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Gazal calls a line of maids and tells Dua that this is her magic, she can use her brains unlike her. I will take their help to take over everything. Dadi says someone stop this fool, she thinks she is a queen of this house now? She says our house is not a palace that you want to hire a force of maids? Who will pay their salaries?

Gazal says I am not going to hire everyone? I will interview them and hire 2-3 maids. Dadi slaps her and says shut up. She tells her to throw them all out of the house as they can’t see all that. Haider is a fool to marry you. Hina takes Gazal aside and says we don’t need 3-4 servants. Gazal says I am ill so we need them. Gazal says I will pay their salaries from my salary. Gulnaz laughs and asks what’s her job that is paying her? Gazal smirks and says I am going to join Haider’s office so I will get a salary. Dadi says she can’t handle the house and wants to manage Haider’s business now? Come back to your senses. Hina tells Dadi to stop spitting venom for her. I know you don’t like her but don’t insult her in front of the maids. Dadi says stop being her lawyer. Hina tells Gazal to do what she wants as you are Haider’s wife too, nobody can stop you. Dua looks on. Gazal says no one is going to stop me and we don’t need any favors. We don’t have to be servants like Haider’s old wife. You can be a queen and order these maids. Dua glares at her, Gazal says you have no answer now? She thinks I just need Ruhaan to leave my room.

Ruhaan is leaving Gazal’s room but Hafeez is coming there so he hides. He opens the window and jumps in the garden. He starts to leave but Haider stops him, he asks where are you going? Ruhaan says I just… Haider asks him to answer, were you trying to run away again? You know the outcome won’t be nice.. he starts laughing and says you look so scared, I was just joking. I am really happy to see you back. Ruhaan thinks I want to kill him. Haider asks if he thought about this startup? I can invest in it. Ruhaan says I haven’t thought about it. Haider asks him to rest all he want. He says I want to talk to you but don’t know how to… your eyes are showing you are disturbed. I married the girl that you loved but trust me I never wanted to marry Gazal but I had to. You left Gazal at the alter and she completely broke down so I… he asks him to say something. I just want us to be close again. I want you to be my friend again. I know you must be confused but I will tell you everything.

Gazal starts interviewing the maids. Hina says my daughter in law is so smart, we were all worried about the household work but she proved that we don’t need Dua in this house. The maid says when we heard about the job then we came here.. we can do anything for Dua. Hina says Gazal didn’t call you? The maid says we don’t know any Gazal, we came here for Dua only. They greet Dua. Dua smiles and says I was waiting for the right time to talk to you all.

Haider tells Ruhaan that I never wanted to marry Gazal but she… Ruhaan says enough, I want to move ahead in life so let’s not talk about it. Haider hugs him and says you have taken off my burden. He leaves from there. Ruhaan says I will expose him and his wife, its time to take my revenge. He calls Ajaz and says I need your help in getting a gun.

Dua meets with all the maids and ask about her families too. The maid thanks her for always supporting them. The maids keep praising her for helping them. The maid asks who called them here? Dua says don’t worry about it. The maid tells how she got her admission in college too. Dua says keep studying hard. Dua encourages all the maids to fulfill their dreams. Hina and Gazal look on. Gulnaz says Dua is helping so many families, she is an angel.

Gazal says what’s going on? She asks the maids if they are here to praise Dua? Shut up otherwise I will throw you out. I am your queen here. The maid says shut up, you can never be a queen. We would never work for a cheap woman like you. Another maid says this girl destroyed Dua’s life so we will never work for her. It will be a sin to work for you. Gazal says you won’t earn if you don’t work. You people clean up shit and have no standing in the society but look at their attitude. They are smelling too. She asks them to get lost if they don’t want to work, how dare you argue with me? You pieces of s*ht. Dua slaps her hard hearing that. All are shocked.

Dua slaps Gazal and says don’t you dare insult them again. Hina says who are you for them? Dua says I can’t believe you are taking her side when she is insulting honest workers.. these women take care of their families on their own and she is insulting them? these maids work harder than us. She says these workers are the backbone of our country. You wouldn’t know what honor is but don’t insult honorable people. You have no money of your own and if Haider didn’t marry you then you might have been working as maid like them. Don’t ever insult them again. These workers are same as us, these maids serve us, take care of us and work for their families.. they are not like you to break families just for your sake. Dua apologizes to the maids and says please forgive me. The maid says you are so nice, we would give life for you but not for her. Let us know what you want? Dua says my hands are tied right now, what happened with Momo was wrong so its your decision if you want to work. All look on. The maid says if you don’t need us then we won’t work for Gazal. They all leave. Hina tries to stop them but Dua says I won’t call them back, I didn’t ask them to leave, they saw real face of Gazal and left. Gazal runs back to the maids but they all leave.

Scene 2

Ruhaan looks at Haider’s photo and burns it recalling him being close with Gazal. Ajaz calls him and says your work is done, pick it from me and don’t let Gazal know about this.

Dua tells Gazal that she will be out of the house in 9 days now, she leaves from there. Gazal says she keeps winning against me, what if she throws me out of the house? Ajaz comes there and asks why does she look worried? Gazal says I will answer back to Dua. Ajaz says you didn’t even call me once Ruhaan got free.. your work was done and you don’t care anymore. He says I want more money, she says I already gave you 50 lacs and I have no money left. Ajaz says Haider is not going to give money because he is on Dua’s side. She asks him to shut up and says I will use Ruhaan to kill Dua.

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