Ring Of Fire Update Thursday 20 May 2021


Ring OF Fire 20 May 2021:  calls pandit and asks him to inform in detail about wedding 7 pheras so that she can get Agni and Sakshi compete. Pandit informs meaning of 1st phera that wife should take care of husband’s needs. KD says both girls should take care of their husband’s needs. Pari chachi gets hungry and insists maid to get food for her. Sakshi tries to butter Pari and ssasy she will also have diet food. Agni informs Revathi that she will inform Mukhri that she will not come to work today.

KD waits with family for Agni and Sakshi. They both return. Devi insists KD to question Sakshi first. KD says Agni will be questioned first and gives 1 chit. Papaji/Vasu reads question that Kishen in childhood once fell from neem tree, why did he do that and gives 4 answers. Sakshi starts singing tunelessly Aa Dekhen Zara with her overacting. Agni says question was wrong, Kishen fell from mango tree and not neem to save cat and fell down. Devi says right answer. KD questions rajnigandha flower, red sari, gajar halwa. Sakshi with her overacting style says it is very easy question, Devi wears red sari and rajnigandha flowers on her birthday and eats gajar halwa. Devi says right. Sakshi further says when Kishen was in US, he used to send rose and could not eat gajar halwa. Kishen says right. Devi says her Sakshi knows a lot.

Someone knows door. KD asks Savita maid to open door. She opens door and finds a file with aluminium plates. She gives it to Sanjay. Sanjay says who must have sent it. Vasu checks papers and says his CA has betrayed him and took signs in lieu of IT papers. Sanjay asks how can he be so careless. CA Sandhu walks in and says he transferred Singh family’s house and wealth in his name. Vasu angrily holds his collar. Kishen frees him. Sandu says they should get ready to pack their bags and showing plate says Vasu he may need it for begging. Devi consoles Vasu not to worry. Yashi says this house is precious for them as their memories are in this house, they can organize competition later and should try to save house first. Devi cries she needs her house at any cost. Kishen consoles Vasu to relax, they will find some way.

Devi cries in front of Sakshi that she has lots of memory related to this house and Kishen was born in this house, she does not want to go away from this house. Sakhi promises she will not let anyone snatch her house. In Yashi room, she gets sad looking at Kishen’s childhood items. Agni enters and consoles her. Agni then walks to her room. Sakshi enters and taunts Agni that she is sitting calmly as she is neither Kishen’s wife, nor his friend. She continues her mind game with Agni. Agni angrily confronts and fumes. Sakshi throws water on her face and says she is Agni and may expel fire, so she threw water on her. Agni tries to reply, but Kishen enters and stops her. He warns Sakshi to stay away from his family issues. Sakshi says she is his wife and has right to interfere in his family issues, she has promised Devi aunty to save house at any cost. Kishen says she is not his wife and he will not accept her help.

She says she will not listen to him and will do her job as she is his friend and wife. Kishen asks her to get out. Once she leaves, Kishen tells Agni that he does not know what to do to save his house. Agni says family is more tensed regarding this issue, he should be with family at this time. He walks to living room with her.Kishen’s family gets worried for their house. Vasu says he tried his best to save their house, but failed. Kishen also feels helpless. Daadi says she saved her family house with great difficulty, now she is helpless. Agni and Sakshi try their own tricks. Agni asks Mukhri to help Kishen’s family, but legally. Sakshi calls her aides and orders to kidnap fraudster itself.

Next day , family gathers worried that their house will be auctioned today. Sakshi assures them that she will not let their house auction. Agni asks if she is using illegal means. Sakshi asks her to mind her own business. Auction starts. Her aide informs that they kidnapped someone else instead of frauster CA. Auctioneer says this house will be transferred from Vasu Thakur to CA. Agni hopes something happens. Sakshi stands tensed that her plan failed. Mukhri enters as prospective buyer. Agni gets happy.Kishen’s house’s auction starts. Auctioner starts bidding. Mukhri as Punjabi prospective buyer bids 10 crores and wins bidding. He starts his overacting and gives 10 crore rs cash bag to Sawanth CA. Agni thinks why he is doing overacting. He asks Sawanth to sign papers. Sawant says he will read papers first. Mukhri insists to hurry up. Sawanth signs papers. Mukhri says he wants papers from KD and insists KD to read them. KD says he already bought house, she does not want to read. He insists again. She reads that house is tranferred into her name. Family rejoices.


Mukhri realizes his real identity. Agni says she planned all this to save house. Sawanth congratulates her for her intelligence and saving house and reveals he was acting on Thakur family’s behalf. KD says they all were testing Agni for her 1st test and she won. Agni stands surprised and happy while Sakshi stands fuming. Family praises Agni for her intelligence and congratulate her. Sawanth says even Sakshi tried her best to stop auction and her aides even kidnapped his servant. Devi starts praising Sakshi.

Yashi praises Agni that she is Kishen’s real wife. Devi yells that whatever it is, Sakshi is their bahu as she took pheras with Kishen. She taunts Yashi that she knows according to Hindu religion, there is only 1 marriage, but due to unavoidable situation, she let her husband marry Yashi and accepted her as her husband’s second wife, similarly whole family have to accept Sakshi whether they like it or not.Agni walks to Sakshi’s room and taunts that she is the winner, so she wants to give her some suggestion. Sakshi fumes that her 1 win does not mean she is a winner. Agni taunts her to stop her evil ideas and mend her ways. Sakshi counterattacks her verbally, but in vain.

Sakshi walks into Devi’s room to do her hand massage. Yashi brings kheer for Devi and walks away asking Sakshi to feed it to didi. Sakshi massages Devi’s hand and says she must be feeling disappointed that I did not win. Devi says it is her mistake that she did not give her hint. Sakshi says she does not need hint and wants her blessings to win next tests. Devi says her blessings are always with her.

Kishen walks to kitchen. Revathi asks if he wants breakfast. He says no, he has planned outing with Agni. Agni comes and says she won 1 test and after winning another 6, she will be Kishen’s wife. Kishen says he considers her as his wife already and today they will go on date and then movie. She says they will return late then, she will not get properly sleep and may not concentrate on her next test, so she cannot come. Kishen insists, but she rejects. Revathi asks him not to feel bad. Kishen says he likes Agni’s this nature.

Kishen then walks to his room and seeing Sakshi there asks to get out of his room. Sakshi (unable to act even after so many months) starts her overacting and says she is his wife and his girlfriend Agni should go away instead. Kishen warns she is not his wife. Sakshi speaks to his pic and says she will not leave his house. Kishen leaves fuming.Kishen walks into living room. Someone hits knife into his chest. He shouts in fear. Family laughs and he sees Vasu pricking spring knife. Family reveals it is next test and Agni and Sakshi have to protect him. He disagrees. They insist. Agni and Sakshi walk in fighting and ask what is happening. Family disperses

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