Complicated Love Update Wednesday 10 March 2021

Complicated Love 10 March 2021: Radhika asks Pari and Rohan who took which decision. They looks taken aback. Radhika notices the worry over their faces. Pari stammers while trying to speak. She tells Radhika that Mishti and Veer’s marry. Radhika was at once worried. Pari explains to Dadi that Mishti doesn’t feel like carrying on her relationship with Veer. Radhika was at once tensed, she says its marriage not any game that she can easily break. She calls Mishti there, and inquires about her breakup. Mishti was silent. Radhika inquires if they had some fight. Mishti replies no they didn’t.

Radhika asks what was wrong then, Veer is a nice guy, he loves, cares, understands for her, is good looking, holds a nice family and holds an established business; then how she broke their wedding. It was their mutual decision to marry each other, then what happened suddenly. She asks Mishti if Veer had some other girlfriend. She won’t spare him if he betrays her. Mishti replies its none of Veer’s fault. Radhika asks then what. Mishti was about to speak, Rohan interferes. Radhika requests Rohan not to intervene. Mishti cries and hugs Radhika, she says she was suffocating in that relationship. She tried her best to live that relation, but she was unhappy herself; how she could have kept Veer happy.

She felt she didn’t love Veer, how she could marry him. Radhika asks if she didn’t love Veer. Then why she said a yes to marriage, and let the cards print as well. She had never thought her kids would say so, they are together for a year now and there is a month in their wedding. Every relationship is based on commitment, if there isn’t any commitment there can’t be love. She cries there was definitely something missing in her brought up that she had to see the situation. Mishti asks Radhika to understand. Radhika questions what she should understand. Radhika tells Mishti to understand, the cards of wedding have been distributed. She tells Mishti that Naina, her ex-mother in law to be invited them for dinner on Sunday and she accepted the invitation. Now Naina must be thinking she deliberately hid the truth from her. She turns to leave, but Mishti stop her apologizing. Radhika says she isn’t only hurt, she is emotionally broken.

At least Mishti could have discussed with her before such a big decision of her life; or else she could have informed her out of respect. Pari now speaks she knew about this decision. Radhika says alright, they are grownups and can take all decisions by themselves; then who is she to stand here. Pari follows Radhika. Rohan holds Mishti back.Pari doesn’t let Radhika lock the door of her room and comes inside. Radhika was angry and tells her to leave. Pari says Radhika is elder, if she doesn’t understand who else would. She says sometimes there isn’t any love between two people. Radhika says Dadi is a fool, she only believes two people when tied in a relationship must have the commitment; the love also happens.

Pari thinks if that’s true, why Buddy and Mauli didn’t fell in love after years of marriage.In the room, Mishti asks Rohan to let her go. It’s important for Dadi to know why she took this step. She must know about them. She doesn’t want Radhika to know about them from somewhere else, and she is unable to forgive her ever. Rohan instead pulls her inside and pins her to the wall mirror. Rohan asks if she really believes Radhika would understand anything at this time. She would instead misunderstand. Radhika is angry. Let some time pass. They will go together and tell Dadi, but for now it’s not a wise thing. He wipes her tears. Mishti hugs Rohan. Rohan promises she won’t get tears into her eyes again. He wants to be her strength, and love. He doesn’t want to be her cowardice, or a reason to her pain.

Mishti silence Rohan, and says he can never be a reason to her suffering. His love is a reason for her to live. She says I… There was a door bell.Mishti turns to leave. Rohan doesn’t spare her and says anyone can open the door, she must say what she had been… Mishti says there is no time. Rohan doesn’t leave her hand for a while. Mishti smiles. Rohan pulls her back, holding her by her back. He demands, right now. Mishti caress his face, kiss his cheek and runs out of the room. Rohan smiles watching the lipstick mark over his face.

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