Ring Of Fire Update Thursday 27 May 2021


Ring of Fire 27 May 2021: Sameer reaches police station and seeing Agni as inspector starts flirting with her. Agni angrily asks if he is behind illegal construction. He says he came to meet her and have coffee with her. She asks if tea is okay for him. He says if she prepares. She pulls his collar and pushes him. He holds her hand and says it is so powerful. Agni says when she first met him and saw his arrogance, she wanted to meet him again. Sameer’s assistant dorns him lawyer’s coat. Samar says he is builder Ajeeth Thakur’s lawyer and asks assistant Amit to pull chair for him. Agni kicks chair and warns him to keep standing. Sameer says he liked her attitude and he got all documents to prove his client is innocent and he will get his client released.

Ring Of Fire 26 May 2021

He sends his client and tells Agni if she agrees to have coffee with him, he will fight case for her and get builder punished. She takes file and says he can just dream. He says he loves dreams and walks away taking back file and leaving Agni fuming.At Kishan’s home, Yashi sees Devi looking at dolls and asks if she is thinking about Agni and Sakshi’s competition. Devi says until this competition is only, happiness will reach her son’s life very late, she wants Sakshi to become Kishan’s wife as she is more competent, but Yashi wants Agni to be Kishan’s wife. Yashi says only Agni can bring happiness in Kishan’s life and not Agni. She offers her apple. Devi asks to get tea and thinks Kishan does not like going near Sakshi, she has to clear their differences.

Agni returns home. Sakshi taunts her and asks where is the man who will prove her mother innocent. Agni says he is in coma. Sakshi laughs and says she can be a better writer and can create good suspense. Agni says her life’s first and biggest motto is to clean her mother’s image and she can spend her life for that. Sakshi says she likes her confidence, all the best.Vaishali walks to Devi with her clothes and says feels Agni tricked and won last competition. Devi asks what is she telling. Vaishali says Agni did not have money and suddenly how did she get 100 rs. Devi asks why did not she inform before. Vaishali say she did not want to listen to her at all. Devi says she should have and should get Sakshi and Kishan closer.

Agni sits in her room thinking Revathi daadi also thinks her mother as culprit, she is missing daadi. Kishan walks to her. Agni asks if he is angry on her. He says more disappointed than angry, one should aim to win, but not use wrong route, she is his Agni and should not take Sakshi’s wrong path and try go away from him. She says no. He says he wants her to be loyal always. Agni thinks of giving a surprise dinner date to Kishan and books tables for them. KD hears her conversation.Sanjay’s goon forces Revathi to have food and waits. At home, Agni tries different dresses and messages Kishan to meet her at a restaurant. KD walks into kitchen and sees Sakshi preparing kheer Kishan, says Kishan will not have this kheer as he is going on a dinner date with Agni.

Agni gets ready in beautiful sari for a romantic dinner date with Kishan and thinks this is her first romantic date after marriage. She reaches restaurant with Kishan. Kishan happily asks if she planned this surprise for him. She says. He gets romantic with her and looks into her eyes. Agni closes eyes. Kishan sees Sakshi and panics. Agni also panics and asks if he called her. Kishan says he does not know how she came here. Sakshi starts her irritating overacting.

At home, while having dinner, KD tells family that Kishan and Agni have gone for dinner, Revathi out of town, Rithvik slept early, and Vasu busy on his laptop, where is Agni. Vaishali says she went to attend emergency patient. KD thinks she must have gone somewhere else.Kishan asks Agni to ignore Sakshi and orders pasta and garlic bread. Sakshi orders same food and continues her weird over expressions and acting. Kishan and Agni start dancing on music. Sakshi sits jealously. A man requests to dance with him. She agrees and dances with him. He gets intimate with her and she resists. Kishan notices that and slaps man. Restaurant manager handles situation and sending man away requests Kishan and Agni not to leave as they are esteemed clients and orders to get wine for them. Sakshi says even she needs wine.

Agni walks to washoom and sees Sakshi paying man and slapping him for overacting. She returns to Kishan and informs that Sakshi tricked them and hired a man to misbehave with her. Kishan gets heavily inebriated and starts drama. Sakshi calls Vaishali and informs that their plan is working, she spoilt Agni and Kishan’s dinner date and thanks Devi for her idea. She returns to Agni and Kishan. Agni confronts that she hired a man to act. Sakshi denies. Their argument starts. Men joke that Kishan is handling 2 women. Kishan says he can’t handle even one. They all 3 get heavily inebirated.

Inebriated Kishan, Agni, and Sakshi reach home and when Vaishali opens door, they touch Vaishali’s feet and continue their senseless talk. They walk into Daadi and Yashi’s room and create havoc. Yashi and Daadi get afraid thinking someone barged into house. Kishan touches Yashi’s feet hiding. Yashi days rats have barged into home. Kishan comes out. Their drama continues.Kishan gets injured during their drama. Daadi and Yashi get worried for him. Agni asks Sakshi to treat Kishan’s injury. Sakshi says she is not a doctor. Vaishali says she is so inebriated t hat she forgot that she is a doctor. KD asks them to go and rest now. They walk to Kishan’s room and continue their drama and fall asleep on bed together. Next morning, they wake up and find themselves on Kishan’s bed. Agni and Sakshi’s verbal spat starts again. Kishan shouts at them to stop. Their drama continues.

Sakshi blames Agni for revealing all her secret to KD under inebriation and blames even her for getting inebriated. They fight with pillows. Savita enters and informs Yashi called them down. They walk down. Yashi asks them to get make arrangements for pooja. They start laying rugs when Kishan enters and sprinkles plastic flowers on Agni and gives her sanskrit book to byheart slokas to recite during pooja. Agni walks to her room with book. Plasti pieces fall into Kishan’s eyes. Sakshi clear it from Kishan’s eyes. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Agni tries to byheart slokas for pooja when Vaishali plays drum. Agni walks to her and requests to go and play it somewhere else as she has to byheart slokas. Vaishali nods yes, but once she leaves plays drum and provokes Devi against Agni that she is arrogant and ordered her so rudely. Devi asks her to do something that Sakhi does pooja and not Agni. She walks into Agni’s room and exchanges lipstick. Yashi finds her outside room and asks what is she doing here. She lies that she came to see if Agni and Sakshi are ready. She returns to Devi and informs he exchanged Agni’s lipstick with gum, not she cannot even open her mouth. Devi rejoices that Sakshi will do pooja now.

Sameer stands fuming reminiscing Agni rejecting his coffee date request. His assistant misunderstands that he is missing family. He says he does not care about family and just wants to teach Agni a lesson.Agni gets ready for pooja and walks out to get something. Sakshi walks in and tries Agni’s lipstick and her lips stick due to glue. Devi sees that and scolds Vaishali. Agni hears that and confronting them both challenges that Sakshi will win this pooja.

Devi asks Vaishali to think something and stop Agni from informing Sakshi that they mixed glue in lipstick. Vaishali says she will do something. Agni thinks she will win competition first and then help Sakshi, Sakshi is suffering for her misdeeds anyways. Kishan passes by and asks if she byhearted Satyanarayan pooja’s story. She says she has prepared well and will win for sure. Yashi walks in next and asks him to go and get ready soon for pooja.Kishan walks into Sakshi’s room to call her for pooja and sees her writing in pain with lips stuck together due to glue. He thinks Agni did this to win and thinks she should not have done this. He helps Sakshi deglue her lips with nail polish remover.

KD says pooja muhurath is passing by and asks pandit to start pooja. Pandit asks Agni to recite Satyanarayan story. Agni obeys, and pandit praises her. KD sya muhurath is ending, but Sakshi did not come yet, so Agni is winner. Kishan entes with Sakshi and says even Sakshi should get a fair chance and asks Agni if he is right, blaming her. Yashi sees Sakshi’s lips injured and asks how did it happen. Kishan says Sakshi fell and injured her lips, but she can speak now. Sakshi requests KD to give her a chance. KD agrees. Sakshi reads sholkas reminiscing Devi’s advice to even read meaning and explains its means. Pandit praises her. KD pronounces Sakshi as winner. Agni says it is injustice to her. KD says she just byhearted shlokas, but Sakshi even byhearted its meaning, so Sakshi is winner. Agni confronts if they want to announce Sakshi as winner always, then they should stop this competition.

Devi yells this is Agni’s true face. Agni confronts if she should inform her misdeed. Devi and Vaishali get tensed. Agni says forget it and walks away. KD announces Sakshi as winner.Kishan walks behind Agni. Agni confronts him that he also helped Sakshi and wandered behind her to make her win. Kishan blames Agni for mixing glue in Sakshi’s lipstick to win, he did not expect it from her. Agni says she did not seal Sakshi’s lips, though she did not help her deglue her lips. Kishan says Sakshi’s lips were bleeding, how could she. Agni says Devi and Vaishali did it. Kishan continues yelling to stop blaming Devi and continues blaming Agni. Agni says if he thinks so fine and walks way.

Agni gets commissioner’s call to meet a lawyer at a restaurant. She reaches restaurant and waits for lawyer. Sameer walks in and says he told her that she will have coffee with him within 24 hours and starts flirting with her. Agni warns to stay away from him, else he will be behind bars. He touches her saying she looks soft, but is very hot. Agni slaps him and warns to be in his limits.Sameer flirts with Agni. Agni slaps him and walks away. At night, Agni fumes reminiscing Sameer’s flirt and thinks he would have learnt a lesson today and will not trouble her again. Sameer in his hotel room angrily thinks he will make her apologize repeatedly. Agni thinks he is so arrogant and irritating Sameer thinks he is so lively and daring. They continue talking about each other.

Sakshi dreams about Kishan romancing her and wakes up nervously. She walks to living room and seeing Devi explains her dream thinking she is still dreaming. Devi says it is not dream, but she knows she has started liking Kishan as she was staring at him during pooja. Sakshi starts her overacting and says she is confused.Kishan walks to Agni and apologizes her for being rude last night.

She says why he feels sorry when he thinks she tried to harm Sakshi to win, she feels sorry that she is taking so many tests to get a man who does not even trust her. Kishan thinks if he really did wrong.

Sanjay happily informs family that his son Sameer is coming home today. Vaisali says today is his birthday. Sanjay says he will decorate whole house for his birthday party. Kishan says it is a good news. Sanjay thinks he will kill Kishan as a gift for Sameer.Agni gets Revathi Daadi’s call. Goon pointing knife on Revathi makes her speak. Revathi says she is fine and will return hoe soon. Agni tries to speak, but goon disconnects call.Sakshi walks into her room after bathe, drying her hair. Kishan walks to her. She starts imagining romancing him. Kishan shakes her and asks what is she thinking and picks his file. She says sorry and switches on hair dryer. File papers fly. He scolds her. She picks and folds papers. He scolds they are important papers, don’t fold them and freeze like a statue. He hugs her while picking papers. She holds his hand.



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