Reach for the Stars Monday 4 May 2020 update

Reach for the Stars 4 May 2020: Doctors are giving electric shocks to Gauri. Kamla asks Nettu to stop it. Nettu says its necessay for her. Who knows patient more than a doctor. Raghav and Kalpi come there as well. Nettu is shocked.

She goes and says I have to talk to the doctor. Raghav asks where is she ? Gauri looks at her and says chinto. Raghav couldn’t see her face. Nettu is so scared.Kamla says she is such a nice woman. Nettu comes there and acts like she is in so much pain. She says Raghav can you please drop me home ? Kamla says don’t worry Raghav she has helped us a lot. It’d be so nice of you if you drop her. Raghav nods. and says to Kalpi call e if you need something. Don’t worry.

Doctor comes out and says she will be discharged by tomorrow. They payment has been done by Nettu.Kalpi and Vitthal are wondering why she is being so generous. Raghav texts Kalpi and she smiles.

Scene 2
Nettu is in the car. She is worried how can they get rid of her. She says I have to stop him to go the hospital for 1 hour. She starts confusing Raghav about the ways. She says I felt really bad when you left our home. Our poki likes you a lot since childhood. They reach home. Pakji says are you here to meet me ? Nettu says he came to drop me. Pakhi says come in I wll make you a coffee. He says I am busy today, Pakhi says okay. He leaves.

Scene 3
Vitthal asks Pakiya and Kalpi to leave. Kamla says we will stay here. Kalpi says sno you are here since afternoon I will stay here. Pakiya says that’s good idea. We both will stay. Nurse says only one can stay here. Kamla says take him with you. Kamla says take care Kalpi. They leave. Kalpi says he cares so much about me, he has been texting for so long. Kalpi gives her the medicine. Gauri is saying chinto chinto in sleep.

Raghav comes to the hospital but the receptionist says visiting hours are over. Raghav says I have to meet Kalpi anyhow.
Gauri is crying. Kalpi says I am your daughter I am here with you.Raghav calls Kalpi, he says I am at reception and I wanna meet you. She says I can’t come there I am alone. Raghav says okay I am waiting in the lobby. Kalpi says why ? He says I won’t go without seeing you. I have requested the moon to make me see you. Kalpi says have you become a poet ? Raghav says you can get everything you want. Kalpi says you can’t see me. He is outside her balcony and sees her. He says looks moon fulfilled its promise. Something are just to be felt.

Scene 4
Kamla calls Kalpi and finds her phone busy. She wonders whom is she talking to so late. Vitthala asks what happened ? Kamla says she is busy with someone. Vitthal says must be important. Kamla says whom can it be ? Vitthal says stop worrying and sleep.

An ambulance comes between Raghav and Kalpi. Kalp thinks he is gone. She is about to go in, Raghav stops her. He calls her again and says I said everything. Kalpi says its too late you should go home now. Raghav says yeah night has gone and sun is about rise in my life. Kalpi says its 5 am you should go. Ai and bab must be coming. He says okay go but say what I wanna hear. They both smile at each other and wave.

Gauri comes home. Kamla asks her to do rest. Kalpi is getting ready fro office, Kamla says s=you shouldn’t go. Tell Raghav that you are not coming you must be tired. Kalpi says I have to go. Vitthal says this is responsibility. Kamla says I know but ask her whom was she talking to. Vitthal says must be some friend. Kamla says last night phone.. Kalpi says oh yeah I forgot phone. Let me go. She leaves.

Scene 2
Kalpi comes to Raghav’s house. The door s already open. She sees him sleeping on a couch. She says why is he so irresponsible. She puts his hand up on the couch. He holds her. When Kalpi tires to go away he wakes up. Kalpi says the door was open so I came in. He holds her hand and says Kalpi I.. She says sir let me take those boxes to terrace, won’t look good when the guests come. Kalpi goes to terrace, she remembers Raghav holding her hand earlier. Suddenly rain starts, she enjoys it.

Raghav comes there too and sees her dancing in the rain. He comes to her and Kalpi stops for a moment. She is about to go in but Raghav holds her hand and gets her closer. He says this is the first time I am in rain. Can’t you feel what I do. He kisses her hand. She hugs him and then goes in.

Raghav smiles at her. Kalpi goes in the room to dry her clothes and Raghav makes breakfast. They enjoy the breakfast together. Kalpi is about to go Raghav gets her closer. His phone rings he says okay I am coming. He says to Kalpi I have to leave. Kalpi says should I leave for home after rest of the arrangements. He says yeah Sammy must be coming he’ll drop you. Party is at 9 pm you should not be late. He leaves.

Scene 3
Kamla plans on calling Pakhi and asks her to take care of Kalpi. She calls her and says kalpi was in hospital last night make sure that she eats something. Pakhi says Kalpi didn’t come for 2 days. Kamla asks was there any meeting ? Pakhi says not really. She must have gone to some meeting with sammy. Raghav comes in he is so good to everyone.

Kamla is so worried for Kalpi. She says to vitthal that kalpi.. she comes in. Kamla asks why you came so earlier ? Kalpi says yeah it was half day. Kamla asks where are you coming from ? Kalpi says Ai from office. Kamla wonders why is she lying. Kalpi tells Gauri that its party tonight. Kamla wonders whats going on and why did kalpi lie. Vitthal comes and asks what are you thinking . She says you won’t get it. Kamla says I feel like Kalpi is not focused, She has not been to office since 2 days. Vitthal says can’t she work outside office ? Its okay.

Scene 4
Kalpi asks Gauri which dress should she wear. Kalpi smiles remembering her hug. Kamla asks why are you smiling ? She says nothing. Sammy calls Kalpi she says yeah I will be on time. If you want I can come right now. Gauri says come here let me tell you how to dress up. Kamla says when will you come home ? Gauri says these parties end late night.Raghav is at the venue and waiting for Kalpi. Doorbell rings. He opens the door and smiles. Its Kalpi there in a red sari with curly hair.

Raghav opens the door and Kalpi is there. She is wearing a pink sari. Pakhi gets ready. Nettu comes and says why do you smile when you think about Raghav. Pahi says there is no such thing.

The party has started, Raghav is with sammy and looking at Kalpi. Pakhi wonders where Raghav is.Kalpi comes in front of Raghav bu Pakhi comes in between. Raghav says beautiful. Pakhi says oh thank you. He realizes that she is between him and Kalpana. Raghav asks Sammy to handle everything while he wants to spend time with Kalpi. Raghav asks Kalpi to come with him. He holds her hand and takes her with him. He has covered her eyes and takes her to poolside. He says this is all for you. I want to make everything special.

The poolside is decorated with lanterns. He says before you there was nothing in life but today I wanna open my heart in front of you. I love you Kalpi. Its written with some lights as well. Pakhi is looking everywhere fro Raghav and Kalpi. He says everytime you hold back your feelings. Doesn your heart feel the same way mine does. Kalpi holds his hands and says sir.. He says Raghav not sir. She says someone will come, He says no one will come until you don’t answer Raghav. I see love in your eyes but I wanna hear from you. The whole sky will be in my fist once you confess your love to me. Kalpi recalls every moment they have spent together. Raghav asks do you ? Kalpi says yes I do.

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