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Haider is crying for Dua, Gazal sees him and tells Ijaz that he can cry for Dua but from tomorrow, I will own this room and own Haider too. He will be mine. Ijaz says I will leave now. Gazal says come back tomorrow for my face reveal ceremony. Ijaz says who will do it? Gazal says I am his wife so they have to do all the rituals.

Hina is sitting alone and recalls Rahat telling her that he will leave. Gazal comes there and hugs her, she cries and says I can’t believe Rahat did that with you because of Dua, I should have died before seeing all this. Dua destroyed my life and now she wants to take away Haider from me. I can’t even celebrate my marriage with Haider. I can’t even spend my night with my husband. Hina says just wait till tonight but from tomorrow, I will make sure you spend nights with your husband. Gazal says Dua won’t let it happen. Hina says Dua has snatched my sons and now my husband, he hates me now because of her. Dua has to be punished for her deeds and you will get rights as Haider’s wife. Gazal says I didn’t even have any ritual in the house, who will accept me as his wife? Hina says they will, I will put Dua down so much that she will remain silent. Everyone will accept you as Haider’s wife.

She messages everyone that tomorrow will Haider’s new wife’s face reveal ceremony so everyone is invited. The family are shocked to get the message. Hina tells Gazal that you shouldn’t sacrifice your happiness because of Dua. Gazal hugs her and thinks soon I will own Haider and Dua’s room.

Dua is lying on the floor and staring blankly.

A woman enters the house with a band and a man. All family members come there and are shocked to see them. Gazal and Ijaz look on. The woman glares at Haider. He says you both here? The woman says you should welcome instead of asking questions, why do you look so shocked? you should ask why I am here? you forgot to tell me but I thought to congratulate you on your second marriage Haider. You are making men proud, I pray for your happiness. She slaps him hard and says this is my gift for you. All are shocked. Gazal thinks who is this woman? The woman says I wish I could slap your honor like this, you promised to be like my son but you couldn’t even be a good son in law.

You promised me to always keep Dua happy but you brought her sautan? do you still have shame? you should have died before doing this with Dua. Haider looks away. The woman asks him to look at her and tell her why did he cheat Dua like this? Hina says enough Hamida, stay in limits and don’t talk to him like this. Hamida says you can’t even honor our favor on you. All people in community were shaming your family as Rahat did another marriage then I did a favor on you people, you begged me to get my Dua married to Haider and I trusted you. You promised me that Haider isn’t like his father but your son is worst than Rahat. At least Rahat brought an unknown woman in the house but Haider had an affair with his brother’s fiance? shame on him. I thought you would be a good mother in law but you are cruel and shameless. Hina asks her to shut up and stay in limits. Hamida says what limit, that Haider has crossed already? you have no shame even after what your son did? I would have thrown him out if I was you. Gazal thinks Dua will leave the house soon.

Hamida tells Hina that she is so shameless, your life was destroyed because of this pain but you let my daughter go through it too, its not just Haider’s fault, its your upbringing’s fault too otherwise he wouldn’t have done this with Dua. I wish you could have taught him how a wife’s pain can reach the God and that its a sin to break someone’s love, I wish you could have told him that love is given in return of love. I pray that no enemy goes through this pain but you and your son are worst than enemies.

I curse you all that all daughters of this house burn in 2 marriages of their husbands, I curse that every daughter of this house goes through what my daughter is going through, I curse you all to cry blood tears like my daughter. Gulnaz is shocked and gets worried for Noor and Kaynaat. Hamida asks Haider why did you punush Dua like this? she tells Hina that your daughters will go through this too. Gulnaz cries and says please don’t curse our daughters, we are responsible for what happened. Hamida says what was Dua’s fault? didn’t she fulfill her duties as a wife, as a daughter in law? why did Haider have to marry again?

Gulnaz cries and says we all love Dua, we didn’t mean it to happen to her. Hamida says if you love Dua then how could you let it happen with her? your love means nothing to her. I can’t even question you as you are the start of sin that Haider did. I pray that no woman becomes a second woman like you. You went through that then why didn’t you tell Haider that he is doing a sin? you and Hina know that two marriages just break the house, that it destroys 3 lives, you know very well how women have to go through pain when a man marries two women.

Why didn’t you stop him as kids become orphans when a man marries 2 women. Rahat says we are ashamed of Haider’s act. Hamida claps and says he is following your footsteps only, he learned all this from you. You brought Gulnaz over Hina but what was Dua’s fault that your son brought this girl here? Hina says enough.. you don’t know our honor and respect. Hamida laughs and says what honor? did you forget what happened?

my husband did favor on all of you and gave you support when nobody wanted to. Your husband was busy loving other woman and having kids but it was us who gave you support when you didn’t have money even to eat. Your Haider used to work odd jobs but my husband taught him skills and made him something.. thats when you all changed lives. Hamida shouts for Dua to come downstairs.

Dua hears Hamida’s voice but locks herself in the room, she is scared. Haider pleads with Hamida to not give trauma to Dua anymore. Hamida says you shameless man, you are responsible for her condition. Dua used to praise you always but you should die after what you did. You have hurt a pious woman then her curse will go to all your family members, your sisters will pay for your sins, your mother and grandmother will too. I pray that you burn in pain all your life. Gazal asks her to shut up and I won’t hear a word against my husband and my family.

Hamida slaps her hard and shouts that your family less woman is going to stop me now? you want to build your family by breaking someone’s house and now have guts to talk in front of me? Gazal glares at her. Hamida says I have heard a lot about you, my daughter brought you as a friend but you are a shameless and characterless woman. Gazal thinks if Haider listens to her then he might leave me.

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