Razia Sultan update Thursday 30 March 2023

Razia Sultan 30 March 2023: Yakut tells Sultana that it is good to depend on brains rather than heart. You have already made this mistake once. You have already been cheated once. Don’t repeat it. She agrees. I am giving so much importance to Mirza by being emotional. I will focus on my mission now. He is glad. You should rest now.Vaid checks Mirza. He has internal injuries. We are trying to revive him. He reached us late. We will keep him under observation for next 24 hours. Pray for him. They have a stronger effect than medicines. Mirza’s friend sends a servant to bring Maulavi ji.

Yakut covers Razia with a duvet as she sleeps. Yakut does not want Razia to think of anyone but him. You are only mine.Mirza’s friend too prays for his life. Spare my friend’s life.It is windy and stormy. Razia nurses Mirza’s wound. She tends to him assuring him that nothing wrong will happen to him. Be strong. You promised me that you will never leave me. All our dreams are incomplete. We have to live them. She talks to him about whatever they had dreamt of together. I will never fight with you. Get well soon. We have to live them. Mirza replies that he wants to say something to her. She doesn’t want him to trouble himself by talking as it will hurt him. Be quiet. He says he had never thought that this all will happen.

Life will bring me to this point. Everyone will die one day but life never comes to everyone. He breathes his last in her hands. She wakes up screaming Mirza. Yakut gets concerned. She hugs him. Don’t worry everything is fine. Maybe you saw a bad dream. I am with you. Nothing will happen to you. Everything will be fine. Yakut relishes the moment. Razia realises what she did and parts the hug. He asks her if she is feeling better now. What did you see? She does not reply much. I want to be alone for a while and pray. I will feel better. She goes out.

Shah Turkan paces in her cell. She tries to catch the attention of the soldier that is guarding the cell. She talks about the expensive bangles that she wears. Rukn-ud-din asks her not to give it to anyone. I should have it. Shah Turkan stops him. These bangles will only be handcuffs if they stay in there. She addresses the soldier. You can get them if you free us. You don’t get money for being honest. Open this door and your fate will change.

The soldiers distribute clothes and stuff to people upon Mirza’s friends askance. He wants everyone to bless Mirza. Commander doesn’t find it right that they are taking out stuff from the royal treasury without consulting Mirza. Mirza’s friend knows that his friend wont mind it. Prayers are very strong. Maybe one prayer can help Mirza get well. People indeed bless Mirza. A lady asks everyone to trust God. He will take care.The soldier tries to open the lock of the cell but no key fits. Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din get impatient. She tells him not to be scared of anything. Fear is what stops people from doing anything.

Right then an announcement of Shamshad Begum’s arrival is made. Shah Turkan asks the soldier to hurry up but he backs off. Shamshad Begum looks at Shah Turkan and then at the soldier. Shamshad Begum has come to check on her. Why are you holding that expensive bangle in your hand? Shah Turkan gives round about answers. Shamshad Begum knows that she lies all the time. There is no light left in your life now. Tell me the truth now. Who were you forcing to sell his conscience? She looks pointedly at the soldier who gets all tensed. He immediately asks for forgiveness from Shamshad Begum. I fell for her words and got tempted.

I got hold of my mind in time. Please pardon me. Shamshad Begum calls him a traitor too for supporting Shah Turkan. He begs for mercy but in vain. Shamshad Begum makes it clear to everyone that Shar Turkan and her son will never see light again. Whoever helps them will see the worst of me. Shah Turkan tells her not to hold enmity with her. You have nothing. How will you harm me? This darkness can be our fate but this light with eat you just like they ate Qutub Jaan and Nasir. Who knows Razia is alive or not at the moment! Even not, then who knows how long she will live! I have added poison in Mirza and Razia’s life in such a way that they will never come together again. I will be ruined but I will make sure you meet the same fate.

Razia prays that all her loved ones stay safe and healthy. Keep them away from all the problems. Please bless them.Razia and Mirza’s friend spend the entire night praying. Next morning, Mirza opens his eyes. He wants to leave for Delhi asap. The Vaid refuses. You are lucky that you woke up. His commander too wants him to rest. We cannot put your life in risk. Mirza’s friend gives him their friendship’s swear. I will not let you go today. Mirza lies down once again.

Razia pours water on her face. Yakut looks at Razia from a distance. He moves a strand of hair from her face. He caresses her face lovingly. She is all shy to his touch. He leans closer and wipes the water off her face. I wont let anyone come in between us now. She shakes him out of his reverie / dream. She wants to leave for Delhi asap. He thinks that everyone is waiting to reach his destination. You want to reach Delhi while I want you.You cannot be anyone else’s but mine. I wont let any person or mission come between us.

Mirza is getting ready. He tells everyone that he understands their concern but he has to go to Delhi. I have very less time. Things might go out of hand otherwise. Delhi needs me. Commander is not so convinced. You need rest. Mirza sternly tells him that he announced his decision. It is of utmost importance to me that Delhi gets its rightful king. His friend supports him in his decision. Mirza trips while walking. They all rush to his side.

Yakut is grinding some herbs. You will leave when this horse will be in a mood to take any step further. He mixes it in the fodder kept for the horse. These herbs are drugged. You wont be able to walk properly then. I will get to spend some more time with my Sultana. The horse eats it. The horse neighs after eating it. Razia gets concerned. She tries to control the horse but it becomes berserk. Yakut feigns innocence. He is not even letting us stand next to him. How will travel then? Let’s leave him alone for a while. She doesn’t want to lose more time but she has no other option. Yakut smiles.

Mirza stands up with his friends’ help. I am coming to you. His friend cannot understand his madness for Razia. She has ignored your condition and ran away with Yakut. Mirza refuses to believe it that his MOhtarma does not love him. She is mine. Only lovers can understand love. His friend replies that he has lost his right on her by calling her a cheater and by doubting her. Mirza knows that she needs him at the moment. I will have to get her her right come what may! Mirza walks forward.

Yakut and Razia are on the horse. He cannot stop looking at Yakut. He looks away when she looks in his direction. He is happy as the horse wont be able to walk fast in this condition. I can spend more time with her. He is about to touch her shoulder when an eagle hurts him on his hand. It bleeds. Razia recognizes him to be Allah-rakha. She gets down talking to him. He isn’t my enemy but friend. Yakut is angry with Allah-rakha. I will kill it right away. She stops him from doing it. He is my oldest and loyal friend. He is a better judge of people. I don’t know why he hurt you though. He came to help me today. He has come to take my message to Abbu’s loyal people in Delhi.

Mirza asks his horse to take him faster to Razia. Please help me. Our story will be complete now. We have to write new stories of our love.Razia talks to Yakut about her plan for Delhi.A guy wants a leave for a week for Pitr-Paksh rituals. The commander in charge refuses him. Muiz-ud-din talks to that guy. You handle the arms’ group. 4 of your people are already on my side. The guy too agrees to support him. I cannot bear this slavery anymore.Raziz touches the sand as she steps inside Delhi. She rubs it over her forehead. I am here Abbu to get my Delhi and its citizens’ justice.


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