Sacred Relationship Update Monday 12 April 2021

Sacred Relationship 12 April 2021: starts with Meenakshi saying he answered call and pretended as if he didn’t hear anything. Kaushal says sorry, lawyer said Mehul, that man…. Meenakshi says its 25 years that I didn’t hear his name, I have to get habitual to his name and voice. Kaushal says lawyer said all cases against Mehul are over, we can’t stop him. Meenakshi says he can come to Rajkot. Abir and Mishti are on the way. Agar tum saath ho….plays…. Mishti makes a paper plane. Abir holds her hand. They reach airport. Dono milke…plays…. Someone walks between them. Abir and Mishti’s hands get separated. Abir says its okay, maybe he was also going to stop someone, I will miss this place. She says me too. Kunal says Abir didn’t care to call me and ask how am I. Parul looks on.

Sacred Relationship 11 April 2021

She comes to ask the matter. He asks who are you to share my pain, Maasi please, I m emotionally disturbed, don’t disturb me more. He goes. She turns and sees Meenakshi. Meenakshi prays. She says you want to know why is Kunal upset, Abir and Kunal fought, the reason is Mishti. Parul asks what did Mishti do. Meenakshi says no, you have done this, you know what Kunal feels, that this marriage is a big mistake of his life, he regrets for this, its my upbringing that he is upset that Abir didn’t call him. Parul cries and says don’t vent anger on Kunal. Meenakshi says Kunal is angry on me, he doesn’t know you forced him for marriage, you call yourself his mum, can’t you see his pain. Parul asks what pain. Meenakshi says his pain to make relation with Kuhu, he gets upset on seeing Mishti, I can understand this, we are tolerating this, you are responsible for this. She goes. Varsha and Jasmeet come home. Parul greets them. Vishwamber gifts a necklace to Rajshri. Mishti comes home and says wow, amazing, really sorry, I spoiled your date. Rajshri says no. Vishwamber says this date got better with your coming. Mishti says Rajshri is so cute.

He says yes, she is very cute, this day was beautiful for our life, our relation got blessings from elder, that’s why we both are still so happy. Mishti thinks Abir and I also want your blessing. Kuhu asks what’s wrong that you came to meet me. Varsha says we met Meenakshi, she had to go to office. Nidhi asks Jasmeet why did she come before. Jasmeet and Nidhi talk. Varsha asks why did Kunal say that Mishti separated brothers. Kuhu says you can guess it, Kunal loves Abir a lot, Kunal gets angry seeing Mishti. Varsha says tell me the truth. Kuhu says fine, Abir loves Mishti.

Varsha gets shocked. Mishti imagines Abir getting blessed by Vishwamber and Rajshri. Kuhu tells everything to Varsha and cries. Varsha and Jasmeet cry for her. Rishte hai pyaar ke…plays… Abir gets balloons. He thinks don’t know where is Kunal, I will meet him and talk. He gets Mishti’s call. She asks did you reach home. He says yes, I didn’t meet anyone yet. She asks him to go and talk to Kunal. He asks do you want to say something. She says I want to tell Rajshri and Vishwamber about us. He asks really. She says Vishwamber told me that his relation with Rajshri is strong as he got elders’ blessings. He asks do you want Meenakshi’s blessing. Mishti says don’t know, maybe many people don’t like our relation, I want Rajshri and Vishwamber’s blessing. He says okay, we will talk to them tomorrow. She says I can sleep in peace now. He leaves the balloons. The balloons burst by the fire sparks. Abir gets worried.

Jasmeet asks Varsha to forget everything, but will she get happy with Mishti marrying in Kuhu’s Sasural. She says we will not let Mishti and Abir marry. Varsha says if they love each other, I have no right to ruin their life. Kuhu messages Varsha… you promised me you will handle Mishti, if Mishti comes here, my marriage will get over, save my marriage, keep Mishti away. Varsha sees Mishti. Abir makes noodles. Jugnu asks did Kunal and you had a fight. Parul says it means you both had a big fight. Abir says yes. Nanu comes and says it means… Abir says it means Kunal and I had a fight. Nanu says I was saying you will convince Kunal, your love for Kunal will never get less, Abir and Kunal will never get separated. He goes. Abir asks what happened to Nanu. Meenakshi looks on. Kunal asks what, this is madness, you want me to sleep on the bed. Kuhu looks on.

Lawyer says we have to prove that your marriage is breaking because of your wife. She thinks whom was he talking. He argues. She takes his phone.She says you have an amazing family, you don’t value it, you fight everyone, I won’t tell anything, fighting Abir because of Mishti is your life’s big mistake, Abir loves you so much. Kunal says you don’t tell me anything, you faked siblings relation. She says that’s why I value it, Mishti has no value, I don’t fight for her. Meenakshi comes in and says Kuhu is saying right, its pointless to fight Abir because of Mishti. Kuhu says sorry, you both talk, I will come. She thinks to check, whom was Kunal talking.

Meenakshi saying life can’t go on if you fight everyone, think about it. Abir makes noodles. Parul says it smells good, Jugnu get the new plates. Abir thinks I will convince Kunal today and Vishwamber tomorrow. Mishti asks who did love marriage first in our house. Rajshri thinks. Mishti asks Shaurya and Varsha. Rajshri says maybe yes. Mishti asks how did they talk to you, did Varsha come. Rajshri says yes, why do you ask this. She teases Mishti. Mishti says miracles happen, ask what, you and Vishwamber are my heroes, I love you. Rajshri says love you too, I know you want to hear the prince’s story, I will tell you about Abir, Shankari Tai came, she promised that she will find the best girl for Abir. Mishti thinks don’t know how will Rajshri react.

She says you choose the girl and tell Abir. Mishti says I will help, there is no problem. Kunal asks Jugnu for his phone. Abir signs no. Jugnu says its stolen. Parul takes landline. Jugnu says Nidhi is talking on landline. Kunal asks Parul to call on his phone. She says I don’t have phone. He asks what nonsense, you have it. Abir whistles and shows his phone. Kunal says ask him for the phone. Jugnu goes. Parul says Abir, Kunal wants your phone. Abir says he can’t get it easily, ask him if he will eat food with me. Kunal says I want phone for ten seconds. Abir says I want you for lifetime. Parul says Abir made noodles for you. Kunal smiles. Parul shows the noodles. Kunal looks at the noodles. Abir signs him.

Mishti thinks to ask Abir once. She says he would be talking to Kunal, i have to talk to Rajshri. Kunal asks for phone. Abir asks him to sit and have food. Nanu and Jugnu come. Kunal says you didn’t get time to talk to me. Abir says a man was drowning after Visarjan, I saved him and called doctor, then I came home, you aren’t a random man that I call and say sorry, I wanted to talk at home. Kunal asks Parul to go. Abir asks her to stay. He asks Kunal not to hide anything. Kunal says fine, tell me why didn’t you choose me over Mishti. He says Nanu you taught us that family is first priority, this changed for Abir, Mishti is imp for him. Parul says we can’t choose one we love. Kunal says I spoke to Nanu, not you. She says fine, Abir loves you a lot. Kunal asks why Mishti, I won’t have said anything if it was some other girl, but why Mishti.

Abir thanks Parul and says I couldn’t tell you about Mishti and me. Parul says no need to tell me. He says Kunal is taking everything on his ego, its because of mum, Kunal would be not like this if dad was here. Kuhu says its last chance to enter the password, what is Kunal thinking, I have to find out, I will leave this phone here. She hears Abir talking to Mishti. Abir says no, he didn’t agree, I will keep trying. Mishti says yes, try to convince her. He says noodles got waste. Mishti asks why, I will eat it. He asks when, in breakfast, hello uncle, I love Mishti and want her hand, have this chinese. Kuhu thinks Abir is going to meet Vishwamber. Mishti says Vishwamber will choose you knowing you cook well, we will meet tonight, I will come there for 5mins, I want to see you. Abir asks will you come so far to meet. She says yes. He says wait, I will wait. She says really, please come. Kuhu looks on. She says Abir will convince Vishwamber, if Vishwamber knows this before, he will think Mishti broke his trust, and reject Abir. Rajshri sees Abir’s pic and thinks of Shankari’s word.

Varsha says we shall go for a walk. Rajshri asks now? Varsha and Jasmeet insist. Mishti says I was going to tell truth to Rajshri, now I m going to meet Abir, Abir is sad, I want to cheer him up, we are going to tell truth to everyone tomorrow. Shaurya asks which movie you all want to see.

Rajshri asks Jasmeet to say. Mishti comes to Abir. He sets a dinner date. He thanks her for meeting him. He says you knew I would feel better meeting you. She says I will feel better having noodles. Kuhu waits for Jasmeet’s message. Everyone talks. Jasmeet messages Kuhu. Kuhu hides from Kunal. Kunal sees noodles bowl empty. Rajshri says we will go for morning walk. Kuhu says its empty, if respected Abir’s effort, you would be discussing your problem, Mishti, Abir loves her, he would have understood. Kunal asks her to shut up.

Kuhu says you want to fight everyone, Abir made so much efforts. Kunal says he is my brother, he will come back to me. Kuhu says he won’t come, he is a human being, one day he will stop trying, you know you rejected the noodles, so he took the bowl to Mishti, your angry bird avatar is taking Abir to Mishti. He thinks Abir went to Mishti again. He asks how does your family allow this. Kuhu says they don’t know this, if you reject Abir again, he will go to my family and ask for Mishti’s hand.
Abir and Mishti eat the noodles. She says don’t worry, Kunal will listen to you, one strange man said once, even if the path is tough, there is a lovely house on the other side. She says his lines. He says I feel you record everything. She says of course, in my mind. He says I will ask for your hand tomorrow, are you ready. She says no, I m scared, but I know we will pass this test, right, I m worried for Kuhu. He says I m worried for Kunal. She says I don’t want to hide this from Rajshri and Vishwamber. Abir says I will declare my love for you, I m also scared of Vishwamber, we are together, whatever happens tomorrow, we should be together, I love you Mishti, don’t forget this. She says I won’t forget, even when you forget. She hugs him. He kisses his forehead. Vishwamber shouts Mishti. They get shocked seeing the family.

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