Sacred Relationship Update Sunday 11 April 2021

Sacred Relationship 11 April 2021: starts with Kunal arranging a car. Kuhu asks what are you doing. He says ask Mishti, everyone is fighting me because of her. She says maybe you are fighting her. He says if you loved me, you would have supported me. She says I love you, its difficult to understand you. He says all subjects look difficult when student is dump. She asks him to say sorry. He asks will you also try to make Abir away. Abir asks him not to hate anyone. Kunal says you would have got hurt. Abir says I did everything, Mishti didn’t know about it. Kunal says she is taking you away from us, you care for her, not us. Abir asks what, heart is big and have place for her. Kunal says I won’t say sorry. Abir asks not even for my sake?

Kunal says fine, I will say sorry, I can’t share you with Mishti, you have to choose, who is more imp for you, Kunal or Mishti. Abir asks what, you are asking me to choose between you or Mishti, I left everything what you didn’t like. Kunal says leave now also. Abir says Mishti isn’t any thing, she is my love, I love her. Mishti looks on. Abir says the ones I love, I can’t choose anyone of them. Kunal says I would have chosen you above love, if you asked me to make a choice. Abir says it means you don’t know love, we get brother’s relation, we make relation of love, you didn’t fulfill a brother’s relation, else you would have not asked this. Kunal says you are saying this to me, you are my life, one relation for whom I can die. Abir says I also love you and can do anything for you, so I don’t put you in this situation. Kunal says whatever you told me, I would have never told this, you told me that you chose Mishti between Mishti and me. He says I will die but not say sorry to you, never ever. Abir shouts. Kunal says congrats Mishti, you separated brothers. He goes. Jasmeet comes and looks on. Lamhon ko….plays…. Kunal cries and goes. Abir goes other side. Mishti cries.
Meenakshi stumbles and gets hurt. Kaushal asks are you fine, come. He says you got a foot sprain. She says I feel scared. Nanu asks are you fine. Nidhi asks her not to worry. Nidhi asks Atul to call a doctor. Nanu says Meenakshi never gets upset, she got hurt by a small thing. He says Atul, I will ask you what to find. Abir says we should do Bappa Visarjan. He goes to Mishti and says Bappa will come next year, Kunal will also come back. Mishti says he loves you a lot, you get him back. Jasmeet and Kuhu come to Kunal. He packs bags. Kuhu asks Jasmeet to wait in her room and not tell anyone. Jasmeet says I want to ask Kunal. Kuhu says I will tell you later.

Kunal says no one wants me here, my brother didn’t choose me. Kuhu says no one can choose anyone. He says I left you and chose Kuhu, he doesn’t care and showed me my place, that brothers’ relation doesn’t matter, you would be thinking I deserve this. She says I don’t know, we don’t get happy seeing people hurt whom we love, whom we care for, sorry you are feeling bad. Kunal says I can’t express what I m feeling, I lost my brother forever, I did everything for my family, my mum cheated me, my brother left me, where shall I go. Kuhu says you aren’t alone, break this wall. Kunal hugs her and cries. Bekhudi….plays…. Mishti asks lady to go, Abir will come, they will do Visarjan the way Abir likes. Pandit and others take Bappa idol. Abir apologizes to Mishti for her insult. Mishti says I loved you, why are you saying sorry, I wish they could understand our love, they will understand it soon. He says don’t hate Kunal, he is saying mum’s words, she always controlled him since childhood, I always balanced him, but today I couldn’t, if dad was here, this would have not happened, dad isn’t here. She says we can’t change his thinking, but…. can we find your dad, I want to help you if you find it right.

He hugs her and smiles. He says when I missed dad, I used to close eyes and see his face, but now… I don’t remember his face well, I thought why he doesn’t find me, I m not alone now, you are with me. She says always. He says we will find him.
Meenakshi worries seeing Abir and Kunal’s pic fallen. Nidhi and Kaushal make her sit. Nidhi asks what’s the matter. Kaushal asks Nidhi to bring special sheera for her. Meenakshi asks how did this break. Nanu comes and says it fell by mistake. Meenakshi says its my mistake, my Abir and Kunal got away, I did everything. Kaushal makes her drink water. He says glass is weak, it fell and broke, you aren’t made of glass, you can’t break. She says I broke my house myself. Nanu says no, you are their mum. Kaushal asks why is she talking like this.

Nanu asks why did you go Mumbai, I had called office, some people remember that I made the company, they respected me. Meenakshi says he has come back, he is in Mumbai, my sons are also in Mumbai, it can’t be a coincidence. They get shocked. Meenakshi says he has come for children, which I didn’t give him. Nanu says children. She says yes, my Abir and Kunal, he will snatch them. Kaushal says calm down, I m there, elder sister becomes mother, when brother grows up, he is like a son, I was young when this happened, now I have grown up, that man can’t hurt you, if he tries to come close to us, I will not leave him. She says he will come. He says nothing will happen. Nidhi asks Kunal and Kuhu how did they come back. Meenakshi says they came early, it means…

Meenakshi goes to them. Kuhu asks are you fine. Nidhi says she got a foot sprain. Meenakshi asks how did you come back soon. Kuhu says Abir and Kunal had a fight. They get shocked. Meenakshi asks why. Kunal says Kuhu you started gossiping, don’t talk about it now, come. Nanu asks Kunal to listen. Kunal goes. Nidhi says Kunal and Abir had a fight. Meenakshi thinks what will happen now.Abir doing the shayari and smiling seeing Mishti. Abir and Mishti go and see the Ganpati. Abir does the aarti. Deva shree ganesha….plays….. Mishti gets Nanu’s call. He asks Mishti about Kunal and Abir’s fight. Mishti says I will talk to you later, we are doing Visarjan. A man comes to pray to Ganpati. He goes and jumps in the river. Mishti turns and gets shocked. She runs and says someone is drowning, someone save him, help. No one hears her. She removes her specs and jumps in the river.

Abir takes the Ganpati for the Visarjan and sways the idol in the river. He closes eyes and prays. The people see Mishti and the man and shout someone save them. Abir opens eyes and gets shocked seeing her. Mishti gets the man out of the river. Abir and some men go to help. The men lift the man and get him out. Abir covers Mishti with a dupatta. Abir turns the man and sees his face. He asks does anyone know him. Mishti says check his ID. Abir says no, he just has a phone, that’s locked. He checks the man’s heartbeat. He says his breath is running, I will call the doctor. The man holds his hand.

Mishti says when I went to save him, he came with difficulty, I feel he jumped intentionally, we should take him. The lady says we can’t take him to the hospital, there will be much traffic. Mishti says we will take him to the hotel and call doctor there. Meenakshi asks Laxman to find him, he has left from Mumbai, he is on the way to Rajkot. She stumbles on stairs and drops phone. Kunal holds her and asks what if you got hurt, where is your attention. He picks phone and asks who is this. Meenakshi takes the phone and says no one. He asks whose phone was it.
She asks why did you fight Abir. He says I don’t want to talk about it. She says I won’t tell you about the call. He goes. She thinks I didn’t let his shadow fall on you Kunal, my husband is coming to Rajkot. She prays for her children’s protection. Kunal stops and looks at her. Kuhu comes and asks why don’t you talk to her well, I m seeing you talking rude to her. He says you can take credit for this. She says I felt you won’t hurt anyone you love, you don’t love me and you hurt me, you are hurting your mum and Abir. He says you won’t understand. She says complicated is relation’s status, it should be your name, I don’t want to understand you. The man gets conscious.

Doctor checks him. Mishti says Kunal, Kuhu and Jasmeet left, they would have reached home. Jasmeet reaches home. Shankari Tai says you didn’t invite us for Kuhu’s marriage, you are finding a girl for stranger instead finding a guy for Mishti.
Rajshri says no, that guy isn’t a stranger to us, he is such a nice guy, handsome, mature, he is a gem. Shankari says then get that gem for your family, talk about Mishti’s alliance with him, I m joking, but I feel two sisters shouldn’t go to same Sasural. Jasmeet messages Varsha and asks her to come out to talk about Kuhu. Varsha says I will just come. Rajshri says you remember when you got Vishwamber’s alliance to our house. Shankari asks how could I forget, I fixed Ram and Sita’s jodi, I didn’t make any mistake since that day, can I get Abir’s kundli. Rajshri says I will find out. Shankari says he looks good. Doctor says I have injected him, he will be fine. Abir thanks him.

He asks the man to give number of his family members. The man says I have a family, but they won’t come, I have to go to them. Abir asks why did you fall in the river. The man says it doesn’t manner. Mishti says its bad manners to leave life. The man says no one regrets for my life’s loss, it doesn’t matter. Abir says thank God, Mishti has seen you and saved you. The man says I feel she was there because of you. Mishti asks him to tell about himself. The man says I lost my identity, I lost my family, I was going to meet them and felt its better to stay away, I cheated them, the burden is big on my heart, and I went towards the sea. Abir asks him to lift burden with the help of family. Mishti says yes, mistakes are small, we make it big. The man says you feel I should go back.

Abir says when someone dear goes, many questions are left incomplete. Mishti asks where do you want to go. The man says Rajkot. Mishti says we are going there, can we help. The man says nothing happens just like that, meeting you two isn’t a coincidence, its Bappa’s wish. Abir asks do you believe in him. The man says surely, he made me meet you two, I m giving that belief to you, I feel you both are going through some problem, I just know that your problem will be taken by Bappa. He gives the idol to Mishti and blesses her.

She thanks him. The man gets Meenakshi’s call. Abir passes the phone. The man says I will be back. Mishti says this uncle also talks deep things like you. Abir says I will talk to Kunal. Jasmeet asks is anyone following you. Varsha says no, where is Mishti. Jasmeet says she will come alone, I called you to talk about Kuhu. Varsha asks is she fine. Jasmeet says Kuhu and Kunal came with Abir, Kunal and Abir fought, Kunal said congrats Mishti, you separated the brothers. Varsha asks what, why would he say this. Jasmeet says Kunal didn’t stay in Mumbai, I came back with Kunal and Kuhu, Mishti is with Abir. Abir asks for the man. Mishti says guard has seen him leaving in the cab. Abir asks how can he go like this, Baba… I mean……

Mishti says I m sure you would be able to find your dad. Abir says when you are with me, I feel I can do anything. She says no, when you are with me, I feel we can do anything. He says we shall go. The guard says taxi is ready. Abir and Mishti hold hands and leave.


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