Ring of fire update Monday 24 February 2020

Ring of fire 24 February 2020: Ragini washes clothes and takes them to drying area saving her legs from hot floor. She tries to hang clothes on wire. Anurag comes and praises her that she washed  the clothes well. She gets happy.

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Ragini dries clothes after washing them. Anurag comments very nice, she washed clothes well She jumps to hang clothes on rope, but struggles. He comes near her and keeps his feet under her feet. Mai waari jaawan…song…plays in the background. He makes her walk on his feet. She wears her slippers and even then struggles to hang clothes. He lifts her. She hangs clothes. He ddrops her down and she walks on terrace and throws water on him. He runs behind her and throws water on her. They both run around and play. He holds her and they both look at each other through sari. He lifts her and dances. She looks into his eyes. It is Ragini’s imagination and she asks to leave her. Dulari comes and asks what is she doing when will she wash clothes. Ragini realizes it was her dream.

Shristi washes utensils. Revati dumps more utensils and scolds her. Anurag notices that and and gets angry. Ragini walks looking at him. He ignores her. She says she washed his clothes. He says thank you. Dulari says badki bahu is sarva gunn sampan. Ragini sees Shristi washing utensils and thinks Revati has taught her a nice lesson. Anurag returns with clothes and shouts at Ragini that she spoilt his clothes. She says she worked hard and he is scolding her. Anurag yells he told her to read tags and wash clothes, but she is illiterate, how will she understand. She has made his life hell. Revati says he cannot insult bahu like that. Vidhvan says bahu just today corrected her one mistake and she tried by heart. Anurag continues yelling. Ragini says she still has 14 days with her and if she fails, she will be insulted in front of whole family.

Veena hides money bags in cupboard and hopes Vikral does not notice it. Parag enters and asks what is she hiding. She says Ragini sent back furniture and money bags, she chose happiness instead of money. Parag thinks Ragini is trying to win Anurag’s heart and he should help her.

Brij tells Revati that Ragini is Vikrals’s daughter and used to wear a dress a day, now she is washing Anurag’s clothes to win his heart, but Anurag is so arrogant. Revati yells she does not know what to say, everyone is behind praising broke lawyer’s daughter Shristi. Dulari says she cannot see her pain. Revati asks her to go and check what is Shristi doing, if she is studying, ask her to get tea. Dulari walks out and walks in praising Shristi. Revati scolds her. Shristi serves tea and leaves. Brij asks her to relax and have tea. He says tea is nice. Revati fumes more.

Ragini looks at her hand wounds and thinks she worked hard, but Anurag scolded her instead. Dulari enters and applies oil on her hand. She says Anurag will notice her hard work and will fall for her soon. Ragini reminisces Anurag applying oil on her hands. Tere haath me mera haath ho..song…plays in the background. Ragini tries to kiss him. Dulari pushes him and asks what is she doing, she images Anurag and does wrong things. She runs out. Ragini laughs and thinks she did right today and soon Anurag’s heart will melt for her. Anurag enters. Ragini sasy she fixed his bed. He thinks she just waits for a chance and is very stubborn. He sees date marked on calendar and thinks he will not accept her even after 15 days. He marks more dates.

Shristi studies on terrace. Chutki takes dinner for her. Shristi asks why did she bring dinner here. Chutki says she is studying, so she brought food here. Shristi says she wants to become lawyer like her papa, reminisces her papa blackmailing her to marry Vishu and says she wants to become lawyer like her papa is one. Next morning, Shristi wakes up and sees Vishu already ready. Vishu says she gets late for her studies daily if he wakes up late, so he got up early and god ready, now she can go and get ready.

Ragini wakes up and sees Anurag still asleep. She thinks of proving she is a good wife and goes to kitchen to get tea. She gets tea. Anurag wakes up. She says like a good wife, she brought tea and he can have it anytime he wants. Anurag thinks she is very stubborn, but he will prove she is unfit for him or anyone else.

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