Family secrets update Wednesday 26 May 2021

Family secrets 26 May 2021: Madhu ask Murari why did he not say truth. He says Satrupa has law and police on her side, anything can happen if I say wrong, Anami is with her. She says fine, we will sit quiet.

He says Lal Mahal is called because of red blood, till its proved Anami is safe there, I will be quiet. She says I felt CBI officer was true. He says I trusted Guru ji when he gave Anami to us, he said she will be always ours, when we got a child, they snatched Anami, she got trapped in this money game, none is reliable, we can’t trust anyone. She says world is bad, you taught Anami to answer brick with a stone, Anami is calm like Ganga but dangerous like Kaal. They cry. She encourages him.

Baldev sees Vatsalya’s belongings. He thanks his friends for getting the things from hostel. Baldev sees Vatsalya’s trophy, and reads his diary. He recalls Vatsalya. Baldev cries and talks to them. They praise Vatsalya. Baldev says we will not cry now, after reading this poetry. Anami plays with kids. They get disturbed. Baldev says sorry, kids are playing, Satrupa is solving business issues. They leave. The ball hits the table. Baldev scolds Anami. Anami jokes on him. Baldev says you think you are very smart, you are useless, foolish and ill mannered girl, whose parents didn’t teach how to talk to elders. Anami taunts him.

She asks him to get admitted in zoo. Baldev shouts to servant. Dadi stops servant and says let them deal, go back. Anami asks what happened, you will call more servants now. Baldev says Satrupa got you here as you do good drama, does she write your lines. She says no, I sketch my drama on own. She faints. Baldev looks on.

Anami wakes up and sees Satrupa. Doctor asksAnami to take an injection. She refuses and gets off the bed. She falls down again. She asks maid to leave her. Doctor says you don’t be afraid. Satrupa says you have to do what’s necessary. Doctor gives her injection and says done. He goes. Satrupa calls Murari and says Anami wants to talk to you. She asks shall I say about your hunger strike, you are fainting, will they like it.

Anami takes phone and talks to Murari. He asks how are you. She says I m fine. He asks her not to worry for them. Anami says don’t take tension, I m fine. He asks her to be careful and not take any wrong step. Anami cries. Madhu asks her how is she, why is she talking less. Anami says I m fine. Madhu says say truth, are you ill. Anami says nothing happened to me. Madhu asks her to swear on her. Anami says I m fine.

Madhu says whatever you do, don’t leave food ever, body is your deposit, if anything happens to you, I can’t live. Anami says I m fine, don’t worry for me, there are many people to take care of me, when year ends, I will come back. Madhu asks her to take care. Anami ends call and cries. Satrupa takes her phone and goes. She signs Poonam to feed Anami. Poonam keeps food. Anami cries and eats food. Satrupa looks on and cries. Maa…..plays….. Anami says for you I have done this.

Baldev say to satrupa that anami is trouble. She and you should go out from here. Dadi stop baldev and say I said till satrupa truth out, anami should stay here. Servent inform that adhiraj is here to meet satrupa.

Satrupa talks to adhiraj about herself being bahu of lal mahal, successful woman, Vatsalya death but i need to talk to you as mother. Adhiraj says you are talking about yourself. Satrupa say I stay here with comfortable & can make your life comfortable too.

Adhiraj get call and he excuse himself and informer say that if you need proof give me Rs. 1 lakh. Adhiraj say ok and come back.

Satrupa further say that I need that you need to take permission from court for DNA test of Anami as it can be done by CBI officer only. Adhiraj say that you don’t need to tell me about my work. His assitant call him that head wants to meet. Satrupa say you are young must make friends. Adhiraj say so that my life become like banaras attacker who attacked on vatsalya.

Adhiraj start jeep but find that it need water. He ask anami to give, Anami say come here and take. He goes and taunt Anami about teaching of being princess by satrupa. Anami say its vice versa. Adhiraj say you are fraud. She say if you want answers, you should get old.

Anami say about her attitude as its myself not like you who is something and appear something else. Second about fraud she say I do everything Danke ki chot par. Third about princess of lal mahal, if I get chance due to grace of Mahadev God, I shall run away from this Gold Cage. And ask Adhiraj to leave.

Adhiraj ask you sleep here?? Anami say that your name should be Question Mark ?????????????. She say take water from here and go.

Adhiraj fill water and say whom side is she? Is she innocent or fraud?? ???????? Adhiraj see Anami and he smiles

Adhiraj talk to his senior and tell all happenings about DNA test and anami talk. His senoir say let me think and answer you.

Adhiraj assistant denies being anami innocence. And he gets call again who inform to meet him at highway (no name of highway????)

Anami and poonam tie Net to protect from mosqitoes. She says that she miss her pandit family. Poonam say sorry and ask about why anami call pagali and shradd to pandit family. Anami explain her everything in her unique way.. as she say that Maa word is too less for that type of mother who fight and love unconditionally. She try to fix net again and again but it doesn’t.

Just than Narottam arrives and fix net and ask Anami to have medicine. Anami denies but he say have it otherwise I shall get beaten up. Anami eat and ask him how are you related to lal mahal? He say I am here since childhood. All love me and goes. Poonam inform Anami that Narottam is illegal child of baldev. Anami is surprised??????

At night dadi come and check anami, she smiles and see satrupa. She goes and satrupa see anami had food. She sits near her and cry ????????


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