Love or Poison Update Thursday 22 April 2021


Love or Poison 22 April 2021: Ratan runs towards Viraj and Sitara. Viraj gets up and offers his hand to Sitara. She holds it and gets up too. Viraj asks her if she is fine. She nods. Ratan and his wife ask them if they are fine. They both nod. Viraj says the floor is a bit slippery. His parents nod and walk away. Viraj takes out a flower petal stuck in Sitara’s hair. She thanks him but then playfully hits herself on her head as he goes.

Nethra asks Rani Sa if she can try the necklace once. Rani Sa asks her to wait. First seek Mata Rani’s blessings. Nethra says it is too beautiful. The one who got it should try it once. She runs upstairs with the necklace. Samrat stops Nethra. I agree that you are a beggar by nature and background. She warns him to stop. I just wish to try. He says your motive for leaving from the party will only give negative hint to everyone. We must fix it. She realises he is right. What should we do though? Samrat tells her a plan. Choti Rani asks about Nethra. Where did she suddenly disappear? Viraj’s mother says she left with the necklace suddenly saying that she should try it. Choti Rani nods in confusion. Nethra comes just then. Nethra shares that the one who deserves it has worn it. She calls out to Padmini (Viraj and Samrat’s sister). Padmini thanks Nethra claling her Bhabhi. Nethra asks her MIL if she dint like it that she gave the necklace to Padmini. Viraj’s mother appreciates her instead.

Sitara doubts Nethra’s intention. She wont give anyone anything. How did she give such an expensive necklace like this? Ratan suggests starting the ceremony but his wife and brother ask for Rajguru. Ratan shares that he is busy in some urgent work. We should start the ceremony. Everyone agrees. Rattan thinks I could handle them but I hope Rajguru is fine wherever he is. Rajguru continues his puja.
Vrinda can see the live visual of the engagement. Viraj and Nethra pick exchange rings. Nethraäs parents congratulate each other on the engagement. Nethra and Viraj seek everyone’s blessings. Sitara notices everyone standing quietly. She asks Rani Sa about real celebrations. Rani Sa says music is indeed playing. Sitara looks at the musicians. This isn’t music. Real celebrations are different. Rani Sa asks her to show her then. Sitara dances on Shubhaarambh song. Samrat and her friend look at her wrongly but they know they cannot do anything to her.

Albeli finds a way to make the drop reach Sitara. Sitara pulls Viraj for a dance. They both dance together happily. Nethra looks on unhappily. Sitara steps on the drop while dancing. Vishkanya’s smile. Our work is done! Vrinda laughs. Those who have a will to win and trust their attempts succeed. These people killed my duagher and kept us captive for 20 years! We never gave up hope on freedom but now that drop will bring our well wisher here. She will set us free! Sitara starts walking in trance. Now Vrinda can communicate with her. She asks Sitara her name and asks her to bring Rajguru’s stick. Sitara comes to the room where Rajguru is meditating. She walks out of the room with his stick and the key to the mystery doors. Sitara opens the door and is jolted for a moment. She walks further inside. Vrinda tells her sister that these footsteps are bringing their freedom with them. Sitara opens the second and third door as well.

Rajguru opens his eyes startled. Why am I getting deviated today? Is something about to go wrong? He realises that his stick and key is missing and rushes out to see who took it. Vrinda’s sisters are happy thinking they will be set free today. Chabeeli is sure no one will be able to stop Sitara today.
Rajguru is headed towards the secret doors. Kuldeep scans the crowd for Sitara but cannot find her. Sitara opens another door. Rajguru is running. Mata Rani, only you can save the royal family now!
Vrinda vows to do the Rajtilak of the royal family with blood. We are about to go outside. We should celebrate. Her sisters agree. They start dancing. Sitara opens the last door. Vishkanya’s stop in their tracks and look at her.

Sitara opens the last door. Vishkanya’s stop in their tracks and look at her. Rajguru reaches in time and stops Sitara. He snatches the stick out of her hands. She stands there powerless. Vrinda vows to make Rajguru pay this time. Rajguru shouts back that she may try as much as she wants to but he will be the shield between them and the palace. Vishkanya’s warn him not to challenge them or their powers. We will destroy the entire palace otherwise! Rajguru advises them to keep trying and deceit. I will abide by my dharma. I will see who wins! He takes Sitara with him. Rani Sa asks Viraj and Nethra to seek Mata Rani’s blessings. She does their tilak and thanks Mata Rani for blessing their family. Bless us like this always. Rajguru closes the mystery doors as he steps out with Sitara.


He realises that she is still under the effect of Vishkanya’s and sprinkles some water on her. She wakes up with a start. How did I come here? She greets him. He asks her how she came here. She shares that she remembers nothing. I was in the engagement party. He asks her if she is speaking truth. She nods. He warns her not to come here again without his permission. She nods and leaves. Rajguru says how Sitara could open the doors which couldn’t be opened without me ever. I will have to dig out her past without asking Kuldeep anything. Maybe her past her the answers I am looking for! Sitara is walking sadly in the corridor. I don’t understand how I ended up in south gate. Kuldeep has to pat her to gain her attention. She hugs him but does not tell him the truth. I got emotional thinking that you will send me away from you like this one day. He tells her that there is a lot of time for that. We will find a Ghar Jamai if you are so worried. They have a light moment. He tells her to keep smiling always. It erases all my troubles. Rajguru has been watching them from far.

Ratan asks Rajguru if Vishkanya’s created any hindrance. Rajguru denies. Ratan makes Viraj and Nethra seek his blessings. Rajguru takes leave from Ratan. Only one thing is left to be done. I am waiting for the right time. I will meet you once that is accomplished. Ratan is in thoughts.
Rajguru comes to the outhouse where Kuldeep and Sitara are staying. A daughter is identified by her mother but there is not even a single photo of her mother here. I need to find one photo of her mother to know about her! Sitara and Kuldeep take leave from Ratan. Rajguru is still scanning the house for Sitara’s mother’s photo. Kuldeep tells Sitara to go ahead. I will meet Rajguru and come. Rajguru is unable to find any photo of Sitara’s mother. It is so strange. How do I find out about her now? Sitara opens the door and gets surprised seeing Rajguru there. Please don’t tell Baba anything. He wouldn’t like it. Rajguru assures him he has only come to meet Kuldeep here. Sitara heaves a sigh of relief.

He has gone to your room to meet you. Rajguru agrees to talk to him there itself and leaves. Sitara opens the small shelf of their house temple and takes out a photo. What happened today was very strange Ma. Baba wouldn’t like it if he hears any of it. I cannot stop thinking about it even though I want to. I miss you so much in such situations but your photo relieves me of my pain. She hugs the photo.
Rajguru comes to his room. Kuldeep is already waiting for him there. Was there any hindrance in the havan? Rajguru looks at the clock. Vishkanya’s are becoming stronger day by day. My worry is turning into a firm belief. There is someone inside the palace who is helping them. Kuldeep asks him who it could be. Rajguru seeks his permission to ask him something. You and that Vishkanya had a daughter 20 years ago. Did you really kill that daughter? Kuldeep nods. I sent that poison away from the royal palace! Rajguru vows to tackle the person who is helping Vishkanya’s. I have vowed to make sure no one can mess with the security with the royal family. You are with me in this promise, right? Kuldeep nods and excuses himself. Rajguru says truth comes out one way or another. Something is certainly wrong here. I will find out whatever it is!

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