Ring Of Fire Update Tuesday 4 May 2021

Ring of fire 4 May 2021: Anurag asks Ragini where she had gone in the afternoon. Ragini says to meet Ammaji. Anurag says Ammaji had called and told she did not speak to her since 2 days. Ragini says she wanted to tell him.. He says he is already tensed and she is starting again.

Ring of fire 3 May 2021

Ragini says she took Vikral’s car and did not take much help. He takes out money from her bag and asks what is it then, he agreed to let Vikral get her delivery in any big hospital, then why she is doing all this. Ragini says Shristi’s condition is worse and she cannot afford costly hospital, so she sold her bangles. He says he did not feel so helpless, he tried a lot but did not get job. She asks him to join Baiju in his toy business and if they both join, business will grow rapidly, he can join any job later. He agrees. She says she is having leg swelling, so will go for a walk and leaves.

Solid dismantles Baiju’s factory toys and says he will tell where to hide drugs, clicks pics and sends to his aide. Ragini passes by and seeing broken toys asks why he is clicking pics, why toys are broken. He says he is doing quality check. She leaves. After sometime, shop owner enters and holding Baiju’s feet asks why did he send money and papers, he will give shop without that. Baiju says he left goondagiri long ago and is starting toy business, so he will pay rent on time. Owner looks at Solid and leaves. Baiju scolds Solid not to start goondagiri again. Shristi warns Solid that Baiju left goondagiri more than a year ago and will not start it again. Baiju warns to start a right path.

Shristi and Ragini play with toys. Baiju and Anurag walk in. They taunt them that their children will also argue like them. They gift them dolls. They both like it.Solid informs his boss how he will hide drugs in toys and get Anurag and Baiju blamed if they are caught. Boss comes in front. Solid is shocked to see Shekar with half burnt face and asks how did he escape death. Shekhar says god saved him to take revenge from Vidhvan’s family and get back Shristi. He fixes each family member’s pic on a pot and says he will break Baiju like this pot. He then orders Solid to get out now and hide drugs in toys. Solid picks drugs and leaves.

Solid returns home nervously. Ragini catches him and checks his bag and seeing drugs asks what is it. He says he has hypoglycemia, so carrying glucose. She asks why in open packet and tries to taste. He says she will sneeze with dry powder. She asks from when he has hypoglycemia. He says since childhood. She thinks how can she not know about his disease.Baiju lifts Shristi and brings her to living room. She asks to get her down, someone will see. He says he does not mind. She says she is heavy now. He says weight is just a number. He gets her down and showing toys says he got 100 toys’ delivery order. She says she will quality test each toy. She checks scold Baiju. Baiju smiles. Solid watches hiding and thinks he has done quality check himself.

Anurag walks into Ragini’s room. Ragini angrily asks him to get out. He says he had got her a good news, he was waiting for tender announcement thinking of her smiling face and results were announced, he got tender. She scold him that he is giving good news 3 hours later. He says 6 minutes are left. She continues scolding him. Revathi with Vikral walks in and scolds Anurag for making her bahu angry. Ragini says he got a tender and is informing 3 hours later with empty hands, not even a choc. Vidhvan says he brought choc for her and asks Revathi to get it via Dulari. Revathi asks Anurag to bring choc. Ragini says only she will have it. She goes out and taking choc passes by store room and sees it open. She enters and does not find anyone. Solid who is hiding drugs in toys hides. Once she leaves, he calls Shekhar who orders to go to deliver toys himself, return midway and inform police, he wll come there and see Baiju getting arrested. Solid asks how can he come there. He says he can come anywhere and see Vidhvan’s family’s destroyal.

Family is busy chatting when Shekhar enters disguised as eunuch among eunuchs. Eunuch says she heard they got a baby boy home, so they came to celebrate. Revathi says there is still time for that. Eunuch says they will dance and bless them and go. They dance. Shekhar also dances and sensuously touches Shristi. Police enters to arrest Baiju for peddling drugs in toys. Shekhar yells Vidhvan’s family is a criminal, they should be cursed and curses that Baiju will never see his child’s face. Vidhvan asks them to go. Ragini reminisces seeing Solid carrying drugs, but does not utter and gets busy consoling Shristi. Police arrests Baiju. Baiju says he will return soon, till then take care of Shristi and leaves with police.

After Baiju is arrested by police, Shekhar shows his identity disguised as eunuch to Solid and says as promised he saw Vidhvan’s family’s destroyal. Solid says he is bigger goon than Baiju. Shekhar laughs and says his ugly face is because of Baiju, Shristi, Ragini and whole Vidhvan’s family, he will make them hide their face like he is hiding his face, Baiju wll not see his child’s face at all. Solid asks what he should do next. Shekhar asks to make a call.
Ragini searches for clue in store room and then Solid’s room. She gets tired and does not find clue. She gets labor pains and requests her unborn child to wait till she gets proof to prove Baiju innocent. She checks behind bed and finds Solid’s bag, reminisces incident where she catches Solid with drug packets and he says they are glucose packets. Sh realizes they are drug packets and flushes them in toilet to stop from others getting affected. She then fills packets with talcum powder and keeps packets back behind bed.

Shristi continues crying for Baiju. Revathi consoles her and gives her milk. Ragini walks down seeing Solid entering and showing him drug packets confronts him, but does not reveal his name. Solid relaxes and records conversation on phone. Shristi says they all were present when toys were packed. Solid says Baiju got greedy and and tried to sell drugs. Shristi says she does not believe this. Revathi says even she does not. Daadi consoles Shristi.Shekhar picks Anurag’s photo next and says it is his turn next. Shristi sleeps with Ragini reminiscing Baiju. Aye dil hai mushkil.. song plays in the background… Next morning, Ragini goes to meet Baiju. Baiju takes his unborn child’s oath and says he did not peddle drugs. Ragini says she knows and tells him Solid is behind all this and says she has a plan to trap him and his boss.

Wednesday update ring of fire


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