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Gazal tells Ajaz that she will use Ruhaan to get Dua killed and make Haider hers, she asks him to leave. He is about to go but Hafeez comes there and punches him. Gazal says what are you doing? Hafeez grabs Ajaz and says how dare you come here after attacking me? Gazal says stop it. Hafeez says shut up, you are so shameless and destroyed my sister’s life.

Gazal thinks what if he heard them? Hafeez keeps beating Ajaz up. Gazal screams for the family. Gulnaz comes there and thinks he is doing good. Hina pushes Hafeez away and is about to slap him but Dua holds her hand and stands in front of her, she says who gave you right to raise hand on my brother? Hina says how did he dare to beat Gazal’s brother? Hafeez says you don’t know their real faces. Hina says enough.. your sister says she doesn’t care about this family but doesn’t leave and you think this is a welfare house and don’t leave from here. Dua glares at her. Hina says now you must want to slap me? your mother talked big but you all are shameless. Hafeez says enough.. don’t talk about my mother otherwise.. Dua says don’t, she might have forgotten her manners but we don’t.

Hina says you don’t even respect your husband and brought your brother who is a goon. Dua says enough, he beat Ajaz because he deserves it. Hina says your brother is staying here too and why? Dua says this is my house, my father brought this fortune to you so Hafeez has all right to stay here. Dadi says yes, I allowed Dua’s brother to stay here. Hina says then why Gazal’s brother can’t stay here? she tells Ajaz that he can come here anytime he wants. Dua says I pity seeing you, I pray that you can see right and wrong soon. She leaves with the family from there.

Hafeez is cleaning his wound, Kaynaat comes there and bandages it. She says I am sorry about Hina’s words. Hafeez says I don’t mind, she is like my mother. Kaynaat says I am lucky to have you. Hafeez says we have to tell the family about us soon. Dua comes there and says don’t do that, she tells them that Hina is hating our family right now and she would never want Kaynaat to marry my brother. They both become sad so Dua says you both can wait for sometime, she asks Hafeez to take care of Kaynaat and soon we will have a grand wedding for you both. She hugs them and Ajaz makes their video. He smirks and thinks this bomb will destroy them. Hafeez tells Dua that we should tells Haider about what happened with Ruhaan. Dua says Ruhaan needs to speak up and we need to wait.

Scene 2

Hina comes in the lounge and taunts Dua that she needs to cook. Gazal says I will order from outside. Hina says enough of that.. I got allergy from eating outside food. Dadi comes there and says I can’t eat ordered food anymore, my stomach is upset so can you please give me Enema? Gazal is confused and doesn’t know that but she says I am expert in that so don’t worry. Dua laughs, Hina asks if she is sure? Gazal says don’t worry about it. Dadi says its not a big deal as Dua used to give it to me but I got upset stomach because of Gazal so she should help me. Gazal says sure.

Ajaz thinks to get money from Gazal and then give her the video.

Hina taunts Dua that she keeps sitting and being lazy while Gazal is taking care of Dadi. My daughter in law Gazal will take over soon and Dua won’t be needed in the house. Dua looks on.

Scene 1

Gazal screams and runs from Dadi’s room. Dadi says I was telling her about enema and she ran away. Gazal screams to keep this device away from me, its so gross. Dadi says this is the best way to clean my stomach, you will become old and would use this too. Dua laughs at Gazal. Dadi says I got constipated because of your food so you have to help me. Dua tells Gazal that you said you are the expert in this? Gazal says I didn’t know what it was and said yes. Dua says you are an idiot, are you even educated? Ruhaan comes there and sadly looks at Gazal. Dua tells Gazal that enema is the treatment for older people, you are daughter in law of this house so you should help her. Dadi says I was a fool to ask for her help, she taunts Hina that your daughter in law wants to kill me.

You can’t see wrong in her. Hina says someone else can help you as well. Dadi says you think she is your daughter in law so who else would help me? Dua says I.. Hina says no.. you are no one to us anymore, you have no right or duties in this house. She calls Gulnaz there, she comes there and asks what happened? I have a headache. Hina calls Kaynaat there too, she tells them that Gazal has back pain so you both have to help her in household work, go to the kitchen and work. They both look on. Hina asks them to go. Gulnaz says how is that possible? I have a severe headache. Kaynaat says I applied mehndi so I can’t work. Hina says I know you both are doing this because Dua is making you all do this. I don’t need anyone, I will work alone and serve my kids..

I won’t take anyone’s help. She goes from there. Dua thinks I wish she could see the real face of Gazal. Hian trips but Haider comes there and stops her. He asks her to sit down. Hina says Gazal is in pain so who will do household work? Gulnaz and Kaynaat are making excuses. Haider says how come your beloved Gazal can’t handle the house? only one person can handle this house. Hina says don’t you dare take Dua’s name, I don’t need her to run my house. Haider says you need to take care of your health, you think Dua is your enemy but the truth is only Dua can run this house. Hina says you can ask her and you would be insulted. She doesn’t care if we live or die. Haider says she does care. He goes to Dua and tells her that this family and house is incomplete without you, only you can handle this house. He folds his hands and says I beg you to make this house like before again. Dua is hurt seeing him begging. Dadi shakes her head.

Dua is conflicted. Haider says I am requesting you as a son whose mother is ill. Gazal is angry seeing that. Haider asks if her silence is a yes? Dua says why should I save this house? why? don’t play emotional games with me and you can beg your wife so leave me alone. He starts leaving. Hina says I told you that this girl is heartless, she is making fun of our helplessness but I curse her that when she is helplessness then no one would wipe her tears. God will take her happiness one day. Gulnaz says look at yourself, you are trusting Gazal blindly but look at your condition. Hina says I got allergic because Dua denied cooking for us. Haider says enough, Gazal can’t cook and we all had to eat takeout so don’t blame Dua. Hina says your Dua has become cold hearted. Haider says you have spit venom against her that you made her cold hearted, can’t you see her love? she feels your pain more than yourself. I know her, when I request her then she will agree.

Dua cries in her room and says my family is pain but I can’t help them. Haider comes there and says your anger is valid, if they hate you then you shouldn’t care about them. I have no right on you anymore, I can be a bad man but I don’t want to be a bad son so I am requesting you. Please take hold of this house. Dua says I already told you about my decision, I won’t do anything. Haider says I can’t have any hopes from Gazal. Dua says wow.. when you realized that your new wife is useless then you started caring about your first wife? I used to take care of this family because I loved you but that love is gone. You don’t need me, you need a servant. Haider says how can you think that? I wouldn’t think like that about you. Dua says if you can bring another wife over me, if you can change then I changed too. Haider says but our love can never change. Dua says you are wasting your time, my decision won’t change and don’t embarrass me so please leave. Haider is disappointed and starts leaving but Dua stops him and says you were talking about our love for which I could give my life. There was a time when you were a loving husband and I would listen to anything you would say.. so I am ready to accept this for that love’s sake but I have a condition. Haider looks on.

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