Reach for the Stars update Tuesday 28 April 2020

Reach for the Stars 28 April 2020: Raghav  is drinking with sammy. He says I don’t know why she did this to me. Sammy says there must be some reason she won’t do it. Raghav says God won’t be able to bear the attitude of the girls. They are like that.

Mom did the same she left dad alone in problem. Never saw me. I could never find her. She never tried to contact us. Never thought what would her son do. Raghav asks the meething schedules. He says where is my phone ? Sammy says what would you do call kalpana or wait for her call ? You won’t call her nor receive her call. She should know your worth. Raghav says she would be worried. Sammy says let her burn in your love. Promise me you won’t call her. Raghav says I can’t. He challenges him. Raghav accepts

Scene 5
Its holiday. SHe says how can I meet him and tell why I locked the door. Kalpi says we should Raghav here. Kamla says yeah maybe he is angry. But its not possible today I am taking tai to the temple. Vitthal says its not safe. Kamla says we will be back soon. Temples are always safe. My heart says i should go. Vitthal says I will come with you as well. They leave. Kalpi wonders what to do. She syas I should clear all the misunderstandings. Nettu calls Kalpi and asks where is Kamla ? She says Kamla has gone to temple. Nettu says I have to go as well. Are you alone ? SHe says yeah. Kamla asks pandit ji to pray for tai. She says her life is in danger. Tai says there for the first time that my name is gauri. Nettu comes there as well with her face covered.

Kamla and Vitthal are going. Tai has lost them and she goes near a cliff. Nettu follows her. She is looking downwards. Nettu tries to shove her but stops suddenly out of some fear. Gauri turns backwards. Kamla is praying for her. Suddenly the cloth slips off nettu’s face.

Gauri looks at her and asks what are you trying to do here ? Nettu says I just.. Do you know me ? Gauri says why ? Are you some queen ? You are wasting my time. She leaves. Gauri goes to kamla. Kamla asks where did you go ? Kamla sees Nettu. Neetu says you told me she is your friend. Kamal says but what are you doing in temple ? Nettu says why can’t i be here ? Gauri says I don’t like this woman. You shouldn’t talk to her. Kamla says its not like that.

scene 2
Raghav is in court playin g squash with sammy. He is a b it angry recalling the recent events. Pakhi comes there and thinks raghav is there for. She says how about a game with me ? He says sure. They both play well suddenly pakhi falls and Raghav saves her. She smiles. Pakhi kisses his cheeks and he kisses her too. They hug each other. Suddenly a mate wakes pakhi from her dream. She says I was drowned in thoughts. She sees Raghav playing. Raghav gets a call from Kalpana. He says I should talk to her.

Sammy says no you should give it a break. Raghav places phone on a side. They both get up to leave. Pakhi goei goes ruuning to him. She syas I come here daily. Sammy says lets go for breakfast raghav. Pakhi says can i join you guys ? Raghav says yeah sure.

Scene 3
Manda comes to Kamla and asks which party gave you this oil ? Kamla says i will decide whom will I vote ? She says we have to learn who listens to us. We should vote the people who actually deserve it. We should talk about our matters. We should call and learn about the work the candidates have done. In th up coming elections we have to open our eyes.

Scene 4
Nettu says Gauri will make me mad. I could have shoved her but she just turned. I think she has recognized me. Sahil says why you went there without telling me ? Nettu says I went there to solve your problem. He says okay I am sorry but this is not the we should handle things just relax. Stop being so worried. We are gonna make a plan that works.

Scene 5
Sammy, Raghav and Pakhi are out for breakfast. Kalpi calls Raghav again he wanna receive but he can’t. Kalpi is so worried. She says why is he so angry whats my mistake. Is he that busy ? i would tell him how it feels to ignore ? Pakiya syas what are you talking about ? Kalpi says I will tell Ai that you are not letting me prepare the meal. She throws some flour at him but he lowers down and it goes to Manda’s face. She says I just came here to ask for some flour and what you did?

Kalpi is cleaning all the flour. Pakiya asks whats wrong now tell me ? You are so concerned about your phone ? Are you waiting for some call ? She says yeah an office friend’s call. Kamla comes and asks why Pakiya went out ? Did you both fight again. Vitthal asks Kalpi to make juice. Kamla gives kalpi parsad. She takes it from left hand. Kamla asks where is your mind. Kalpi is mixing salt instead of sugar. Kamla asks whats wrong with you. Vitthal tells Kalpi that he saw nettu there. He felt like she has lost her way to home. Kalp says yeah she called and was asking about Ai. Kalpi’s phone rings she receive it and when she finds out that its not raghav. She says I don’t need any credit card why are you disturbing me. Kamla says what way is that to talk ? Gauri says she is right they are disturbing her. Kamla says this is rong way to talk still. Its their work.

Scene 2
Raghav is swiming. He comes out to take his juice and checks his phone. Sammy comes as well. Raghav says its not good to hurt someone. She must be feeling bad. Sammy says please don’t ruin the plan. Raghav says I can’t act like teenagers. Sammy says but Kalpi is young she must be dying to talk to you.

In the home Kamla asks Kalpi who hurt her ? Kalpi says leave it you scold at me first then ask me what wrong ? Kalpi leaves. Kamla says she had a quarrel.
Sammy says you know she must be walking here and there. Raghav says yeah she must be looking at the phone. Kalpi says why are you doing this Sir.
Raghav says she must not be focused on anything. She must be looking at the phone and would be angry. Sammy says yes let it rise and she won;t be able to sleep tnight. he Kalpi you gonna meet tomorrow will be a different one.

Scene 3
Vitthal brings an English newspapers. Kalpi is getting ready. SHe looks so desperate to go to the office.Kamla wonders why is she getting ready like that. Kamla asks what is this all for ? Is there some function ? Kalpi says am I over dressed ? Vitthal says no you look perfect. Kamla goves her lunch box.

Pakhi while getting ready recalls when she met Raghav at the spots complex and the breakfast they had. She says what a day it was. I hope all days become like that. She gets a call. Its Kamla. She says hi Kamla maa I love you. Kamla says why you woke up so early ? Pakhi says love is like that. I am in love. Yesterday’s sunday was the best sunday. I was with Raghav whole morning. He was with me whole night as well.

Kamla says what ? SHe says in my dreams. Kamla says you give a lot of tension. Kamla sayss kalpi is acting different these days. Pakhi says there are no happenings in her life she is so boring. Kamla says no she woke up so early today and got ready like there is something special. Pakhi says has she fallen in love with someone ? I will investigate.

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