i will go to his shop and ask him to rectify. shreya says we dont have time, we cant waste time in reprinting. Vinati says but how we fix it? she says amar we can put the name on the blank stickers. bhushan says why you wanna spoil it? Vinati says what you mean? he says i mean you didn’t read it once maybe. Elaichi says dont be mad at it. bhushan says i am glad my name is in the end, no one will call me. everyone laughs.

Shreya calls her mom and tells her how her plan failed and no one was mad at vinati not even bhushan. she says he doesn’t say it but i know how bad he feels about it. He can’t see anything in front of his family. Her mom says you have to think big, come with a bigger plan

sanjina calls ajay. He says i am not coming, sort out yourself. she says i am not home i am in your backyard. ajay says are you mad. she says this dog has ruined my life. He has broken the pipe and my whole house is flooded right now. ajay says i am coming. Ajay goes out, Mishri says where are you going? he says why are you up? She says i was studying. He says i am going to walk. She says okay go.

He gets a call and says sanjay i am coming. Mishri says who is sanjay. Brownie comes out of basket and starts running, Sanjina starts running after him. dadi says ajay come here massage my feet please. She takes ajay with her.

Ajay is massaging her legs. She says i will be fine now. brownie come in, dadi says what dog is it? ajay says must be some street dog. dadi says go and check. ajay goes out and stops brownie. he says you could have given him food he would have calmed down. Shreya sees them. He stops and auto and says give him the dog food. She says why dont you take care of him? She says thank you and sits in the auto.
Shreya asks ajay what were you doing outside? he says it was my friend he came to give me notes. shreya says where are notes? He says i returned him. she says did you return the heart? he says its nothing like that.

Next morning, amar shows vinati the poetry he has written. She says why are they all incomplete? he says i used to make cards for mamma ji and mami ji and write those words on them. but i never gave them these cards. she says we will give them these cards on their anniversary. We will complete them. He says you gave me my confidence. i will commplete them and give them. shreya overhears it.
She goes to bhushan to talk about it. Dadi asks shreya to come, mishri says please come. dadi tells her the things that have be bought. shreya says i and bhushan will go.

Sanjina and ajay are on walk with brownie. Ajay says i am sure your dad knows where you live, she says why are we doing this? he says to get close to brownie. he needs care and love. its not difficult to make friends. watchman comes and says madam is this dog yours? she says yes. He says clean its crap. brownies starts running, ajay says you did it again. Ajay goes to look for it.

Shreya says to bhushan i love rain. he says is everything bought? She says yes. She says you have a big heart you care too much about others. He says others? they are all mine. shreya says yes. She says lets go. Shreya says i think we should buy some gift for mom dad, she tells him about the special gift vinati and amar are giving them. He says i will ask him not to. we will give it together. Shreya says they have planned it already, they wont like it. bhushan says amar should have told me.

Shreya says i am going to buy coconut you should pick the call. She goes and sees ajay with sanjina. They are looking for brownie. She slips, Ajay holds her. Shreya watches them.
Shreya says i have to expose ajay. He was with the girl papa doesn’t like. Bhushan calls everyone. bhushan says we always give gifts together this time, amar is giving gift alone to mummy papa. Avni says this is not fair. Mishri says would you give it to them alone? Amar says yes i will give them this alone. Bhushan says why are you doing this? you are already their favorite. Amar says all gifts are not measured in terms of their cost. somethings are emtionally costly. amar says i am planning to make a video of their special moments together. Bhushan says wow this is so good. I wish i could come up with such idea. You deserve to be their favorite.

Vinati comes with ajay’s clothes. The laundary man checks the pockets and gives a paper to shreya from ajay’s pocket. Shreya takes the paper, she is shocked. Sanjina and ajay come and see people throwing out sanjina’s stuff. she says this is my house and i paid all the rent. The owner says we are sick and my tenants are annoyed because of you. sanjina says how can you throw out a married woman. He says married woman? I doubt that. He says you leave her alone? You dont even live with her.

Tell me are you married or not? Ajay says where will we go? he says if you wanna live give me your marriage certificate. Ajay says it is submitted for passport. The man says then call a family member or relative. Shreya comes and says i am their family. Ajay and shreya are dazed. Shreya says i am his bhabhi and i give you assurity that they are married. T

The man says why he never lives with her? Shreya says in a few days she will move from here as well. My father in law is not happy with this wedding. Now keep the stuff in. The man says please ask her to keep this dog away from here.
Ajay says bhabhi.. Shreya says i understand but you could trust me or bhushan maybe we could help you. You siblings never conceal anything from each other. Ajay says its not like that. shreya says relax i will talk to papa. ajay says i need time please don’t and i will have to talk myself. Shreya says you are right, i know what you are going through, you did love marriage you have to take the risk.

why is sanjina not living with her parents? sanjina says my family is against it as well. shreya says give me your number i am just a call away, call me whenever you need me. Sanjina gives the number, ajay says please dont tell bhushan. Shreya says yes i wont. She says i have to go now, I am late. Ajay says i am coming with you. Shreya says no you are her husband help her in taking the stuff in.

Amar is with kirlok, a car comes and it throws mud on kirlok. Amar gets mad he says get your car going. its sanjina’s dad agarwal. Agarwal says talk to me properly. Amar says mamma ji talked to you properlu. Shreya calls her mom and says note down this number. kirlok takes amar with him.

Shreya calls her mom and says i wanna tell you something, note down a number. her mom says whose number is it? She says its sanjina’s number you have to find out landline number registered against this number. This is a big game now, this will be the happiest anniversary of mummy papa.

starts as Mishri says you are not allowed to go upstairs. Avni says yes its a surprise. Vianti says there is a surprise in the room as well. I have called the beautician for you. she will do all your grooming.

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Elaichi says i didn’t have these much preparations for the wedding as well. Kirlok comes and says yes, amar made me buy a lot of things as well. Amar says you did so much for us. Kirlok says these kids can’t even hurt us in dreams. Ajay says in heart what is shreya tells them about my wedding? They will be really upset to know.

Ayush plays the music, Amar and Vinati dance on it. Vinati slips, amar says vinati you need to diet, you have gotten fat. She says it will be fine. Ajay comes upstairs. Avni and Mishri dance as well Shreya looks ajay’s sad face and says bhushan why ajay looks upset? Bushan says no he looks fine. Shreya says no he is quite. Bhushan says he must not have studied for the exam. Ajay goes in. Shreya says i think sanjina.. Bhushan says don’t talk about her, papa doesn’t like her. I don’t think there is something between them. Even if there was, he would have ended it because of papa. They realize what mummy papa have done for them. They wont go against them ever. Shreya says thats awesome. Bhushan pulls her closer, amar comes and says you newly wedded can you please focus on dance rehearsals? Shreya smiles. They say yes we are coming. shreya says in heart you trust your siblings so much right? i will expose them one by one.

next morning, Elaichi does the arti. Kirlok comes, he says what did you prayed for? She says I have so much already. I was being grateful. I was asking him to keep my kids and mother in law really happy. and my husband who is more like a friend should really stay happy. He says same to you. He says whatever i say about you is less. you have done so much for me and my family. i want to read a couplet for you. he says these 27 years have been really beautiful with you. I wish its even more beautiful for next 72 years.

Shreya takes sim out off a phone and puts another sim in it. she calls agarwal’s landline. Agarwal says who is it? Shreya says hello, i am your well wisher. i wanted to tell you about your daughter. sanjina is your daughter right? Agarwal says she is not my daughter, she has died since she left my house. shreya says i would have killed her if she was my daughter. but truth is that she is in some trouble, will you be mad after listening? she lives in my neighborhood. I hear screaming and crying voices from her home. it sounds like someone is hitting her. He says are you sure its sanjina’s house? where are you talking from? Shreya says i cant risk my life by telling you who am I. That pethywala family is really dangerous. Aagrwal recalls his interaction with kirlok.

Brownie is running, Sanjina runs after it. brownie breaks his phone. she says now you will go and get it fixed with me. Shreya’s sister calls her but find her number off.
everyone comes dressed. Shreya, avni and mishri are dressed in avatar like elaichi’s era. Ayush says you can’t compete with mami. Mishri says he is jealous because we look awesome. bhushan meets shreya’s parents. He says mummy thank you very much, I dont know what you said to shreya she has changed a lot now. She says shreya has a pretty heart but she gets mad. He says i was victim of her anger for about 2 years. They laugh. He goes.

Shreya’s mom meets her and says i wanna talk to you. She says what are you doing? Shreya says the real game is about to start. her mom says be careful.Everyone welcomes elaichi and kirlok.

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