Razia Sultan update Monday 16 January 2023

Razia Sultan 16 January 2023: Razia meeting Nizamuddin’s son and requesting him to free Fathima. He says he will not. She says she will give him sultan’s silver coin. He agrees. She leaves to bring silver coin.

Sultan is enjoying with pr*stitute Shah Turkan. She eats grapes and says they are sour. He says she has problem with her thinking, she is greedy, and asks why did she come. She says if he thinking is wrong, she would have become Delhi’s mallika. She continues her brainwashing and tells about her son Ruknuddin that he can be sultan’s legal heir. Ruknuddin is seen torturing an innocent man. Sultan tells god has given him capable children and takes Ruknuddin’s name last. She gets irked and says she wants her son’s name to be taken first. He says priority is gained by capability. She says he is right and acts as getting sad. He says he can read her mind even in silence and says if Ruknuddin is capable, nobody can stop him from reaching heights. Ruknuddin is shown destroying shops. Sultan says though son’s name is taken last, his mother’s name is taken first and hugs her. pr*stitute smirks.

A shopkeeper kid yells at Ruknuddin for breaking his pots. Ruknuddin picks him head down. Kid asks him to leave and give his money. Ruknuddin says he will see how will rescue him. Razia comes there and asks him to leave kid. He then asks kid to behave with this man and apologize. Ruknuddin drops kid on floor. Razia asks kid to do as she says. She asks him to apologize man by touching his feet. Kid in lieu of apologizing ties Ruknuddin’s feet. Razia says he has forgiven kid.

Ruknuddin asks who is she and asks if she knows who is he. Razia throws him in dirt. Public start laughing. Razia says she does not know who he is, but she is this soil’s daughter and these people are he siblings, and if anyone misbehaves with her siblings, she will destroy him/her. She says this is Delhi’s soil, if he tries his power, he will fall flat. She removes her veil and says she is Altamash’s daughter, princess Razia. Ruknuddin says if she hears his name, she will get frightened and if not, she can keep a dog his name. She asks which breed he is. He angrily tries to confront her, but his friend stops him and says he will pay shop keepers. Kid thanks princess and she leaves while everyone bow their neck in respect.

Servants help pr*stitute get ready. She yells at them to be careful with her golden thread dupatta, else she will kill them. Ruknuddin comes with dirt smeared face. She asks who did this and she will punish the culprit. He says princess Razia. She gets silent. She asks if she got afraid. She says shahi harem’s ladies don’t go out, then why did she go out. Ruknuddin says if she does not teach Razia a lesson, he will. She asks him to calm down until eid, he will make dance Razia and whole Delhi on her tune. He asks what will happen after eid.

Razia comes to her mother’s room, sees her sleeping and tells her how she rescued Fathima. She tells she knows she must have been crying alone. She sees her bruised hand and tells she will not leave her alone anytime. Qutub wakes up and asks whom she is talking alone. Razia wipes her tears and says she did not get sleep and got afraid alone, so she came to her room. Qutub says her daughter cannot lie at all and hugs her. She wishes her eid mubarak.

Ruknuddin asks his pr*stitute mother what is there in this eid that she came barefoot from Lahore. She says she came for her son’s future.

Shamshad’s servant informs her that pr*stitute has come with her son. She asks servant to spy on pr*stitute and her son as she has come with vested interests. She asks her to tell Qutub to be alert.

pr*stitute Shah Turkan feeding her son. He complains that she stopped him from punishing a boy who cut his kite thread. She gives him a box and he sees fingers in it. She says she cut boy’s fingers as his gift.

Qutub, Shamshad and other royal ladies recite eid prayes. Even men along with Sultan recite eid prayers and Sultan wishes eid mubarak to his people. Servant informs ladies that prince Naseer is coming in the evening with khafila/troupe. Shamshad gives her price. She sees Qutub sad and asks her to smile as her son is coming. She sends Razia and Shazia to get gifts from their abbu.

Razia and Shazia reach sultan’s courtyard, wish him eid mubarak and ask their gifts. Sultan gives Shazia a beautiful necklace. Razia asks where is her gift.

He gives a letter and says it is Fathima’s releasing letter and he has signed them, she has to take Nizamuddin’s son’s signature. She thanks him for knowing she needs. He says his daughter is very innocent and he is proud of her.

Shamshad tells Qutub that prince Naseeruddin is sultanat’s future king and she has to convince sultan to make him subedar and make sure sultan celebrates eid with her instead of pr*stitute as pr*stitute will sak sultan to make her son as subedar as eid’s gift. Qutub says a pr*stitute cannot be equal to queen and sultan and she will not let her son’s right to anyone else.

Razia takes permission from sultan to leave as she has to meet Nizamuddin’s son. He permits. While walking out of courtyard, she sees pr*stitute’s son Ruknuddin and thinks of complaining about him to sultan. Ruknuddin meets sultan. Sultan says Razia that ruknuddin is her brother and his son. Razia is shocked to hear that. Ruknuddin says he has brought gift and brings horse. Sultan likes it. Ruknuddin asks Razia to identify its breed. She says it must be kathiawadi. He says she is wrong and says it is balochi and is wild. Razia says in Delhi they tie wild horses to tame them. Ruknuddin gets irked hearing this. Razia takes permission from sultan again and leaves.

Qutub guides servant to arrange her room before sultan arrives. Shamshad comes and Qutub says she has arranged as she said. Shamshad sends servants out and tells Sultan is celebrating eid with pr*stitute shah turkan and her son. Qutub gets irked and walks towards pr*stitute’s room yelling at her. She shouts at her and asks if she has any dignity. Prositute says she is a pr*stitute and does not have dignity. Qutub slaps her and challenges that sultan with celebrate eid with her.

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