Reach for the Stars update Wednesday 15 April 2020

Reach for the Stars 15 April 2020: Paki wonders whom should she call Kalpi or Raghav, She calls him but he is not receiving the call. She says okay don’t receive the call I am coming to you. Mummy is out there who won’t allow her to go. She calls Kamla.

Kamla gets her call. Paki says I wanna meet you right now. Kamla says is everything okay ? She says I am waiting for you in the garden area. Kamla leaves. Kalpi is a little hurt.

Paki says I wanna go to meet Raghav, help me Kamla maa. Kamla says I am seeing that you are acting weird about Raghav. Paki says I am in love with Raghav. Kamla is dazed. Kamla says this is not your age to do all this. Paki says I don’t know what to do I can’t control my emotions. Kamla asks does Raghav love you as well ? She says no one knows what he thinks. I wanna make him happy. Kamla says I have to know what;s in Raghav’s heart. Manda is listening to all this.

Raghav is in his room see Kalpi behind her. He says what are you doing here ? Kalpi says can’t I come to meet you ? Just cam here to see you. How is your back now ? Raghav says no one has any right to come in my house without permission. When he looks up he finds Sammy there instead of Kalpana. He says I will come some other time. Raghav says I am sorry.

Sammy says you shake is ready you don’t like the servant so I cam here. You need rest Raghav. Are you listening to me ? He says yes. Servant comes in and says Miss paki Kapoor is here to meet you.
Paki are you okay ? I was so worried about you. She says I would have come with you if I was fine. Raghav says I am a little tired. Paki says let me know if you need any help. Raghav says thanks.

Nettu is worried where Paki has gone. Manda comes in and says wonders if Nettu doesn’t believe her. She says I will ask for the phone. SHe goes to Nettu and quotes the entire story.Kalpi wakes up and says I have to be strong. I will leave this job there is nothing but insult in this job. She looks at a picture of Kamla and herself. She says I will make Ai agree on leaving this job.

Manda says to Nettu I wanna talk about something. Nettu says speak up. Manda says I herd Paki telling Kamla that she is in love with Raghav. Nettu laughs. Manda says why are you laughing your daughter is in love with your rival.

Nettu says for the first time she has done something good. You see enmity and I see the benefit of billions. Manda is shocked. Nettu says what it takes they both just need to get married after that my daughter will be a billionaire. You know who is gonna help me out in all this. Manda asks who ? Nettu says Kamla.

Scene 2
Kalpo is studying. Pakiya says Kalpi please turn the lights off I wanna sleep. Vitthal comes to her and looks at her picture with Kamla. He knows she is upset. He says Paki is not well that’s why she had to leave but you know that Kamla loves you a lot. Come on, lets go to sleep.
Kamla comes in and says Kalpi.. but she finds that Kalpi has slept already. Vitthal says she has slept. I beg you Kamla stop hurting my daughter.

Scene 3
In neetu’s home pooja is going on. Paki and Prem both are annoyed by the noise early in the morning. They all come out of their rooms and see Nettu praying. Everyone is dazed and smiles. Nettu says she has prayed for all of the,. She says mummy ji says you have to do all this. She is trying to act so nice.

Scene 4
Kalpi is getting ready to leave for the office. She has planned to resign but Kamla says you can’t withdraw. You have to do this you won’t resign. Kalpi doesn’t know what to do.

Scene 5
paki is in Raghav’s office. She asks whom are we waiting for sir ? I mean I am here. Sammy comes in. Raghav asks her to call Kalpana. She says she is not attending the call. She calls Kamla who tells her that Kalpi has left for the office. They all wait for her.

Scene 6
Raghav wonders is Kalpana not leaving the job ? He remembers her talking to little kids, covering him with that shawl. Kalpi says sir, he sees her in front of him. She says were you thinking about my resignation? He says not at all your stupid words don’t bother me. She says really ? You can lie to whole world but me. He says my thoughts are so clear. She says why are you worried then ? Did my late coming annoy you ? He says no suddenly she disappears and he realizes that it was just his thoughts.

Scene 7
Kalpana is on her way she thinks what can she say to him. Raghav calls her. She is surprised to see his name on the screen. He says I.. Kalpi is tensed. He says you are late miss Kalpana. She says I am on my way.

Nettu comes to Kamla and says can I sit ? Kamla says yes sure. Kamla wonders what is she doing there. She gives her water. Nettu looks at the glass and smiles reluctantly. Kamla says why are you here if Paki is all right ? Nettu says I am here to ask for your pardon for everything I have done to you. You have raised Poki and made her such a good human more than I could do. I can’t disagree to that. Kamla says I just did my work. Kamla says you are embarrassing me madam. I have nothing against you in my heart. Just wanted you to love Paki and Prem equally. Nettu throws away the drink Kamla gave when Kamla is turned. Nettu says I have a request come to our house otherwise I will think that you haven’t forgiven me. Kamla smiles. Nettu leaves.

Scene 2
Kalpi is in the office. She starts working. Kalpi wonders why is she sitting there she sould meet Raghav and tell him and end all of this. Raghav calls her and asks her to get in his cabin. Kalpi goes to his cabin. He says you are late miss Yadav. She says sir I told you already I wanna leave this job. He says and whats the reason ? She says in her mind, asking like he doesn’t know. He asks did you say something ? Kalpana says I am not comfortable here in fact this place isn’t for me. Raghav stands up and goes closer to her. He stands behind her. Kalpi closes her eyes. He steps a little backwards. He says I will say that you are stupid you make fuss out of nothing. You get to face a lot of difficulties than this in work. Will you always leave your projects in mid-way just because of few issues. You should always know how to manage your work. She says I request you that I will give you my written resignation in a few moments accept it please..

She is about to leave the cabin, he says you are worried or angry about what happened hat night. Kalpi turns back. Tell yourself wasn’t that stupidity you did ? She thinks stupidity ? Kalpi says Pakhi is also part of this project and she knows all about it. I know she can manage it but if you still think.. Raghav says we are talkijg about you here. You signed a contract that day, I am sure you didn’t read it because for you others success is a crime and you are a victim. It said in clause no 13-b that you none of the employees can leave the project mid-way beforea 6 months notice. Being your boss I can’t allow you to leave. Now you can leave. Kalpi leaves and goes to her seat. She sees Raghav from the wall and he sees her too.

Scene 3
Pakhi comes in the office. Suddenly she drops her phone and starts limping. Raghav goes and holds her. He says I am so sorry. Kalpi goes in the cabin as well. They make her sit on the sofa. Raghav applies bam her foot. Paki is smiling. Pakhi feels like there is no one in the office. She smiles looking at him. She imagines him touching her face and hair. Raghav says don’t touch it. Do you need a day off ? Pakhi says no I will be okay. Why would I need to go home when I have more people who care here. Raghav says Miss Yadav you will take care of her and make sure she doesn’t feel any stress. She says okay. Raghav asks Pakhi are you sure you feel better ? Pakhi says yes. Raghav holds Pakhi’s hand to support her to her cabin and Kalpi from the other side.

Scene 4
Sammy asks Raghav what was wrong ? Raghav says I was angry. Sammy says you have changed since you camback . Raghav asks what you mean ? He says I see some difference in you. Raghav says there is nothing like that. Sammy leaves.

Scene 5
Kalpi goes to Pakhi and asks her if she needs something. SHe says no I will tell you if i need something. Kalpi says okay.
Kalpi sits on her chair again and looks at Raghav. Kalpi writes an email to Raghav that the things that are small for you are bigger for me. I couldn’t say this front of you but I am writing. Its nit about project my self esteem. I can’t work with you in this environment. You gave me this chance because of my mom and I knw I have to work here for six months but I can’t bear a moment here. Pakhi comes to Kalpi and says will you break my leg ? Kalpi says sorry. Kalpi has sent the email but she wants to delete it before Raghav sees it.

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