Razia Sultan update Monday 20 February 2023


Razia sultan 20 February 2023: The episode starts with Mirza seeing Razia and Shazia cooking food in kitchen. To make Razia jealous, he asks Shazia to go and rest. Razia taunts him that he will cook food instead of Mirza. Mirza says he will and asks Shazia again to go and rest. She leaves. Razia starts taunting him and their nok jhok starts. She starts cleaning table repeatedly while talking. He says if she had cleaned her heart like this, she would have seen what is in it. Fathima comes there and tells Razia how a savior named sultan saved people from Ruknuddin’s puppet goons and made then run for their life. Razia listens surprisingly. Mirza thinks she does not know Razia herself is sultan. He jokes that sultan has come and everyone looks at door except Razia. He says her that everybody looked at door except her, so he is sure she is sultan. Razia denies.

Fathima says sultan is a great fighter and Razia does not know fighting at all. She further says that sultan got a cut on her hand while fighting and if Razia is sultan, she will be having one.
Razia just then cuts her hand and says she cut it by mistake. Mirza tries to check it, but she snatches hand. Fathima realizes that Razia is sultan. Mirza bandages Razia’s wound and their nok jhok starts again. Turkan comes there and sees mirza holding Razia’s hand. She shouts that is happening here. Yasir comes and says Razia cut her hand by mistake, so Mirza was nursing it. Mirza says kid is right. Shamshad comes there and asks what is happening. Turkan starts taunting and misbehaving and asks if Razia will kill her.

Shamshad says no and asks Mirza to go from there. Turkan says Razia that Shamshad used to her experience now and she should learn from there. She tells her usual ugly one liner tirkittha.. and leaves. Razia looks at Shamshad’s blistered hands and asks why is she tolerating Turkan’s torture. Shamshad says she already told her, until Sultan Altamash gets well, she has to obey Turkan for her children’s sake. Once she leaves, Razia angrily throws all kitchen groceries and utensils. Mirza and Yasir close their ears standing outside. Ruknuddin angrily breaks things in his room reminiscing kingdom people insulting him. Turkan comes and says he is a sultan and should be in control…

He says people are spitting on him and don’t even respect him. She suggests him to destroy Qutub shahi dysnasty’s all evidences to erase them from people’s memories. He says biggest evidence is qutub minar and he will destroy it. Turkan says ugly dialogue again tirkittha. Fathima seeing Razia cooking in kitchen and asking why did she hide from Mirza that she is savior sultan. Razia says Mirza has suffered a lot because of her and she does not want to trouble him more. He is very determined, so he did not go away till now, but she does not want to hold him. She asks her to go while she prepares food.


Mirza comes with spices, but soldiers stop him. He says he is taking spices for Razia’s cuisine. They still stop him. He makes them smell one of spices and they fall down unconscious. Mirza enters into kitchen then and asks Razia if she needs help. She says no. He says she is lying. She continues working unsuccessfully. He reminds her that he is a good cook and she already tasted his cuisines. She reminisces, but says she does not need his help. He continues taunting her. At last, she agrees to take his help and asks him to tell procedure while she cooks.

He taunts that he cannot handle so much respect from her. She irks. He asks if she wants to prepare daal gosht or daal makhani. She yells but says daal makhani. He asks her to wash daal first. She washes daal roughly. He asks her not to torture daal and says he will show her how to wash it. He takes her hands and washes dal. She starts staring at him smilingly. Mera maula mere maula….song plays in the background. They both continue washing daal.

Mirza sees Razia cutting potatoes ruthlessly uneven shaped. He holds her hands and teaches her how to cut evenly she then goes to blow on fire, but could not. Mira helps her and gets his hand burnt in between. She also burns hand holding hot pot but then holds it with cloth and tries to drain water with difficulty. Mirza asks her to let him do, she says she will herself, tries unsuccessfully and says she does not need his help but he can if he wants. He jokes. She says she is asking his help and is about to drop utensil when Mirza holds it drains water.

Razia then starts frying spices in oil for biryani. He gives her dried chillies and tej patta, but she keeps it back and picks double quantity and drops it in oil. Strong fumes start and hits her eyes and she starts shedding tears. Mirza helps her cool down. Ruknuddin comes near Qutub minar and shouts that he will destroy all evidences which have qutub shahi dynasty’s seal. He bombards it. People starts running around seeing it fall. Ruknuddin laughs and says his puppets that he wants it completely vanished and erect a new monument called Firozi minar which will depict sultan ruknuddin firozi’s rule.

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