Razia Sultan update Sunday 22 January 2023

Razia Sultan 22 January 2023: Razia happily telling her assistant that because of unknown winner, Ruknuddin lost his chance of becoming subedar. She gets irked seeing pr*stitute turkan. Turkan makes her usual ugly faces and asks if she is not happy seeing her.

Razia says she does not to express something and have something else in mind. Turkan taunts her that Nasir did not win competition and fell from horse. Razia says if Nasir would not have fallen, she would not have seen her son Ruknuddin alive. Turkan continues her ugly laugh and leaves.

Sultan Altamash gets tired waiting for winner. Minister informs winner was not Shah garh’s prince and was an imposter.

Althunia’s boss lashes his slave for stealing roti from his kitchen. Althunia holds his hunter and says he cannot punish a poor man for steal roti. Boss says if he interrupts, he will beat even him. Althunia says just because he ate his food, he is keeping silent, else he would have cut his hand. Boss says acts and says he is afraid of him and shivering and slits slave’s throat. He then says he will kill many slaves and will leave him to bury them.

He tries to slit another slave’s throat when Althunia holds his dagger and beats him. Boss apologizes him and pleads to forgive him. Althunia leaves him and walks. Boss then picks axe and is about to kill him when Althunia’s friend throws knife towards Althunia, he picks it and kills boss.

Turkan tells Sultan that winner was an imposter and he is so irresponsible, so in his absence, Ruknuddin should be made Delhi’s subedar. Sultan asks scholars to give their opinion. Shamshad gets sad and tells now dancer/pr*stitute’s son will rule Delhi now and not brave warrior like Nasir. Razia says she is surprised how can Nasir fall from horse when she tied the seat. She reminisces someone’s presence in horse stable and turkan’s taunts and tells Turkan tricked them and she will not keep quiet.

Qutub asks her not to do anything. Scholar tells Sultan that Turkan is right, they should make ruknuddin as subedar. Ruknuddin and his pr*stitute mother smirk. Razia comes out and says maybe winner does not want to identify himself, they should wait until he comes back.

Althunia’s friend tells it is sin to kill boss, so they should leave Delhi now. Althunia says only he will leave and says slaves that they are free now. Boss’s followers surround him with swords. He asks if they want to die from his hand, jumps, waves good bye and leaves.

Razia says sultan imposter was a real warrior and proved his competency, so he should wait for him. Turkan asks if she will bring him. She says at least people will think sultan gave winner a chance at least. Sultan says Razia’s thinking is right, he will wait for imposter till tomorrow, if he does not wait, he will make ruknuddin as Delhi’s subedar. Razia gets happy while turkan and her son get tensed. Turkan thinks imposter will never come back. Razia thinks if he will come back or not, she will get a chance to prove Ruknuddin tricked and defeated Nasir.

Razia telling her assistants that she has to find out horse’s seat to prove that Nasir was tricked to lose.

Ruknuddin enjoys bath with lady servants. Turkan comes there and asks him to stop enjoying with ladies. He says he will become Delbhi’s subedar soon, so he is celebrating. She says until Razia is there, he will not. She is going to find horse’s seat, so he should find it before her and erase evidence.

Althunia runs in jungle. His boss’s servants follow him. Althunia kills them and reaches palace.

Razia moves towards horse stable and sees Ruknuddin walking towards it. Fathima says he must be going to pick horse seat to erase evidence and asks Razia to go in while she confronts Ruknuddin. Althunia enters palace hiding

from guards. Fathima lures Ruknuddin with her bare legs. He gets lured and starts following her and she hides. Razia reaches stable and asks her assistant to guard outside till she comes back. Fathima continues luring Ruknuddin. He comes near her. She runs again and hides. He says he would have caught her, but he has some important work. She says she fell for him seeing him win the competition. He says he is going on his mom’s work, else he would have lured her and leaves.
Razia gets horse back and gets happy.

Ruknuddin comes and she hides seat under grass. Althunia comes there and falls on her. They both roll on floor and then get up. He holds her mouth and says they both are thieves, so she should believe him. Ruknuddin comes near them, but due to dark walks back. Althunia signals Razia to go, but she does not see his signal. He then holds her hand tight and pushes her towards window. He also goes next to her and stands holding her hand again.

Ruknuddin leaves. Althunia steals horse and asks Razia to come with her, but she stops and he leaves. She thinks if she comes out, Ruknuddin will see her, but that stranger stole horse from her stable, she will not spare him. She goes to get horse seat, but does not find it. He servant Chanda says what if Ruknuddin took it and apologizes him. Razia says she will stop Ruknuddin before he erases evidence.

Razia runs and asks Ruknuddin to stop. Ruknuddin stops. She asks him to give horse seat. He says he did not hear her as he felt flies around his ears. She says he is right, flies sit on dirt. He says if he does not, will he kill her and then says there no guard here, so he will kill her. He takes out dagger. She says he keeps dagger along with conspiracies. He says everything is fair in love and war and says she insulted him in front of everyone, so he will not spare her. Their argument continues.

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