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Rahat drags Haider from Dua’s room, Haider says let me stay with her. Rahat slaps him hard and shouts to not take his daughter’s name from his mouth, where are your morals now? he slaps him again. All family members come there too. Gazal is angry and thinks he will have to pay for raising hand on her Haider.

Rahat says you didn’t talk to me for years for this sin and now you did it too? this was your love and loyalty? you gave this in return to the love that Dua gave you? she did mistakes but she didn’t need this punishment, Dua has given so much to this house and what did you give in return? you brought another wife on her? she took care of Ruhaan, she always respected Gulnaz, she reunited you and I.. how could you forget her favors on our family? do you think marrying again is a joke? a second marriage can destroy 3 lives.. I was divided between two women for live and I am still paying for this.

I at least loved Gulnaz but what was your reason? you earned for this family but Dua brought happiness in this house.. Dua made you a good man and you punished her by cheating on her? Haider cries hearing all that. Dua fulfilled our wishes before her own, she is not a daughter but a mother of this house too.. He says even your mother Hina has to accept that you did wrong today.. you can’t make Dua pay this price. You did what I did with your mother, how will Dua live now? you have destroyed her life. Kaynaat says you have brought shame for us all, I hated our father but then I saw you and Dua.. I was so impressed and prayed to get a husband and relationship like you both but now I will pray that even my enemy shouldn’t get a husband like you, how could you do this with Dua? when she wakes up then what? Gazal thinks I won’t spare her for insulting her Haider. Noor says Dua loves us all and you punished her like this? you betrayed her badly, will she break relationship with us all? what will Dua do now? I don’t want her to leave this house. Gazal thinks I will teach her a lesson too.

Dua is unconscious and dreams of her moments with Haider. She recalls bringing Gazal to the house. She recalls Gazal challenging her to take away her Haider.

Gulnaz tells the family that I have to be silent but my heart doesn’t allow me to.. she tells Haider that you never saw me as a mother because I was a second wife and took away your father, I thought you had a right to insult me but now you have to give me back all the moments when you insulted me, all the moments you blamed me for taking away your father because you have committed the same crime as Rahat, you kept blaming him and I for this crime but you betrayed a girl who loved you unconditionally, she prayed for you so much. I used to be jealous that my son is not like you but I am happy today that you are not my son.

Gazal glares at her and thinks she will have to pay for this. Gulnaz says I am worried about Dua. Dadi cries and calls Haider. Haider says I am so happy to see you talking but I had to do all this.. Dadi says I wish I had died before seeing this day, my enemy hurt me physically but you have broken my soul. When Rahat got married again then I was so broken but you took up responibility as a son and as a father for your siblings.. everyone used to praise you but you have destroyed your honor by marrying Gazal, you were my pride but now all you bring to me is shame. Gazal thinks to kill her next time. Dadi says I pray for Dua to never wake up. Haider is shocked hearing that.

Dadi says I wish my Dua never gets up and has to see your betrayal. Ravi says sorry Haider bhai, I am your servant but you’ve reduced your worth today. Dua was my sister, you made me an orphan again. You did too wrong. I don’t kno if she can handle this. Rahat says Haider showed what he could do that. I now I want to ask this girl, this shameless girl is part of everything. One dirty fish makes the whole house rotten. We gave you all the love and respect. Why did you do this? I won’t let her live in this house for a second. He says Noor, Qianat kick her out of this house. Ravi kick her brother out. I won’t leave leave them. They drag Ravi and Gazal. Haider stops them. Haider says Gazal is my wife, no one can touch her. Everyone is shocked. Haider says to Rahat you also married a second woman and it was right for you? I did the same. I love Gazal.

Dua opens her eyes. Haider says my nikkah is also fair. Everyone is shocked. Haider says this nikkah is my choice, not under any pressure. I love Gazal. Dua comes there. She’s shocked. Rahat says stop lying. Haider says this is the truth. Dua says this can’t be the truth. Haider says I’ve always loved Gazal. Everyone is shocked. Dua says this can’t be my Haider. Haider says no one can stop me now. Dua says so all the promises he made to me were lies? Haider says I married her before anyone could stop me. gazal says in heart well done Haider. Gazal said to Haider make me a promsie that you will not tell anyone that you’re marrying to me pay for the sins of your family but you’re doing this by choice and you love me. Rahat says have some shame. You’re ruining your own life. You’ve ashamed us. Was that video correct? This girl has to leave this house. Haider says Gazal won’t go anywhere. Rahat says I will kick her out myself. Haider says if she leaves, I will also leave. The house where my wife and love isn’t respected, I can’t stay there. I will also go with her. Dua cries. Haider says pack your bags Gazal, We have to go. Dua recalls their moments together. Hina says what are you saying? You won’t go anywhere. I can’t live without you. I will die without you.

Dua faints. Everyone rushes to save her. Dua dalls from the stairs. Haider picks Dua. Ravi calls the doctor. Haider says take out the car. He picks Dua and rushes to the hospital. Gazal says in heart I hope she dies.

haider reaches the hospital. He calls the doctor. The doctor says a lot of blood is lost. Her condition isn’t good. Haider says please save her. The doctor says keep praying. They start Dua’s treatment. Haider recalls their moments together. He falls down. Dadi also comes there with Gulnaaz. Qainaat hugs Hina and says why is this happening? It’s not even her fault. Say something. Hina is silent. Gulnaaz says everything will be fine Qainat. Gazla and her brother come there. The doctor says her condition is very critical.

Dua’s condition gets critical. Haider thinks about his moments with Dua. He says I never let a single tear come to your eye and I brought you to hospital today. I couldn’t be a good husband. Gulnaaz prays for Dua. She says I always did wrong to you but you respected me and took care of my kids. dadi hugs her. Dadi prays for Dua. She says I wish i could speak earlier so my Dua’s life didn’t get ruined. The doctors try to save Dua. Rahat says I was proud Haider wasn’t like me. I thought he’s opposite to me. He broke my pride. Hina your son ruined her life. This shouldn’t have happened. Gazal says in heart I hope Dua never gets up from that bed. sameer says she slapped me. I would have killed her myself.

Haider looks inside the ICU. He says she always prayed for my protection and this happened to her. rahat says you’re responsible for this. Don’t do this drama now. The doctor comes out. Haider asks him if Dua is okay. He says we will only know when she gets conscious. She had a mental break down. She shouldn’t get any stress. She can’t handle anymore stress. The blood supply to her brain is very low. She might lose her senses when she opens eyes. Everyone is shocked. Rahat says you’re responsible for this. Rahat says this man is responsible for this. Gulnaaz asks can we meet her? He says no we are shifting her to ICU. You can’t meet her.

They take Dua to ICU. Haider tries to see her. Rahat shoves him and says keep your shadow away from Dua. Sameer says why is your MIL silent? SHe will also get against you. Gazal says I won’t let that happen. She goes to Hina and says ammi see what Haider is going through. Please don’t leave your son. You can hate me but please take care of Haidder. Hina stops her. She goes to Haider. Haider says I am destroyed ammmi. I did the same to Dua what abbu did to you. I am so wrong. I made a sin. Hina stops him. She says you’ve now done any sin. Marrying Gazal isn’t a sin, it’s a good deed. I know people consider it bad but they don’t get the reason behind it. The man whose wife is like Dua what else would he do rather than marrying another woman. He says what?

Hina says she’s a shameless girl. She disrespected you in my eyes. She ruined Gazal and Ruhan’s life. She didn’t stop from her mission and that’s why you had to go to Gazal. You gave Gazal a home and you became a better human. You’re not wrong. Your mom is with you. I wish I got Gazla married to you before Dua married you. Haider says stop it ammi. Dua is in a really bad condition. Have mercy on her. Don’t hate her in this condition. Have you lost your humanity? Did you forget how it feels to share your husband with another woman? Haider says you called her your daughter, how did you forget your motherhood?

You should punish me and slap me. Hina says she’s not my daughter or DIL. I’ve kicked her out of my heart. She deserves that. Haider says you can’t be my mom. My mom never said such thing. You taught me humanity now you are forgetting that yourself? He leaves. Gazal says ammi what has dua done. She’s turned your son against you. She hugs Hina. She says I am with you mom. I won’t let Haider go away from you. Hina says he’s gone away from me. Dua has hurt a mother. She will suffer.

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