Sacred Relationship Update Friday 16 April 2021


Sacred Relationship 16 April 2021: starts with Abir asking people to calm down, it was imp to reach Mumbai, but its good. The man says its nothing good. Abir says we are ten people at least, we can try and change the two tyres, are you all with me. The people say yes. Abir says then we will reach our destination. Mishti comes there and calls Abir. She thinks to take help from police. She says I will find your dad. Mehul comes to Rajvansh house and thinks I have no way to reach my son. He sees Meenakshi with Laxman. She asks did anyone see you coming here. Laxman says Abir didn’t reach Mumbai, the bus broke down.

She says just get the bus fixed, send a mechanic, Abir can’t stay in Rajkot until Mehul is here. Mehul hides and hears this. Mehul says its my last chance, I won’t let Abir go. Meenakshi asks who is there.
Inspector says we can’t believe he is missing or kidnapped, Abir helped dept a lot, but I can’t break laws. Mishti says I don’t know where is Mehul and Abir. Inspector says we will start finding him after 24 hours. Mishti says it can get late. Inspector says check Abir’s app. Mishti says yes, thanks. Laxman says there is no one. Meenakshi steps on the ring. She gets his ring and says Mehul was here. Laxman says talk slow, if Kunal hears this, it will be a problem, I will find Mehul, go in, I will handle everything. She prays for her children. Mishti leaves. Abir changes the bus tyre. Mehul tries to get lift. He says I have to meet my son. Vishwamber says I know its not your mistake Jasmeet, go and rest. Rajshri gets the pic and comes to him.

She shows the pic. He gets shocked. She says Mishti didn’t know, she just got to know, Abir and Mishti got him home, he is Abir’s dad. He says its good news, where is he. She says he is going Mumbai to find him, Mishti went to stop him. Nanu says its Abir’s birthday. Meenakshi says we will surprise Abir like every year. Nidhi says we won’t do anything. Kuhu says we will plan a surprise party, we will make Abir’s fav things ready. Kunal comes. Ketki says I know what he likes. Nidhi asks shall we keep his dad’s pic then. Meenakshi gets angry. Kuhu asks Kaushal and Nidhi to decorate terrace. She says don’t worry Maa, this birthday will be special. Meenakshi thanks her for all the efforts. She blesses Kuhu. Parul and Kunal smile. Parul prays Abir comes home soon. She goes. Mehul gets lift. He thanks the driver. He thinks nothing will get fine, just Abir can do this, Meenakshi has to lose. Abir is busy changing tyre. Mishti messages him, don’t go to Mumbai, your dad is here in Rajkot, I m coming, just don’t go, you saved him twice. Abir doesn’t get network in phone. A man keeps an eye on him. Vishwamber asks Mishti where are you. She asks did you get my message. He says I can’t hear you well. She says I just hope Abir is still there. The man calls Laxman and says bus left, Abir didn’t get any call, there was no network here. Abir won’t get anything after reaching Mumbai. He turns and sees Abir. Abir asks who sent you. The man apologizes. Abir asks did Meenakshi do this. The man says I was asked to send you to Mumbai, nothing else. Meenakshi sees the decorated house. Kuhu, Kunal and everyone plan everything. They see Abir’s pics on the screen.

Rishte pyaar ke….plays… Kunal waits for Abir. Meenakshi and Kunal smile seeing the pics. Mehul is on the way. He cries. Mishti reaches the bus station and shouts Abir. Abir stops seeing her.Saathiya mere…plays…. They run and hug. She cries happily. She gives him his dad’s pic. He gets shocked. She says your dad, we got him. He smiles. The car stops. She wakes up and sees the bus leaving. She shouts, stop the bus, Abir…. She runs after the bus. She cries. Abir comes home. He sees the darkness. The light gets on. Everyone wishes him happy birthday. Kunal hugs him. Abir looks at Meenakshi. Mishti says what shall I do now, I didn’t get uncle. She tries to take lift. She cries. She comes in front of the truck and screams. The truck stops. She sees Mehul. He gets down the truck. He says you…. She smiles with tearful eyes. Jugnu gives Abir’s belongings. Abir says I have nothing here. Nanu asks what. Abir asks why didn’t you tell me that I won’t get anything there, I can’t understand why you are lying, my mum gave me wrong address to send me here, what mistake did I do that this is happening with me. Abir cries. Everyone hears him and cry. Abir says you all think I m strong and I can’t feel bad of anything. Nanu says Meenakshi did this for a reason. Abir says I have a reason to leave. Nanu says its your birthday in some time. Abir says I will get your lies in some time, I don’t want that, maybe mum is right and dad is wrong, but you lied to me, was it right. Lamhon ko yaad tha na…..plays…. Abir leaves.


Parul asking Abir will he leave her. He says you mean a lot, I didn’t ask you to cheat your friend, you didn’t tell me the truth, that I won’t get anything where I m going, mum hired a person to spy on me. Meenakshi says yes, I have done this to make sure you are fine. Abir says you should have asked me once, I m your dad, I hide sorrow behind smile, its imp for me to meet dad. Kunal stops Abir. Abir says no Kunal, I would have asked you to choose between mum and me, but I won’t say this. Parul and everyone try to stop Abir. Parul asks Meenakshi to stop him. Meenakshi says he won’t stop now. Abir gets sad. Aankhon ko….plays…. Kuhu asks can’t anyone stop you. Abir says don’t tell Mishti, promise me, you won’t leave them. Kuhu cries. Abir says they will need you, maintain peace. She nods. Meenakshi says Abir won’t stop now. Mishti comes. Abir says listen to me. She says no, you listen, I couldn’t give you any surprise, I want to try, I hope this gift is your life’s best birthday gift, I was upset that I had my dad and lived without him, today that pain also ended, your dad…. Abir…. Everyone looks on as Mehul walks in. Abir and Kunal get shocked.

Meenakshi and Parul worry. The clock strikes 12. Mishti says I have brought your dad, happy birthday Abir. She shows Meenakshi, Mehul and Abir’s pic. Abir smiles seeing the pic. Abhi mujhme kahin….plays…. Mishri says yes Abir…..Abir happily cries and nods. He thinks of Mehul and his earlier meet. He does poetry. Mehul opens arms for him. Abir touches his feet. Mehul hugs him. Abir says sorry, we couldn’t identify you in Mumbai. Mehul says but fate identified us. Mishti says we got uncle in Mumbai, we saved him from drowning, we didn’t know about him, we just knew that he misses his family, but his family was upset with him. Kaushal gets angry. Nanu stops him. Mishti says after seeing this pic, I got to know he is Abir’s dad. Nanu says Abir was very young when his dad left him, Abir doesn’t remember him, but I remember everything. Mehul touches his feet and says maybe you can forgive me now, I m so unlucky, I didn’t know I have two sons. Parul worries.
Mehul asks Kunal won’t he hug his dad. He opens arms for Kunal. Nanu asks how did you meet. Mishti says I was waiting for Abir, I have seen some goons following uncle. Kuhu asks who. Mehul says don’t know, I got Mishti and now Abir. Meenakshi says its Abir’s birthday today, Abir will get anything he wants. She asks Jugnu to prepare guest room. Abir smiles.

Meenakshi asks Abir not to go anywhere. Mehul thanks Mishti.Meenakshi, Kunal and everyone leave. Mishti asks Mehul not to thank her. Mishti says I will go, happy birthday Abir, may all your wishes….. Abir says I got you, I have no other wish now, thanks. She goes. Mehul says I will give your answers. Kuhu comes to room and sees Kunal angry. She says he is murdering the pillows. Jugnu says everything will be fine now. Kuhu wishes him and says it would be imp day for you. Abir says Kunal isn’t happy like me. She says Kunal is hitting the bed and pillows, what shall I tell him. He says you tell him that he is going to say, you understand his problems. Kuhu says wow, best advice, when you need help, come to me. He says sorry that I did drama when you organized the good party for me. She says you are spending much time with Mishti, when you get bored, then I m here. Parul apologizes to Meenakshi. They hug. Parul says no one knows Kunal is my son, I won’t let anyone know it, why did you stop him. Meenakshi says I got much angry seeing him, I felt I should throw him out, I saw Abir, my anger went away, Mehul came suddenly, I didn’t get any time to think. Parul says I know what you should do, come with me.

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