Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 11 March 2021

Sacred Relationship 11 March 2021: starts with Abir saying Kunal will come when I say Kuhu called him, Kuhu is special for him. He asks Mishti to go. Kuhu laughs and says Mishti will run like she ran with my sports car. Abir says you like sports car. Kuhu says my sports car, she stole the key also. Abir asks why did you steal the key of her happiness. Mishti says she calls Kunal as sports car. Kuhu says I saw Kunal in sports car for the first time, now he isn’t here. Abir says sit down, he will come. Mishti says he won’t come, I called him, he refused. He says no, he will come, he is my brother, I know him. She says you helped me a lot, I have to take Kuhu. Kuhu says you go home, I will come. Mishti says I will call Rajshri and say you are drunk. Kuhu says I hate you. Mishti says I know. Kuhu sees Kunal and says I love you. Mishti says you are drunk. Kuhu says Kunal…. They smile seeing Kunal. Kuhu runs to Kunal.

Bekhudi….plays… She falls in his arms. Kuhu hugs him and smiles. He asks are you okay. She nods. He asks did you drink anything. She says alcohol. He says I left my meeting for you. Mishti says I felt I lost on my engagement day, but today I feel… Abir says that you won. She cries. He says sorry, what do you think, do they love each other. Meenakshi looks on shocked.
Mishti thinks of Naira’s words. She says don’t know, but there is a possibility of love. Mishti says thanks for coming. Kunal says if Abir was already here, what was the need for me to come. Abir says don’t ask. Kunal takes Kuhu. Nanu and Kaushal play chess and laugh. Kaushal says Nidhi will start and tell what happened at temple. Meenakshi says but she didn’t come to temple. They talk about Meenakshi. Kaushal says Meenakshi didn’t spare Parekh family. Nanu says she can’t do anything, Abir will stop her. He jokes on her. She thinks those two girls made me a joke, my family is laughing on me. Kunal gets Kuhu home. Kuhu asks how will we go on long drive, idea… come here with me. She acts to drive. Kunal says stop, you were jumping the signal. She says sorry. He says my house is close, I will go. Abir laughs.

She says you will come with me. Mishti asks how will I take her in. Abir says tell them she went on long drive. Mishti says I will hide her and make her sleep, I will say she is ill. Abir says Kuhu looks very ill. Mishti says his words. Mishti pours water on Kuhu. She says she is fine now, I can say Kuhu fell ill. Kunal says Kuhu take care. Abir pours water on Mishti and says now its fine. He runs. Kuhu says God had sent special rain for us. Mishti sneezes. Rajshri asks where were you two. Mishti says I m feeling cold, ask later. Kuhu says mum is so hot. Varsha asks what. Abir says ask how, Kunal walked in as a hero and saved Kuhu. Nanu says then… Abir says Mishti was looking so innocent, very sweet, cute. Nanu says whose story is this, Kunal and Kuhu, or you and Mishti. Abir says I don’t care if it has love. Nanu asks you think Kunal loves Kuhu and Mishti loves you. Abir asks about Meenakshi, Kunal and Kuhu’s matter should resolve, I have to take them on breakfast date. Nanu says Kunal and Kuhu… Kunal comes and asks what. Mishti says Kuhu means Varsha is pretty, Kuhu talks strange things and sings in rain. Jasmeet says weather gets romantic at this time. Kuhu says its selfie time. Varsha says Kuhu is really mad. Kuhu hugs her. Varsha says sorry. Kuhu says I m sorry, I love you and everyone. Varsha says I thought you both went to meet Kunal, Vishwamber said we shouldn’t meet them, Kuhu forget him. She goes.

Abir says Kunal and Kuhu, tell me….. Nanu says you didn’t leave meeting to help me, you went for Kuhu. Kunal says her problem was genuine. Abir asks who is she for you. Kunal says she is my friend, I care for her, you both got mad. Abir and Nanu sing and do Garba. Kunal says stop it guys. Nanu says Abir is stupid. Kunal says yes. Nanu says he will take me to room, you are going out for breakfast tomorrow. Kunal says yes, what. Nanu says its done. Mishti says we thought to unite you and Kunal, how will we unite our families. Abir messages Mishti…. breakfast at sunshine hotel fixed tomorrow. Mishti replies ok. He writes… let their first date happen, we will think how to deal with families later. She replies…. how did you find out what I was thinking. He says when would you think what I m thinking. Its morning, Meenakshi plays sitar. Abir calls Mishti and asks where are you. Mishti says on the way, everyone is sleeping, I will talk to you later. She sees Kuhu sleeping. Kunal comes.

Abir says come with me. He takes Kunal in the car. Meenakshi smiles. Mishti says come, else Kunal will wait and go. Kuhu asks what, why do I have a headache.Mishti says because you are empty headed, get ready fast. Kuhu says wow, you have talent, just you can get the worst combination from my wardrobe. Mishti says get ready fast, don’t dress up in a way that everyone questions you. Abir plays a game with Kunal and asks him. Kunal names Kuhu when Abir says crazy. Abir says love… Kunal says accident. They see the crowd. Kunal gets shocked seeing Shweta. Abir says she went at a wrong time and she came back at a wrong time. He stops Kunal. Shweta sees them. Meenakshi smiles. Abir says bye, why did you come. She says I m not the old Shweta. He says right, you look more fair and slim. She says my Guru aligned all my focal points, he gave me a new name and personality, I m Shwet. Abir asks why did you come back to Rajkot. She says I sold my house and have to make old settlements, I was looking for a tax, a biker hit me. Kunal says she got hurt. Abir says its just a scratch, come. She says I was looking for a hotel. Abir says you will find it, come Kunal. Kunal says I want an answer, I will drop her to the hotel, you go. Abir says fine, I will meet you at the NGO after an hour. He goes. Kunal sees Shweta.

Kuhu getting ready. She says dress should be such that Kunal just looks at me. Varsha asks where are you going. Mishti gets Abir’s message. He writes meeting cancelled. Mishti asks how can date get cancelled, Abir would have written a joke or shayari if things were normal, what’s the matter. Varsha asks Mishti where are you going, tell me. Kuhu signs Mishti. Mishti says jogging. Varsha says Kuhu said you are going out for breakfast. Mishti says we were going on walk and then breakfast, plan cancelled, Kuhu got late.Varsha says Kuhu you got late and see her mood spoiled. Kuhu says sorry. She asks Mishti how did plan get cancelled, did Meenakshi know it, are you playing a game. Mishti asks her to shut up, she is just helping her.

Kuhu says don’t act smart, I lost Kunal because of you. Mishti says you should have fight for him. Kuhu says girls take time to realize their feelings. Mishti says say the truth, you want everything served. Kuhu says you get everything served. Mishti says I remember it, don’t think you are helpless. Kuhu says I don’t want your help. Mishti says I m not dying to help you. She goes.Kunal says so you came back and didn’t call me. Shweta asks would you answer my call, I don’t deserve to talk to you, congrats, I heard you got engaged. He says you would have felt bad that I moved on so soon. She says yes, I felt bad for myself, what’s her name, what happened. He says that alliance broke. She says so sorry. He says don’t do this drama, where is that guy, you left me for him, why did you leave me, what did I lack, I want an answer.Abir says Shweta didn’t love Kunal, love can’t get erased even if heart gets broken. Nanu likes his dialogues about love. Abir says Shweta has come back, it means problem. Mishti comes and says she has come back, Kunal was engaged to her, so you cancelled the date. Abir nods.

Nanu says no sparks between Kunal and Shweta. Mishti says your language is cool. Abir asks her not to worry. Mishti says I know Kunal doesn’t love her. Kunal says you left a break up note and went, did love end. Shweta says no, I ended the story but I genuinely missed you, I used to regret for my decision then I realized that my career isn’t imp for me, you are my happiness, its true that I came back to sell house, but I also came for you, I didn’t had courage to meet you, I m sorry.Abir asks did you talk to Kunal about Shweta. Mishti says yes, on engagement day, I asked him, he wasn’t in any pain or guilt. Abir says lovers hide love in such a way that even heart doesn’t know. Nanu says yes, we should ask the heart on weekly basis if there is any feelings for someone. Mishti says I was saying something else. Abir asks Nanu to sit. Mishti says Kunal has moved on, he was showing concern for Kuhu, we should not leave hope. Nanu says this spirit makes a man succeed. Mishti says yes, a strange friend told me to take the chance even if its just 1%, I m like an open book, you also do friendship or enmity openly, tell Shweta that she has no chances now. Nanu records them and jokes. Mishti asks what does he mumble in between. Abir says nothing, its his habit. They smile.

Shweta says the guy for whom I left you, he left me, I was in depression and went to Gurudev, he told me that I m supposed to live with you, so I came back to apologize, sorry Kunal. Kunal gets a call and says its from the office. She says meet me tonight for dinner. He answers the call. Kuhu asks why did you cancel the breakfast. Kunal says I can’t talk right now. Kuhu asks can we meet for dinner. He says no, I will talk to you later. Shweta says I will wait for you at dinner. He leaves. Kuhu sees the family.Shaurya says Meenakshi planned the raid done at our home. Vishwamber says Meenakshi has become our enemy, she doesn’t deserve even our hatred, I wish we don’t see that family again, Mishti is sensible and tolerated the pain, Kuhu is innocent. Rajshri says yes, Kuhu got saved from that family. Kuhu says my love story ended, no love, no story. Mishti says listen, all the best, don’t be annoyed, if she is cunning, she will use your anger in her favor, are you fine. Abir nods. She holds his hand and says I m with you. He says you don’t like Kunal, why are you worried for him. She says for his brother, I don’t like Kunal, but his brother isn’t so bad. Abir says I think you are doing this for Kuhu. She says I m doing this for you.

He asks why. He does shayari. She stops an auto. He thanks her and goes. Mishti says because you are my friend, I will never stop supporting you. Abir calls Kunal and asks where are you. Kunal says at home. Abir asks and Shweta? Kunal says sunshine hotel. Abir says I will come home and talk to you. Kunal says fine, I will meet you at home. Abir thinks Shweta you have no idea with whom you are messing with. Shweta messages Kunal.Meenakshi comes and asks her to shut the door. She says thanks for coming to Rajkot for my one call, you will get another cheque if you keep Kuhu away from Kunal. Shweta thanks her and says your cheques never bounce, after all I got many cheques, firstly to leave you and then pretending to love someone, breaking up and leaving Rajkot.

Meenakshi says I gave you another cheque to keep your mouth shut. Shweta says Gurudev gave me a new name Shwet to align my chakras. Meenakshi says you have to keep Kuhu away from Kunal, if I find you doing anything else then… Shweta says I don’t want to do anything, sorry.
Shweta gets a call from reception. Abir lies and says I m from registrar officer, you got a refund, its a cheque of 5 lakhs. Shweta asks him to come upstairs. Meenakshi says you called that man here, none should see that I m here with you. Abir comes there. Shweta says its a small thing. Meenakshi says I can’t wait here for you to make a mistake. She opens the door and sees Abir coming. Abir asks waiter… Meenakshi shuts the door and says Abir is coming, where is the bathroom. She takes cheque back and threatens Shweta. She goes to hide in washroom. Abir comes to Shweta.

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