Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 21 April 2021

Sacred Relationship 21 April 2021: starts with Abir and Mishti dancing and romancing. Lahu muh lag gaya….plays…. Kunal looks on worried. He angrily goes. He says I won’t let you ruin Abir’s life, I will ruin you now. He messages his lawyer, I m waiting outside, where are you…. Abir holds Mishti close and applies her colors. She keeps a note in his pocket. They dance. Abir makes her weart he Kamarbandh. She smiles and goes. Kuhu comes to Kunal. Lawyer asks him to sign the papers and make his wife sign. Kuhu gets shocked seeing divorce papers. She drops the trophy.

Kunal comes to Kuhu and says you would be habitual to drama, not me, this marriage is the biggest drama. He gives her the papers and says its over now. She cries. He says you can defame me as a womanizer, it will be tough for Abir and Mishti’s marriage to happen, your family won’t permit this alliance, I will see how they get married now. Kuhu thinks of him. He leaves. Bekhudi ….plays… She cries and falls down. The ladies hold her. Mishti sees her and asks what happened, why are you crying, you can fight me, beat me, at least tell me the matter. Kuhu says Kunal is divorcing me to separate you and Abir. Mishti asks what, there is nothing such, Kunal told Abir that he has no problem with my and Abir’s marriage. Kuhu says it was all a lie, truth is that he was doing this to separate you and Abir, he had run away and didn’t wish to come in mandap, I should have understood, when we called to know why is baraat late, Abir told me groom will take time. Mishti asks what. Kuhu says when Abir got you back, Kunal felt he failed, now he made this new plan to divorce me. Mishti gets shocked seeing divorce papers.

She asks her to get up and wipe her tears. The man asks Kunal can we take your family pic. Kunal says they left. Abir says Mishti and Kuhu are here, we can take our pic. Mishti recalls Kunal’s words. She angrily goes to him and slaps. Abir gets shocked. Everyone looks on. Abir shouts Mishti, what’s happening. Mishti says a man like you doesn’t deserve Kuhu, she will leave you, you loser. Abir asks what’s happening. She says you don’t know what he did, you would do the same on knowing this. The man says we shall go, food counter will get close. The people leave. Kunal says how dare you, I can’t tolerate you. Mishti says I won’t tolerate you. Abir says guys stop it, tell me, what’s happening. Mishti says he is divorcing Kuhu. Abir gets shocked. Mishti says he has told this here, Kuhu isn’t able to breath. Abir asks will you leave the one you love. Mishti says no, he doesn’t love her, he cheated Kuhu.

Abir says no, he told me that he loves Kuhu. Mishti says its all a drama, he is doing this to separate us. Abir says Kunal, you told me you don’t want to fight me. Mishti says lie, he lied to Kuhu, my family and you, his plan was to send me away from Rajkot and not come in marriage mandap, he wanted to insult Kuhu and my family. Abir says that love, marriage was just a drama. Kunal says yes, I didn’t love her, I had run away, you found me and got me to mandap, what could I do. Mishti asks what, Abir you knew about it. Abir says he told me that he loves Kunal, I thought he ran away on mum’s saying. Mishti says I told you why Kunal told me that, you were silent. Kunal says he was protecting Kuhu, its not Kuhu’s mistake, it was your mistake.

Mishti says shut up, I broke the relation as we were not compatible, I didn’t know you will take this on ego and hurt Kuhu, who loves you, I won’t give you any right to insult my love. Abir stops Kunal and asks him to go home. Kunal says she slapped me in front of everyone. Abir says just go home. Kunal cries and leaves. Mishti says I m sorry Kuhu, I didn’t understand this would happen, you are not alone, entire family is with you, come with me. Kuhu says leave my hand. Mishti says I won’t stay in your room, how can you still do this drama. Kuhu says I will decide to tell the family, its my life, my decisions, you won’t tell anything to anyone. She goes crying. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays… Abir and Mishti cry.

Mishti saying I have blindly trusted you, I should have not trusted you. She cries. Dil mera tod ke…plays…. She leaves. He sits crying. Nanu says we will talk to Vishwamber and go ahead, Mishti is Abir’s life partner, I know this, try to understand. Meenakshi says sorry, Abir doesn’t need me, because his dad has returned, he thinks his dad…. Mehul comes and says its enough, your words stab my heart. Meenakshi asks do my words hurt you, you think I have always given you pain, then what are you doing here, get out of my house right away. She goes.Everyone goes. Parul says no one is going to believe you, we will take Meenakshi’s side forever. Mehul asks why are you arguing. She says Abir will also stand by his mum, you may try to pretend, you will never understand him. He asks what will you do, I will not leave my son, Meenakshi will not leave Kunal, and you… you think Meenakshi will support you. She says she will always remain my support. She goes.

Abir and Mishti think of everyone. They get sad. Yeh rishte…plays… Abir sees Kunal and Kuhu arguing. Kuhu says you deserved the slap, you lied to me that you love me, you made me send Shweta’s pics and then blamed Mishti for it. Abir gets shocked and recalls. Kuhu says you are a betrayer. Kunal asks what, I asked you to go to your home, you hate Mishti. Abir asks what. Kunal says I don’t want to explain, what I did was right. He goes. Kuhu says sorry bro and goes.
Rajshri comes and thinks Mishti is sleeping. Mishti stays sad. Parul says we should not hurry with marriage. Meenakshi asks are you fine. Parul says I m scared of that man, we should tell Abir why we are against his dad. Meenakshi asks didn’t you talk to Mehul. Parul says no. Meenakshi says you can’t lie to me, don’t even try to talk to Mehul, I know him well, he will create a rift between us, he wants to break our unity. Parul says nobody can create a rift, can you ever leave me.

Meenakshi says I swear, I will never leave you, I trust you more than I trust myself, don’t worry. Parul finds a jewellery box empty. She asks where is the necklace. Meenakshi says I gave it to you and then Mehul came there. Mishti asks why did you do this Abir. Abir comes and asks her to listen to him once. She turns and sees him. She asks him about Kunal. He says I got Kunal to mandap, I thought mom manipulated him, but I know it, Kunal is influenced by mom’s words, she hates you, so he also hates you.

Mishti says Kunal is not a kid to get manipulated, he is an adult, he can run his business, he can fake a marriage, then he can decide things, I know you and your heart also, its your love for Kunal, that’s stopping you from accepting Kunal’s mistake, I don’t want to hear anything. Abir says please Mishti. She goes. Hawayon me bahenge….plays….

Abir comes home and cries. Kunal sees Kuhu and his pic. Kuhu thinks of Kunal and cries. Mishti thinks of Abir. Mehul asks Abir to come and celebrate. Abir hugs him. He asks are you okay. Mehul asks are you okay. Abir says I m fine. Mehul says you have been hiding pain behind this smile, share your sorrows with me. He does shayari. Abir smiles and says even you… do you write poems. Mehul says yes, I know, we are not difference, I know someone dear has hurt you. Abir says Kunal is divorcing Kuhu so that he can make Mishti away from me. Mehul asks what, how can this happen. Abir tells everything. He says she is much angry on me, I m standing here by giving up…. Mehul asks him to go. Abir says I missed you a lot, I m very happy now. Mehul says I knew you would find an excuse if I told you that we are going to Mishti’s house, this family doesn’t value love, they will never let you and Mishti unite. Abir says no, Kunal will understand. Mehul says Kunal is divorcing Kuhu for his motive, he went on your mum, Meenakshi did the same with me, she didn’t lose until she proved me wrong, truth is Meenakshi separated me from you, can you bear to lose Mishti, you can’t, right, I will help you. Abir hears his plan.


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