Sacred Relationship Update Sunday 25 July 2021

Sacred Relationship 25 July 2021: Mishti searches Abir and thinks where did he go. Parul maasi says she is here to listen to her. Mishti says she wanted to ask Abir something. She feeds her breakfast and says she sent sandwich to Kuhu and shouldn’t worry, she should take care of herself to take care of baby. Mishti says she cannot stay away from her baby for a minute, how did she live away from Kunal even after staying near him.

She says she wanted to protect Kunal from her father and it was easy. She says only she will take care of her baby and asks her to prepare her special oil for Kuhu. Mishti prepares oil and hides. Nurse takes it for Kuhu. Mishti then prepares food for Kuhu and sends it via nurses.Abir calls Mishti and asks her to come to her Badimaa’s house right now. Mishti rushes to Badimaa’s house. Badimaa says good she came soon and takes her to her room which Abir has decorated for baby.

Mishti gets very happy, and Badimaa says post delivery, mother and baby stay at maika, so Abir decorated this room for her. Abir says he cannot stay without his baby, so even if he can shift here with them. Badimaa and Bade papa say he is welcome. Their discussion continues and Badimaa informs that they are going to their village regarding the hospital being constructed by Shaurya. Mishti requests if she cannot go after delivery. Badimaa says she would have if work wasn’t important there.

They continue their chat discussing about baby and asking Badi maa and papa to take care of themselves and return soon. Badimaa says they are fit to become parents now.Kuhu continues to throw tantrums on nurses and makes them run doing her chores. She thinks everything was right till afternoon, but something happened suddenly. Parul says she is right as Mishti was taking care of her every need since morning and cares for her and her baby, so she should accept and acknowledge her sister’s care.

Kuhu says she doesn’t want to listen about it. After sometime, she walks to kitchen yelling that food is bland and she herself should prepare food now as Parul is busy in pooja. Meenakshi walks to kitchen and asks to be careful, she should have asked someone for help. Kuhu says whom to tell, nobody is bothered about her. Meenakshi warns to stop her drama as she can fool Kunal, Mishti and Parul and not her, she can she how she is mistreating Mishti and is very irresponsible and if Abir and Mishti’s baby wasn’t in her womb.

Kuhu says it wouldn’t have if Meenakshi wouldn’t have pleaded her. Meenakshi warns that she gets what she wants and she sees how selfish Kuhu is and to stop insulting Abir and Mishti. Kuhu says she is carrying her heir and if she is not apologetic, she can harm baby. Meenakshi warns to stop her greediness, else she will cancel the deal. Abir hears them and thinks maa convinced Kuhu for surrogacy with a deal and he should know what the deal it.

Mishti returns and asks Abir what is he thinking about. He says about her horror doll and asks where had she been. She says to get noodles. He says she always solves his problem, she is amazing. She says she just brought noodles. He takes noodles to Kuhu’s room and says he came with a peace deal. He says he came to check on baby. Kuhu says his baby. He says he doesn’t want any issues from hereon.

She says he should tell that to Mishti. He gets up saying okay then. She stops him and asks not to take away noodle and she is okay with this peace deal. Abir thinks he needs to find out about deal between Kuhu and Meenakshi.Meenakshi thinks Abir is her son, but Kuhu is not even her mother’s daughter and its easy for Abir to manipulate her, so she has to stop her. She speaks to her lawyer. Abir feeds noodles to Kuhu and praises her that she is great to agree for surrogacy, she deserves a statue outside house or at least a photoshoot.

Kuhu agrees. Abir continues praising her and says she is so selfless that she is giving her baby to him and Mishti, she is so great that she agreed for surrogacy without any deal or benefit. Kuhu gets nervous and walks out. Abir walks behind her and continues questioning. Kunal walks to them and asks Abir to stop doubting Kuhu as she is innocent and is helping them without any benefit, she loves her sister, etc., and takes her in. Mishti prepares dishes for her and serves them via Parul.

Kuhu gets happy seeing dishes and says her favorite kesar burfi is missing. Kunal brings burfi. She gets very happy and says all her wishes today are fulfilling. Abir with Mishti watches them standing at a distance. Kunal says he loves her and who else will take care of her and baby than him. Meenakshi walks to them and scolds Kunal that client had called and told that he sent wrong deal papers, she set up her business with hard work and will not let Kunal ruin it.

Kunal apologizes and says he will check with client. Meenakshi says she is removing him from this deal. Kunal leaves. Meenakshi then taunts Kuhu that since she misbehaved with her, she removed Kunal from deal and if Kuhu disobeys her more, she will remove her and Kunal from family itself. Kuhu gets tensed and over phone explains everything to Jasmeet. Jasmeet says her game is backfiring her and she needs to be careful.

Meenakshi plays sitar reminiscing Kuhu’s selfish behavior and agreeing to become surrogate mother with a deal of benefit. Abir walks in playing guitar and says everyone thinks he doesn’t speak to his mother, but he doesn’t have anything to speak at all. He requests that he is getting happiness after a lot of trouble and she shouldn’t try to ruin it.Kuhu gets ready for sonography. Kunal serves her juice and tries to calm her down. Mishti brings her pillow for comfort.

Kuhu yells she doesn’t have to show her fake concern. Mishti says she cares for her and after what is happening in 2-3 days, she doesn’t want to see her more tensed. She says Kuhu is more than a mother to baby as she is both maasi and chachi and has more right on baby. Kunal says he is leaving and asks Mishti not to make Kuhu more nervous and uncomfortable. Mishti requests Kuhu if she can accompany her for sonography. Kuhu yells now she spoke her intention and walks away yelling to stay away from her.

Mishti stands sadly. Parul clicks her pics and tries to cheer her up.Abir sees Meenakshi speaking to lawyer Mr. Kedia and leaving home to meet him. He follows her to Mr. Kedia’s office. Meenakshi orders Kedia to prepare some documents and not to make spelling mistake in names. Once she leaves, Abir walks to Kedia and insists to show him papers maa talked about. Kedia gets tensed and says those are Meenakshi’s personal papers.

Abir says he is Meenakshi’s son and snatches papers from her, is shocked to read that maa paid 50 lakhs to Kuhu for surrogacy.Back at home, Mishti buys big teddy bear toy for baby and shows it to maami. Meenakshi walks to her and asks if she is shifting to her mother’s house post delivery of baby. Mishti says yes and she will visit her often. Abir enters saying they are baby’s parents and its their choice to stay wherever they like. Meenakshi says they cannot do that.

Abir asks if she will give him money or make a deal, he will stay back. Mishti asks what is he saying. Abir reveals that Meenakshi forced Kuhu for surrogacy and to give baby to Mishti. Meenakshi says Kuhu is greedy and she insisted for money. Abir says Kuhu is arrogant, but she is innocent, she is not selfish; for Meenakshi, everything is just money. Mishti heaaring all this falls unconscious. Abir and Meenakshi rush to her.

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