Rajjo starlife update Wednesday 31 May 2023

Rajjo 31 May 2023; The Episode starts with Rajjo saying I had seen the black colour car, but police said that there are many such cars in the city. Pushkar says you won’t know anything. She says I will know it when Lord hits that man and punishes him, I will not spare him, mum will get conscious soon and tell that person’s name. Rajjo falls in Arjun’s lap while doing some work. They have an eyelock. Urvashi comes. She gets angry. Arjun asks Rajjo to get up. Urvashi asks what was Rajjo doing in your room. Rajjo teases her. Arjun says it was an accident, I was doing my work, she fell over me. Urvashi says its okay, I completely trust you, I can’t say that about this girl. Arjun asks Rajjo to go. Rajjo says no, I got tired. She rests. He says you won’t come anywhere in my room. Rajjo acts to snore. Arjun goes.

Rajjo says its my room, I won’t go out.Kalindi asks Swara for flax seeds. Swara gets the box. She says Madhu is much hurt, you should stand by her, like Chirag stood by Arjun and family. Kalindi says I can stand, but what to do, Madhu asks me to sit silent. Swara says even then try, you are also the bahu of the house, she will think about your rights. Jhilmil looks on. She says Swara is so stupid. Swara goes. Kalindi says thanks Swara for giving me this idea, I don’t have good terms with Urvashi, I have to do something. Urvashi and Rajjo argue.

Rajjo scolds her back. Urvashi slaps her. she says I m after Arjun now, I will be after him, I will become his wife and do everything as planned, if you come in between then destruction will come, I will show a sample tonight, wait for it. She goes. Kalindi comes. She says some women are cunning, having dual character, I could have never known this, thanks to you, you have accused her and got to know that she is deceptive, you are innocent, no one will listen to me, Urvashi is Madhu’s fav. Rajjo asks why are you saying this to me. Kalindi says I will come to the point, I don’t like you and Urvashi, I just worry for this family, we can together stand against Urvashi and bring her truth out. She gives her hand. Rajjo thinks how shall I trust her.

Urvashi asks why do you want to join hands with me, what enmity do you have with Rajjo. Pushkar says I love Kalindi a lot, Rajjo can’t get equal rights like her, so I want to throw Rajjo out of the house, we have the same enemy and same motive, we will fight together. Urvashi shakes hands with him. Rajjo holds Kalindi’s hand.Kalindi says there is no such thing as a perfect crime, if you provoke Urvashi, then she will make a mistake, she just did, she slapped you today. Rajjo says because I angered her. Kalindi says I heard it, if you do this then she will be caught soon. Jhilmil goes to Mukund and scolds him. Mukund says I asked Arjun to take me in business, he didn’t listen. She asks him to beg Arjun if needed.

Arjun says I will sleep in peace today. He hears Urvashi screaming and goes out to see. Urvashi falls. Rajjo jokes. Urvashi says I was coming to see you, I didn’t know Rajjo will be here. Arjun asks Rajjo why are you at the door. Rajjo says I was protecting you, so I was lying here at the door, no evil can cross this Laxman Rekha. Arjun says enough, I m going mad. Urvashi goes. Arjun shuts the door. Rajjo guards.Arjun asking Rajjo to go somewhere else and sleep. He says I want to increase our distance. She says sorry, I won’t move from here, I will guard you. Bandeya…plays.. She lies down.

Urvashi’s mum calls her and asks for money to give to the moneylenders. She says don’t focus on Arjun, but on money. Urvashi says enough, don’t trouble me. Her mum says I will send them to Thakur Nivas, you explain Arjun then. Urvashi says sorry, don’t do this. Her mum asks her to show her colours on Karwachauth, Arjun and his property should come on their side. Urvashi says Rajjo is coming in my way. Her mum asks her to kick Rajjo out of their way. She says do what you want and win everything, I m proud of you. Urvashi gets angry.

Arjun sees Rajjo gone and says she was talking big things, she left. Madhu says I had many dreams of Arjun’s wife. Kalindi says Rajjo is there. Urvashi comes and greets. Madhu says you will become my bahu. Urvashi says let me keep a fast for Arjun. Madhu blesses Urvashi and feeds her the food. Rajjo looks on and thinks what’s happening. Madhu says take all this inside, we will have Sargi rasam. Rajjo says I have to save Arjun from Urvashi.
She sees Madhu doing rituals with Urvashi. She does the same rituals. She says now I have to do work for my mum. She takes the parcels on her shoulders and runs. A coach sees her running fast. Kar har maidan fateh…. plays… He stops her and says sorry, don’t misunderstand me, I had seen your speed, you are unique, you look like an athlete, I will come to the point, you should choose running as your profession, keep my card, there is a big sports academy here, go and give your name. She says I have no money. He says you will get sponsors there. She says I have many responsibilities on me, sorry, I don’t have time. She leaves. Arjun is on the way. He sees Rajjo getting money from someone. Arjun thinks what was that. Rajjo says my first earnings on my own.

Arjun says she just wants money. The man says you have worked really well, amazing, keep up the hard work. Arjun gets angry. He says she does the opposite of what she tells, so I m keeping an eye on her, she is so greedy and cunning. Urvashi talks to Pushkar on call. He asks her to talk to Badru. He says we will make the pole fall over Rajjo and get rid of her. She says your plan is amazing, but dangerous. She acts.

She says do this work alone. He says don’t act smart, we are partner in crime now, you can’t step back, understood, just do as I say. She says sure. He calls her foolish. She calls him cunning. Pushkar meets Mannu and says I fell for your innocent face but now I want to kill you, I can’t kill you, being this hospital’s trustee. He sees Rajjo coming and thinks she had to come at this time, how shall I go now. She comes inside the ward and sees Mannu. She sees the shoes and says whose shoes are these. Pushkar worries.

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