Razia Sultan update Wednesday 8 February 2023

Razia Sultan 8 February 2023: The episode starts with sultan Yaldos catching re-handed Althunia with Razia. He thinks he came to harm Razia and asks soldiers to put him in jail. Razia stops him and says Althunia helped her reach Ghazni and is a traveller, so he should free Althunia.

Yaldos frees Althunia and says he is lucky that he saved Razia, now he can enjoy royal treatment. Althunia says he wants to leave now as he has to find his way. Yaldos waves him off and tells Razia her path shower himself has lost his way and says let us leave for Delhi now.

Razia sadly says ok. Althunia walks out reminiscing Razia’s words. Razia runs behind and stops him. She gives him read cloth and asks him to keep safe until she meets him again. Althuni leaves with cloth. Servant informs Razia that Yaldos is waiting for her. Razia follows servant.

Ruknuddin gets inebriated and shouts at servants that Nasir will be killed by Altamash soon and he will become future Sultan. He imagines celebration. His pr*stitute mother comes worriedly and says they should go back to Lahore before they are killed. He asks who has courage to touch them. She says Razia won and is coming with Yaldos. He panics and asks what about his throne. She says he can wear throne only if he is alive.

Dumb Altamash comes and asks where are they going.Razia while traveling to Delhi with Yaldos and his soldiers think Mirza Althunia is always in a hurry and did not let her explain. She sees him and thinks it is just her imagination. Althunia comes there with his friend who suggests hhim to walk back as he is dreaming about princess Razia. Althunia says he is right and looking at Razia’s cloth says love does not suit him. Cloth slips and flies in air.

Althunia asks turkan and ruknuddin where are they going. Turkan says ruknuddin wants to practice for tomorrow’s war. Altamash says he came to teach ruknuddin and asks him to folllow him. Ruknuddin worriedly follows him. pr*stitute panics and thinks Yaldos will come here and inform Altamash who will behead her and Ruknuddin.

Ghazni while horse riding with Razia praises her that he is seeing a woman riding horse so well first time. He further says he feels there is some other reason behind Nasir and Althunia’s fight and asks her to explain it clearly. Razia explains him, but he stares at her instead of listening and thinks he is mesmerized with her beauty and is eagerly waiting to get her married, he can even go to hell for her.

Althunia angrily breaking watermelons. Daaru asks him to stop punishing melons and then says he can continue to vent his angst against them.Nasir and Altamash stand against each other with their soldiers for war. Altamash reminisces Nasir’s love for him and then his hatred. He shouts that Ruknuddin is his successor. Nasir shouts Yalgar to start war.

Altamash shouts to stop and says between their fight, many soldiers who are brothers and father son will fight and kill each other, which he never wants and it is a fight between king and traitor/father and son, so he wants to fight with him alone. Sultan Khwacha asks Nasir not to get in Altamash’s trap as he is a best warrior of his time. Nasir shouts that he agrees Altamash’s challenge.pr*stitute Turkan prays god to give strength to Altamash to behead his son Nasir and gives her ugly shitty smile. Nasir and Altamash’s fight starts. Altamash overpowers Nasir easily.

Ruknuddin gets happy seeing that and murmurs that Altamash should kill Nasir. Altamash provokes Nasir that he is an insult for his mother and says he can walk out before being killed and hurls abuses on Qutub. Nasir gets up angrily and easily overpowers Altamash. Just when he is about to kill Altamash, Razia comes on horse and shouts to stop. Yaldos comes with her and tells Nasir that he has gone blind to kill his own father.

He should not forget that he has Altamash’s blood in him. He orders him to remove his sword from Altamash’s neck. Nasir does same. Yaldos picks up Altamash and announces that war is on hold and whoever moves first will be considered as Ghazni’s enemy.Ruknuddin tries to flee, but Yaldos stops him and says he has important announcements. Nasir says there is nothing left now. Yaldos asks him to lower his voice in front of his teacher and says it is his teaching that he overpowered Atlamash.

Nasir bends his head.Fathima informs Qutub and family that war is stopped now and Razia stopped it by going to Ghazni personally and bringing sultan Yaldos here. Qutub says Razia’s act is commendable. Shamshad says if people will know that Razia traveled to Ghazni alone and stopped war, people will lose their faith on Altamash and kingdom. She orders Fathima to inform people that Yaldos alone stopped war.Servants inform pr*stitute Turkan that Yaldos is calling him. She asks to tell that she is unwell. Servants say they cannot. Turkan gets tensed.

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