Sister Wives update Friday 28 June 2024

Gazal tells Hina that Dua would never agree to take care of the house. Haider comes there so Hina says I am sure Dua didn’t agree to take care of us right? Haider says Dua agreed to take care of the house. Gazal smirks and thinks thank God she will work as a servant now. Hina asks Gazal to go and rest. Haider says wait a minute..

she agreed but she has a condition. Hina says what condition? I knew it, she is so selfish. Haider recalls how Dua said that Gazal has to apologize to her for saying that wives taking care of the household are not servants or no less than anyone else, she would need to apologize in her feet. Haider tells it to everyone. Hina shouts that woman is so shameless and her ego is so big that she wants Gazal to fall in front of her? she has crossed all limits.

Dadi laughs and says Dua is doing what you should have done with with Gulnaz, you just wept but Dua knows how to change her fate, my Dua is a lioness and she would snatch her rights back, our Dua kept taking care of us but when Gazal came then you changed sides like your blod is white. Hina cries and says yes I cry for Rahat’s love but I never hurted anyone else, it was my manners. Dadi says you think its your manners that you let your husband being taken by another woman? our Dua is fighting for her rights unlike you who were a doormat, Gazal will have to apologize to her. Hina shouts that Gazal won’t apologize to her. Ruhaan is angry seeing all that. Gazal says I will apologize to Dua, I care about this house.

Hina says don’t get insulted for these people. Gazal says Dua likes to insult me then I am okay, she says I am ready to apologize so call her. Ruhaan thinks I can’t believe Dua wants my love to fall in her feet, I won’t spare Dua. Haider calls Dua. She comes there and smirks. Dua asks if Gazal is ready to apologize to her? Gazal thinks I have to drink this poison. Haider tells Dua that she has agreed so lets do it. Gazal looks at Ruhaan and Dua notices that.

Gulnaz says if Gazal starts apologizing for her all mistakes then she would keep apologizing all her life. Kaynaat says lets sit for this drama. Haider asks them to stop it. Haider brings Dua to Gazal and she is angry seeing them holding hands. Haider asks Gazal to apologize. Dua says she should be remorseful too. Gazal says I didn’t do anything wrong but I will apologize for Haider’s honor. Dua says do it fast before I leave. Gazal stops her and apologizes to her. Dua says don’t you know the full deal? you have to bow in front of me and rub your nose in my feet. Gazal says I can’t bow as I have back pain. Dua says don’t worry.. she tells something to Hafeez and Ravi. They both bring a table there and makes a throne by putting a chair on it. Dua sits on it and glares at Gazal from top.

She tells Gazal that all are equal for me but you don’t deserve to be in someone’s feet too.. if you can’t bow then I have put myself above you so touch my feet and apologize. Gazal thinks I will make her pay for all this. Gazal goes to her and stares at her feet. She rubs her nose on Dua’s feet as Dua recalls how Gazal destroyed her life. Ruhaan is angry seeing that. Hina cries while all others are happy. Dua thinks I didn’t want to do this but this evil woman deserves this only.

Gazal rubs her nose in Dua’s feet, Dua thinks she deserves this. Gazal apologizes to Dua and says please forgive me for all my mistakes. All look on. The family claps for Dua while Hina and Ruhaan feel bad for Gazal. Dadi says egoistic people breakdown like this. Gulnaz says Gazal should do this daily for her crimes. Hina consoles Gazal and she thinks to take revenge for this. Dua is about to get down from the table and slips but Haider holds her in time. They both stare at each other, Ruhaan thinks this couple will pay for their deeds. Dua moves away from Haider and starts to leave but Gazal stops her, Dua pushes her away. Dua says I am going to rest now. Gazal says you promised to take care of the family if I apologize to you. Dua says I never said that.

Gazal says you can’t go back on your words, you have to cook now. Dua says you are talking about deceiving when you snatched my husband and cheated everyone? don’t try to confront me again. Hina says I knew she was doing all this just to put Gazal down. Dua says don’t curse me as its going to work against you. I am going to rest now. Hina says she is just a liar, we don’t need her help, Gazal can cook. Dua says then she can. Dadi asks Dua what if Gazal cooks? we can’t eat her food. Haider tells Dua that you gave a condition and Gazal apologized so why are you doing this? Gazal says she just wanted me to apologize to rub her ego. Dua says I wanted to show your reality. You insulted me because I am a housewife, but a housewife is someone who takes care of the family, the person who makes a house into a home without taking offs.

How dare you taunt me? a housewife is someone who gives up her sleep for everyone, the person who makes sure everyone has food and good nights sleep. A housewife is a title which not everyone woman can have, I am not against women working professionally but people like you who think housewives are no ones, we deserve respect and you have no right to insult us. You said that you have no cooking skills but what skill do you have? you don’t work but you don’t cook as well.. you don’t have skills to live on your own, you are just a useless person, you are worse than any other woman. Your only win was marrying which you got just by cheating too. You are just a characterless girl but I am an honorable person so I will fulfill my promises so move away. She goes to the kitchen while all look on. Dadi says I pray for Dua’s strength always.

Dua serves food to the family. Everyone is praising Dua’s cooking, even Hina is enjoying the food. Kaynaat says I can’t believe she can cook so many things in such a short time. Dadi says even then people try to compete with her. Hina tries to argue but Gazal says lets just enjoy the food. I can’t stay hungry anymore. Hina says you are right, we will answer them later on.

Dua goes to the kitchen and smiles seeing the family enjoying food. Haider comes there and says I am so happy seeing them enjoying the food. Dua says me too.

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