Ring Of Fire Update Thursday 15 April 2021


Ring Of Fire 15 April 2021: Shristi packs her bags and asks Baiju also to hurry up before Vishu comes. He silently looks at her. She says she thought he is his biggest enemy, but now he is her best friend. Vishu comes with his foster father Dhanraj. Dhanraj asks Vishu to hug his ill-fated father once. Vishu hugs him. Anurag brings Ragini, Vikral, and Ammaji home. Vidhvan greets Vikral and says good he came here to stay and asks Brij to make arrangements for Vikral’s stay here. Daadi sees Ragini’s old style dress and asks Revathi why bahu is wearing this kind of dress. Revathi says she will speak to Ragini. Vidhvan asks Anurag why is bahu wearing this dress. Anurag says it was very necessary to bring Ragini here from that house, he will speak to her.

Parag meets Divya and starts flirting with her as usual. Revathi goes to Ragini and explains that she should get back to her sari style. After sometime, Revathi gets angry on Shristi for not returning on time, calls her and asks why did she cancel her ticket. Shristi says she is coming home by evening flight and has a surprise for her, she should prepare makhana kheer.Shristi tells Vishu that he likes makhana kheer a lot. She then shows him whole family’s pictures. He asks if she has their wedding pic. She says no and shows their selfies. Baiju walks in and says he ordered tea for 3 of them. Shristi says Vishu drinks milk. Vishu says he drinks milk with protein powder. Baiju changes order over phone. Vishu asks Shristi who is the man with her. She tries to change topic. Baiju hears that and says he is madamji’s best friend. Vishu believes him.

Daadi asks Revathi to perform aarti. Revathi says she feels someone is coming near and opens door, but doe snot find anyone and says it was her imagination. She comes with Baiju and says maa. Revathi gets happy seeing them and informs family. Shristi says she brought her a surprise and calls Vishu. Revathi is surprised to see her dead son alive. Whole family gathers and look in a shock. They all speak to him one by one. Divya hugs him and asks where had he been bhaiya. Vidhvan asks where had he been. Baiju asks who is he. Anurag says he knew his brother is alive, why did he take so much time to return. Revathi asks to hug him, she is eager to hug him. Vishu asks who is this woman. Dulari says his mother. Family’s emotional bonding continues. Dulari and Divya try to remind him his past. Revathi says she prepared

Baiju signals Shristi to come aside. Ragini notices that, walks to him and says she can understand his dilemma. He says he will meet his friend and come. Ragini says his friend is here and asks him to keep his calm.After sometime, Vikral sadly tells Anurag that Vishu is not identifying him and considers someone else as his father. Anurag says whatever Vishu went through it is obvious for him to forget whole family, they should give him some time. He then meets Vishu addressing him as DJ Shanky. Vishu says thank god someone knows his name, he has forgotten his past and this house is new to him. Anurag says even he has gone through similar situation and they entered this house after he left, even he used to get confused and go to bathroom instead of room. They both laugh and share lighter moment.

Ragini meets Shristi next and consoles her that she can understand her situation and dilemma. Shristi says she saw ammaji and Parag bhaiya, but not Vikral chachaji, where is he. Ragini informs he met with an accident and is paralyzed. Shristi feels sad for Vikral and asks Ragini why is she wearing her old styled dress. Ragini says it sis a big story and she will explain her later.Shristi meets Vishu next. Vishu says he will take time to get adjusted. Ragini enters and apologizes for interfering between them. Vishu asks who is she. She says his bhabhi. He asks Anurag’s wife. She says yes, they are best friends first and devar bhabhhi next. Shristi says even she and Ragini are best friends first. Their chatting continues.

Shristi tells Vishu that Ragini has a good news is making him chacha and her chachi. Vishu congratulates Ragini. Ragini says he has to become horse for her child and play with him. He nods yes. She leaves. Shristi says Raginni jokes a lot. Ragini walks to her room talking to her child and tells Anurag that Jr. Thakur wants to talk to pappa, but wants a bribe before that. Anurag asks wha. Ragini says he has to hug mamma and love her a lot. Anurag hugs her and says if he had not loved mamma, how would he have come in this world. Ragini says jr. thakur is sleeping and says mamma is world’s best mamma and pappa is world’s best pappa. Their chatting continues. She says she wants to sleep in Vikral’s room before amma takes him away. Anurag ignores her request and asks to have food.Vishu tells family that he is tried and wants to sleep, where is his room. Revathi says he will sleep in his room and asks Shristi to take him to room. Shristi stands tensed. Baiju angrily leaves. Anurag says he will show Shanky’s room. Srhisti thinks she is in big dilemma of her life and reminisces time spent with Vishu. She then looks at her mangalsutra and reminisces her marriage with Vishu. Ragini walks to her and asks if she is fine. Shrisit says she is in a big dilemma. Ragini says she is really in, but she has a solution for her.

Even she was in a dilemma and listened to her heart, even Shristi should listen to her heart. Shristi reminisces Baiju fighting with Chanda for her, Vishu fighting with goons, Ragini’s advice. She gets up and walks. Baiju sees her and thinks she is coming to him. Shristi walks toVishu’s room, gives him water, changes AC temp and asks to call her if he needs anything, she is in next room, asks him to sleep soon and leaves. She walks to Baiju and tells whatever is happening, she is confused and wants to find out answers for her questions, so she wants to live alone for sometime, hope he understands. He says he does. She walks away with pillow and bedsheet.

Revathi speaks to Vidhvan and says she is confused seeing all the recent events. Vidhvan says time will answer all their questions. Dulari on the other side tells Daadi that she is confused if Shristi will go with Vishu or Baiju, only Shiv dhanush can answer. Daadi asks to use her brain and not worry about Shristi.Ragini walks to her room and sees Shristi there and asks her to rest now. Their conversation starts. Ragini then reads Anurag’s message to take tablet from table and have it. She does. Shristi sleeps on her side of bed. Ragini then sees another chit and reads to sleep soon as she needs rest. She switches off light and sleeps. She then wakes up hearing mobile ring and sees party worker’s call, picks it and says she is coming. She walks out and meets them. Anurag comes out. She asks what is he doing at this time. He drapes shawl on her and asks what is she doing at 2 a.m., it will adversely affect her pregnancy. She says he is right, she will come in 1 minute. She returns to workers and suggests to inform labors that their party will fight for them and get them bonus and pay hike. She returns to Anurag and says let us go.

Anurag scolds her that she is worried more about party and not their child and him.Shristi walks to Vishu’s room in the morning. Vishu wakes up and asks where did she go last night, maybe she came later. Ragini walks in and says Vishu’s sleeping habit changed being in Mumbai and informs Revathi is calling Vishu for morning aarti. Revathi performs pooja and offers aarti to all family members. Vishu and Baiju extend hands at once. Baiju backs off hands seeing that. Shristi tells Vishu that they perform pooja every morning. Revathi says let us make breakfast arrangements. Shirsti’s mangalsutra falls down. Baiju bends to pick it, but Vishu picks it and says let him fix it in Shristi’s neck as he is her husband. Baiju keeps his hand on lamp angrily. Ragini notices it. Shristi says its hook is loose and takes it.


Baiju returns to his room and applies ointment on his burn reminiscing Vishu and Shristi’s growing proximity. His inner voice comes out and taunts him that he has fallen in madamji’s love and is jealous. Baiju says he is not, but cannot stay away from madamji, he will tell everything to madamji. Inner voice wishes all the best and disappears. V ishu walks towarsd Shirsti’s room and seeing her in balcony calls her. Diya says her room door is jammed. He opens it and does not see Shristi, thinks she went to store room, walks into store room and says he wants to tell her something, his blood boils when she is around Vishu, he loves her aand cannot stgay away from her. Ragini comes out. He nervously asks what is she doing here. Ragini says she heard his concern for Shristi and is happy for him.

On the other side, Vishu asks Shristi how did she identify him. She tells how she saw him in night club and realized it is him. Ragini in store room tells Baiju that she knows everyone has ignored him, but love flows like a river and finds its way. Vishu says Shristi that god did not want to keep her sad for long, so he sent him back, he likes her smile a lot. She smiles and keeps his clothes in cupboard. Baiju tells Ragini she should ask Shirsti what would be her answer. Ragini says Shristi is stuck between right and wrong, she cares about Baiju, but Vishu has returned and has shocked her, so Baiju himself should go and express his feeling to Shirsti.

Ragini over phone informs Parag to inform amma that she gave medicine Babuji and suggests him to guard labor union and try to garner their votes. Water flows on floor. She slips. Anurag holds her on time and scolds her to be careful, he warns her for same reason and she should not be so engrapsed in all problems. She says she wants to talk about Baiju and Shristi. He asks to speak. Shristi says Vishu is Shristi’s past and Baiju her present, Shristi is stuck between them and tensed. Anurag says even he is tensed and all his plans fail. She says she di did not understand. He says he wants her to rest till her delivery, but she is busy in party work. She says even she takes care of herself.

Postman calls Shristi Baiju Pandey to deliver letter. Shristi hurriedly takes letter and reads it. Vishu walks in suddenly. She drops it in shock. Vishu picks it and says it must be a govt paper. She says she wants to tell him something, this paper. Baiju snatches it and says it is very important paper and he was waiting for it. Vishu asks her to get him coffee and walks to his room. Baiju suggests her not to speak to Vishu until she knows what to speak, Vishu is confused after losing memory and she should be careful what to tell him.Shristi returns from shopping. Family asks what is all this. She asks where is Vishu. Divya says he is in room. Shristi asks what is date today. Anurag says 12th July. Shristi asks what is tomorrow. Dulari says lawyer does not have common sense. Revathi says tomorrow is Vishu’s birthday. Dulari says she will dance on Ravi Kishen’s song. Divya says birthday is tomorrow. Revathi says she will celebrate Vishu’s birthday in a grand way as itis Vishu’s new life.

Shristi informs her plan of celebrating Vishu’s birthday and tells Anurag like his memory returned on his birthday, even Vishu’s memory will return. Anurag jokes his memory returned after Ragini scolded him. She asks when did she scold him. He says she does a lot. Shristi asks them to stop fighting and says each family member will do a task each, Revathi will cook Vishu’s favorite food, Dulari and Divya will dance, Daadi will rest, Brij will decorate house, Ragini will prepare birthday cook. Revathi asks what about her. She says she will see if everyone are doing their duty. After sometime, Dulari practices dance on Bhojpuri song and stops seeing Baiju. Baiju thinks if she has gone mad.

Ragini blows balloons in her room. Anurag stops her and says she cannot blow balloon in pregnancy. She asks him to blow then. He blows and hurts his lip, acts and shouts in pain. She asks what happened, which medicine to apply. He asks to kiss his lips. Dulari passes by and seeing their romance walks in early waiting for their kiss. Ragini kisses Anurag’s cheek. Anurag sees Dulari and shouts. Ragini also shouts and asks what is Dulari doing here. Dulari asks them to continue, it is like English movie. They both shout at her to go. She runs away closing door.

Shristi returns to Baiju’s room with almonds and says she heard Vyjayanti amma telling he likes almonds before sleeping, she knows what he must be feeling, but she knows he is her best friend now and understands her situation.
He says he is happy she understands him. She says he is on one side and other side Vishu, she does not know what to do. He says he can understand her condition.At 12 midnight, whole family wishes happy birthday to Vishu and give him gifts. Dulari says surprise gift…Shristi stops her. Revathi says let Vishu and Shristi stay together and take whole family out. Vishu asks Shristi that whole family gave her gift, what about her gift. He gets romantic, but she gets tense. He backs off and says he is joking and is waiting for his memory to return.

Anurag reads newspaper for Vikral. Vikral shakes his hand. Anurag holds it and smiles. Ragini enters and feeds juice to Vikral and thanks Anurag for taking care of Vikral. Anurag says it is also his duty. Ragini says she wrote a letter for him and each word is true, she truly loves him and wants to die in his arms. He says she will be with him forever. Their romance continues.Baiju decorates house house with balloons. Shirsti walks down. He gets mesmerized with her beauty and imagines dancing with her on Pehla nasha…song. Shristi slips and he holds her….

Baiju holds Shristi when she slips. Vishu walks in calling Shristt. She part ways from Baiju. Vishu asks what he should wear, he is confused, she knows what he used to wear. She says used to go to temple with Daadi wearing kurta. He asks to come and help her. He says he does not have kurta. She says he has many clothes in his cupboard. He walks towards room. Shristi then passes by holding clothes. Vishu stops her and picks yellow shirt. Shristi reminisces it is Baiju’s and says it is not his, must be Anurag’s. He takes another shirt and removes his T-shirt. She turns in shy. He says she is his wife, then why she is shying. He wears shirt and says he will turn it in Vishu’s style and tries to tear it. She says he is going to temple, so he should not tear it. He says then Shanky cancel and Vishu is on. He then gives her gift. She opens it and finds key bunch. He asks if it is fine. She says yes and walks to her room. Baiju walks in and gives her gift. she opens it and sees key bunch again. He promises he bought it from his hard earned money. Shristi shows Vishu’s gift and says Vishu gifted this and she is in dilemma

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