Razia Sultan update Sunday 12 February 2023


Razia sultan 12 February 2023: The episode starts with Razia telling Althunia that she is a princess and he is just a hippie who does not even have a place or food to eat and wanders from place to place. Their argument continues. He asks if all her love was fake. She throws money at him and says it is his payment. He asks what about the moment he spent with her. She throws a tray full of money and says it is for his time.

She calls soldiers and asks them to take him out. Lithuaniaa pleads with her not to snatch his love and to stop him. His necklace falls. The soldier picks it up and asks if he stole it. Razia says it is not hers and to return it to Althunia. Althunia continues pleading to return his love while being dragged out by soldiers.

Once he is taken away, she cries and shouts his name in pain. Fathima enters, and she, and continues crying vigorously. Fatima tries to console her. She says princesses don’t have the right to love. Althunia’s kerchief comes down flying and she tries to pick, but it flies again.

pr*stitute Turkan wears a burka. Her son tells Nasir’s throning ceremony is in full swing, and how will she execute her plan between so many people? She boasts about herself and says she knows how to execute her plan well with burkha between 1000s of people.

Soldiers drag Althunia out of the palace and tell people that he is a thief and had entered princess Razia’s room to steal. Altunia shouts that there is no place for love in this world. Soldiers say he is very intelligent and trying to divert them, so they will teach him a lesson and surround him. Althunia reminisces Razia’s insult and pushes all the soldiers at once on the floor.

Althunia is kicked out of the palace and he yells at Razia that she used him and his heart. Razia in the palace feels guilty. Shazia comes there and taunts her that everyone is praising would Ghazni queen and asks how did she fall in love with rich Yaldos. Razia asks her to stop taunting.

Shamshad calls Qazi to fix Razia’s nikah/marriage with sultan Yaldos. Altamash says he is not happy about this alliance and even Razia seems unhappy. Razia comes. He asks if she is happy with this marriage or if she is accepting it under pressure. Shamshad says this is the best alliance for Razia and if she is happy or not what difference it makes. Altamash says it does make a difference and Razia’s happiness matters to her. Shamshad says Razia herself agreed to marry Yaldos. Razia says she is okay with the marriage and walks out. Nasir says this marriage cannot happen as Yaldos has many wives and Razia is special and cannot be one among them. She needs a man who cares for her and makes her feel special. Althunia says he is right, even though he is not happy with this alliance. He will tell Yaldos that this marriage cannot happen.Althunia tells Daru that he needs an answer from Razia. Daru says she is a princess and will get him hanged. He says he does not care.


Razia in her room feels sad reminiscing about Althunia. She asks servants to give her anklets and they hand them over to her. She sees Althunia in the mirror and gets happy, just her imagination. Althunia dorns an anklet on her ankle and asks how is she feeling becoming queen of his heart. She says she has promised Yaldos and cannot break it. He says the heart’s promise is the most important in the world and cannot escape from it. They both get romantic and are about to kiss when Razia hears Yaldos’s voice and wakes up. She gets up and says she would have called her instead of coming. He says he does not want to trouble her legs and tries to get intimate. Razia says as per royal rule, they cannot see each other before marriage. The servant informs Yaldos that Nasir and Altamash called him. He whispers in Razia’s ears that Qazi must have fixed the marriage date, so they called him. He is waiting for the day when he will get intimate with her. Razia fumes in anger.

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