Ring of fire update Tuesday 2 March 2021

Ring of fire 2 March 2021: Brij and Rajjo’s wedding rituals start. Pandit chants mantras. Anurag eagerly waits for Ragini and thinks why she is taking so much time to return from beauty parlor. Guests comment Revathi that everyone are present, but her bahus did not turn up. Revathi says her bahu is not feeling well. Rituals continue.

Vishu misses Shristi and silently walks towards stairs. Parag stops him and asks where is he going. He says to check Shristi ji. Parag smiles. Vishu walks to Shristi’s room and frees her. Shristi asks why did he come here, he should attend wedding. Vishu says someone asked to go and check her. Shristi says that means someone sent him, she is right. She gets schizophrenic attack and walks towards Vishu to hit him. Vishu gets afraid and says he is her Vishu.

In mantap, wedding continues. Vishu continues pleading Shristi that he is her Vishu and she cannot harm him. Shristi pricks pin in her hand and gets back to her senses. She sees burqa clad woman and runs behind her shouting she ruined he life. She catches woman. Woman tries to escape. Vishu walks in and says Shrisit is bleeding. He tries to remove woman’s mask when her goons hit Vishu from behind he collapses. Shrisit sees woman’s face and says she.. Goons hit even her and drag them both.

Downstairs, pheras start. Revathi searches Vishu. They hear bomb sound. Revathi shouts where is Vishu. Parag says he went up to meet Shristi. Revathi shouts Shristi killed Vishu. Anurag runs up to checkVishu and finds blood on wall. Everyone run out and see children burning crackers. Vidhvan asks them to burn crackers after wedding finishes and takes everyone in. Rajjo addresses guests that there is a problem at home, so marriage is cancelled, they all can go. Guests leave.

Anurag finds Shristi unconscious and takes her to living room. Revathi shouts she killed Vishu, where is her son. Shristi wakes up and points at Brij and Rajjo, saying they kidnapped Vishu. She then walks towards Rajjo and says she is the one. Revathi shouts if she has gone mad, Rajjo is in mantap since long. Ragini walks in and says Shrisit is telling truth.. Drama continues…

Shristi alleges Rajjo that she is the one who was using her brain and trying to kill Vishu. Revathi yells that drama is this. Ragini says Shristi is right, Rajjo was hypnotizing Shristi and trying to kill Vishu. Rajjo says she does not know what she is talking about. Ragini brings Rajjo’s cup and spoon and asks if she identifies this. Dulari says she saw this cup with Rajjo and reminisces the incident. Revathi yells to stop confusion. Ragini says she is returning from psychiatrist’s office, when Shristi attacked her she heard a sound before and after it, means Rajjo hypnotized Shristi with this cup sound and tried to kill Vishu. She reminds all the incidents where Rajjo hypnotizes Shristi repeatedly.

Ragini continues that when she started doubting Rajjo long ago and since she did not have proof, she changed Shristi and informed her to prick safety pin when she hears sound. Rajjo’s one mistake exposed her. Rajjo asks to stop her drama, how can everyone believe cooked up story, Ragini is Shristi’s partner in crime. Shristi says they should search Vishu first. Family starts searching Vishu. Rajjo tries to leave, but Brij holds her angrily.

Ragini and Shristi search whole house and hear a sound form other side of wall. Ragini finds wall wet and newly made, says it means Vishu is inside. They both break wall and take out Vishu. Anurag also reaches and takes Vishu to hall. Family surrounds and shakes Vishu to open eyes. Anurag checks breath and says Vishu is not breathing Shristi shouts..Vishuji..She runs and shakes Vishu. Vishu wakes up. Family gets happy seeing Vishu alive. Rajjo shouts if he is still alive, she will kill him now. She picks knife and rushes towards Vishu. Brij stops her. Revathi gives her a tight slap.

Rajjo shouts she wanted to kill Vishu and shouts at Vidhvan that she got Vishu captured in a wall, but Ragini and Shristi saved Vishu somehow. Brij says she was sitting in mantap. Rajjo says she slipped off easily and someone else took her place, then she came back again. Revathi slaps her again. Ragini says baba told that devarji’s wife will be a risk for his life, Rajjo is Vishu’s first  wife Rajeshwari. Family is shocked to hear that.

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