Ring of fire update Monday 1 March 2021

Ring of fire 1 March 2021: A shawl wearing person walks to Shristi’s room and opens it. Shristi tells Ragini that she wants to go to washroom. Ragini takes her. Shristi sees room door open and informs Ragini. Ragini says she knew culprit would come to free Shristi seeing her alone, so she had burnt key and kept it with soap, culprit touched hot key and ran away, now she will catch culprit. She takes Shristi back to living room.

Dulari gets mehandi applies and asks designer to repeat it. Designer says she already wiped mehandi thrice. Revahti asks her to get mehandi done silently. Designer sees Ragini and insists to get mehandi done, asks what is her husband’s name. Ragini says misterji. Designer asks what kind of name it is. Ragini asks not to act oversmart and apply mehandi.

Dulari with Divya walks to Brij’s room and asks to go out as he cannot see bride before marriage as per ritual. She drapes dupatta on Rajjo as per ritual. Brij gets emotional and thanks them for supporting him in his marriage even after troubles at family.

Ragini takes mehandi for Shristi and freeing Shristi says she will apply mehandi on her hands as Vishu will be very happy. She applies mehandi on hands when Shristi gets schizophrenic attack and changes her face.

Ragini applies mehandi on Shristi’s hands telling Vishu would be happy seeing her hands. Shristi’s facial expression changes, she gets a bipolar attack and aggressively shouts to leave her, she has to go and kill him.

Ragini tries to stop her, but she shouts to leave her, else she will kill even her. She strangulates Shristi. Anurag reaches on time and pulls Shristi away, ties her, and runs away lifting Ragini asking to continue breathing.

He takes her to room and scolds what if something had happened to her. Ragini says until he is with her, what will happen to her. He says he was wrong to ask her to free Shristi, even he got afraid seeing Shristi’s changed expressions. He applies medicine on her neck and says they should better shift Shristi to a mental hospital. Ragini says she wants Shristi to be here, so that she can find out who is behind her condition.

Ragini returns to Shristi’s room. Shristi sees her neck injury and asks if she attacked her. Ragini asks her what happened to her. She says she just remembers Shristi applying mehandi on her and then she heard a sound, she does not know what happened next. Ragini says even she heard sound and she is sure someone is controlling her mind.

She sees someone peeping and walks. Anurag comes and asks Ragini to come out and rest. Ragini returns to Shristi and after consoling her walks out of room. She clashes with Rajjo who starts her usual drama.

Next morning, Daadi prays for Brij’s marriage while Divya grinds haldi for Brij. Vidhvan asks Divya if mom had food. Divya says no. Vidhvan asks her to feed her food. Brij enters and seeing daadi praying, thanks her and feeds her food. Dulari asks Brij to sit for haldi ceremony and applies haldi on him. Vishu tries to leave. Revathi asks where is he going. Vishu says to Shristi ji. Revathi warns him not to go as tomorrow is babaji’s predicted day. Anurag says maa is right and tells family whole story happened. Ragini calls psychiatrist…

Shristi sitting in her room cries thinking how can she harm Ragini. She reads Ragini’s letter that she cannot be with her to feed her food today and will return home soon as she is going to meet her parents. Ragini calls her and informs that she had gone to meet a psychiatrist and not her parents. She tells when she described all her symptoms to doctor, doctor told someone is controlling her mind, she is sure is it s a lady. Shristi says she is right as her mental state changes when she hears a sound. Ragini asks her not to eat only fruits as culprit may mix hypnotic medicine in her food and whenever she hears a sound, she should prick a pin to her skin so that her attention diverts towards pain.

Revathi walks to Vishu’s room and sees Vidhvan sleeping on sofa, trying to guard Vishu. She sees Vishu sleeping on bed and pampers him remembering baba’s words. She prays god to protect her son. She walks out and sees Anurag sitting thinking something. Anurag sees him and she breaks down. He consoles her and says nothing will happen to Vishu.

Shristi cries asking Ragini to return as she is not so courageous like Ragini, she is very weak and needs her support. Rajjo in her room gets happy trying wedding jewelry. Next morning, Revathi suggests Vishu to do as she says and never get away alone. Vishu agrees.

Guests starts flowing in for Brij and Rajjo’s wedding. Vikral with family walks in. Vidhvan greets them and says good they came. He asks where is Ragini. Anurag says she went to beauty parlor and will come soon. Revathi greets village lady and thanks them for coming. They taunt her that they had to attend this wedding and see how 55-year-old groom and young bride look like. Revathi angrily asks to take their seats. They ask where are her bahus. She says younger one is resting and elder one when to beauty parlor.

Rajjo gets ready as bride and boasts about her beauty. Dulari and Divya walk in and say she is looking beautiful.
She continues boasting. They ask her to come down for rituals. Shristi sees guests passing by and bends down trying to hide her chains. Guests walk in and ask if she did not get ready yet. Revathi walks in and takes them away.

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  1. I’m so loving this post. I’m always glad I won’t miss any episode even when I had no subscription or the time to sit and watch.


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