Radha Mohan update Wednesday 31 May 2023

Radha Mohan 31 May 2023: Hriday on the call mentions the rate of someone like Radha always goes up, he had to throw the child in the bore well in order to bring Radha to them, Dadi slaps Hriday angrily calling him a sinner, she questions how did he dare talk about Radha like this.

Radha Mohan 30 May 2023

Radha and Mohan are sitting beside Gungun while she is sleeping,Tulsi exclaims she thought that her daughter would always without a mother but then Radha came and even after they all tried a lot, she is still going to leave this house tomorrow, Tulsi says that the relation of Mohan and Gungun will once again end tomorrow. Mohan exclaims he doesnot know how he would tell Gungun that she is going to leave this house tomorrow and they would have to live without her.

Dulari calls Radha explaining Kadambari has sent the wedding clothes for her and she must start getting ready.Dadi in anger asks if he thought of selling her Granddaughter but she did not believe that he was someone like this, even when Mohan and Gungun tried to warn her but she is not going to bear it anymore,

Dadi turns to go and tell Mohan the truth but Hriday hits her on the head with a metal rod, she falls unconscious on the floor.Dulari exclaims if she tells the truth, she always used to get irritated by her but is really happy after what she did for Gungun, Radha doesnot understand it and asks how can she get married,

he turning asks Mohan if he knew about it,Mohan asks if she did not know about it when Radha says would she have asked him this question if she knew about it, she exclaims they would have to think about Gungun. Mohan explains Lata jee would not be ready to change the wedding date, she has to marry Hriday either today or in the future.

He holding the hand of Gungun explains he was with her when Raha did not come into their life and will stay by her side when she leaves, he vows to take care of her. Radha is looking at Mohan who also holds the hand of Gungun, they both are looking at each other.Gungun opens her eyes to see them staring at each other.

Radha keeps on remembering how Mohan saved her from the well, and even hugged her before exclaiming that if Radha is present then Mohan would also be by her side.Gungun once again looks to Radha, she refuses to get married hearing which Gungun starts smiling but Mohan is stunned, Radha explains she would never get married to Hriday.

Mohan does not understand so asks about the reason, Radha replies when does she lie, Mohan doesnot believe it and in excitement exclaims they should not think about getting married. Radha explains she feels this wedding is not right for her and from the first day she feels as if something was living behind, Mohan is excited to see Gungun awake explaining she got such a big news right after opening her eyes.

Radha informs that she never feels Hriday is the right match for her, Mohan explains to Gungun how Radha is not getting married to Hriday anymore, he assures of talking with Dadi since she might scold him but he feels she has gotten habitual of fighting with him.Radha replies that she would be the one to talk with everyone but wants to talk with Hriday first as he is the one getting ruined,

Mohan replies there is no need to talk with him since he is not a nice guy and they must not talk with him, Tulsi seeing that Gungun is tensed tries to ask what is the problem with her. Mohan finally agrees that Radha should go and talk with Hriday, Gungun once again tries to stop her but Radha leaves assuring, she would come after talking with Hriday.Hriday puts Dadi in the corner before pulling out the gold chain from her neck questioning if she thinks of taking it to her grave,

he is stunned to see Radha standing behind him and she asks what is he doing here all alone, Hriday replies he felt like staying alone and also wanted to make a call. Radha explains she wanted to say this in front of the entire family but now wants to talk with him, she reveals it is better to not marry someone whom they donot love as it is not marriage but a promise so they cannot get married,

she explains that she needs her the most, Hriday takes the name of Mohan but Radha replies she only meant Gungun.Gungun in the room screams the name of Radha, Mohan replies that Radha went to do what they were trying since a long time, Tulsi requests him to see that Gungun is trying to say something.

Hriday asks why can she not say it clearly that she loves Mohan, Radha is stunned asking why is he talking to her like this, Hriday replies because ever since he came, she only talked about Mohan jee and went after him, she is the one who agreed to marry him so they would surely get married, Radha replies it is her decision whom she wants to get married but she will never marry someone like him.

Mohan asks if he thinks that by talking about Radharani, he would get married to her as only those who are worthy get married to someone like her.Hriday exclaims she would have to get married with him, she pushes him away explaining this is why she was feeling restless as Bihari jee knew that he is not worthy of her,

Hriday exclaims that her Dadi promised to get them married, Radha replies that she only worries for her happiness and would have surely slapped him if she saw him talking to her like this.Mohan exclaims Radha would surely throw Hriday out, Gungun hesitantly explains that he is not a fool but a criminal, Mohan doesnot understand so Gungun explains he is the one who their her in the bore well,

Mohan is not able to believe it when Gungun explains she saw the photo of him in the newspaper which is why he ran after her and then finally threw her in the bore well. Gungun explains Radha went to refuse but Mohan replies that Hriday would not accept it, he rushes after Radha.

Radha replies that she is glad that she saw his real face before they got married and now she would tell everyone the truth about him, Radha turns but then notices the chain of her Dadi in his pocket, she turning asks him about it, he informs that she gave it to him as a gift for their wedding, Radha explains that she would never give him this chain as it was a gift from her Grandfather and she never takes it off,

she explains how she can clearly see that he is lying.Radha tries calling her grandmother, she starts to wake up and requests Radha to run away as he is not a nice person, Radha slowly walks over to the corner where her Dadi is lying on the floor,

Radha is about to call her when Hriday pulls her from behind, covering her mouth. Hriday exclaims he has gotten tired of playing this role and would surely do what he has come here for. They both start to struggle when Dadi also holds one of his legs but Hriday hits her on the face before pulling Radha away while she calls for her Dadi,

Radha starts screaming asking him to let her go but Hriday replies he has had enough of her drama and would only leave only after his work is finished; Dadi tries her best to stop him but Hriday hits her on the face before pulling Radha away.Kadambari is talking on the phone when Ajit is walking upstairs and Mohan asks if he saw Radha, Ajit doesnot know so Kadambari questions what has happened, Mohan explains he cannot find Radha hearing which she gets tensed so Mohan explains that Hriday is not a nice person,

Kadambari doesnot understand, Mohan explains Hriday is the one who threw Gungun in the bore well. Mohan rushes outside asking Ajit to also search for her.Tulsi enters the room while Kaveri and Damini both are sleeping, Tulsi pulls of the quilt because of which Kaveri wakes up,

she tries to also wake Damini explaining that she feels Tulsi has once again come to beat them, Damini refuses to wake up explaining how she feels as if she has broken her muscles after today, she doesnot wake up which worries Kaveri, she holding her hand together requests Tulsi to be a little considerate today while beating them since she can still feel the pain from the last time. Tulsi agrees saying they both did not let her help Gungun so she is going to break her bones this time.

Tulsi slaps Kaveri seeing which Damini wakes so Tulsi also slaps her, Damini gets worried when Tulsi explains that she would have saved her daughter a lot earlier if they had not filled the mind of Kadambari with doubts, she vows to not leave her daughter just as she refused to help Gungun.
Hriday is pulling Radha out of the house while she is struggling, Mohan is also searching for Radha in the house but is not able to find her, Radha is trying her best but Hriday manages to hold onto her.

Gungun is really worried in her room wondering where did Radha go, she thinks if he is not with that bad man so prays to Bihari jee that he should protect Radha.Radha while struggling manages to force the stand to fall down, Gungun hears the sound so rushes to the window, she is shocked seeing that Hriday is pulling Radha towards the car, she recalls how he threatened to kill her.

Mohan enters the room asking if they have seen Radha, Kaveri replies she did not when Mohan explains he is searching for her since Hriday threw Gungun in the bore well, Kaveri is stunned so Mohan leaves asking if she did not come here, Tulsi also gets worried thinking about Radha so vows to teach them a lesson later.Rahul and Ketki are helping Dadi, Mohan rushes to her asking why is she bleeding, she explains Hriday left her outside after beating her and forcefully took Radha with him, they all do not understand anything when she explains he was forcing her away,

Dulari comes explaining she saw Lata jee leave in the auto and she also left her belongings here, Mohan gets worried. Mr Trivedi comes explaining even Gungun is not in her room, Mohan questions how is this possible since she was just there but Mr Trivedi reveals he did not find her now so she must have left.Hriday is forcing Radha into the car while Gungun manages to hide behind it, she is not able to call Mohan for help. Radha and Hriday both are struggling which causes the trunk of the car to open,

Gungun recalls how she pushed Radha into the trunk so also decides to not leave Radha alone just as she was always there to help her, Gungun climbs into the trunk closing it.Hriday after struggling hits the head of Radha against the dashboard of the car causing her to become unconscious, he exclaims now no one would come to help her when Mohan is not around them.Pandit jee consoles Dadi assuring that nothing would happen to either Gungun or Radha. Kadambari wonders why is Mohan not answering his calls and she prays he should have found anything,

Mohan explains they both are still searching for them, he advises her to search the room of Hriday as they would surely find a proof against him., Ketki questions what happened when Kadambari explains they all should search the room to find any proof.Lata jee enters the room from the window thinking how they all think she has run away but she cannot leave without taking the money and proof against Damini as this is the only thing which would help her stay out of jail as Damini doesnot know she took her photo.

Lata ji takes out the money from the window but then hears the voice of Rahul so gets worried, Rahul opening the room is stunned that the Almirah is open so asks if Dulari came here, she replies that she did not come here. They all start searching the room when Rahul finds the pack of cigarettes and explains that Gungun was telling the truth so they should have believed her,

Ajit also finds the bottle of water, Lata jee under the bed thinks how she asked him to not keep the bottle but he never listens to her, Ketki manages to find the box containing the money, Mr Trivedi is stunned so questions how can the pujari have so much money with him.

Kadambari asks them to search the room as they would surely find a proof, Ketki manages to find the documents but doesnot notice the photo falling from it, Kaveri is stunned seeing it so starts acting as if she is really tensed wondering where could have, they gone, Damini manages to pick the photo which worries Lata.

Rahul exclaims they have not been able to find any proof against Hriday, and they have to inform Mohan about it would help them, the sarree of Kadambari gets stuck in the bed and she is not able to remove it when Rahul helps her before leaving, Lata is relieved but she doesnot know that Tulsi is right beside her, she manages to hit Lata who gets scared thinking Hriday was telling the truth. The Trivedi family hear her screaming so rush to the room, Damini and Kaveri are stunned but manage to pick her up before the rest of them come.

Lata warns Damini to help her otherwise she would tell the entire family, Damini asks her to follow her instructions when Lata assures that she doesnot know anything about Hriday since she just came to take her money, Damini calls the inspector asking him to come here and arrest her, Kadambari explains that she is saying she doesnot know anything to which the inspector assures everyone starts speaking at the police station, Lata jee tries explains she is not to blame for it,

but Damini stops her from revealing her truth, Kaveri also threatens to give her a curse.The inspector takes her away after which Damini breathes a sigh of relief, Dadi exclaims she made a really big mistake mentioning how she would always call Radha with half a mind but she herself doesnot know anything, Kadambari asks why is she blaming herself, Dadi mentions how she is at fault for trusting them both but also broke the promise which made to her dying mother,

as she had promised to always take care of Radha but did not even manage to protect her. Kadambari explains why do they always blame the Grandparents and the mothers as she has strong belief that Mohan would surely manage to bring Radha back without any problem, Dadi prays how this is exactly how it should happen.

Hriday stops the car and going to opening the door of Radha exclaims he has finally brought the lottery ticket to be cashed, he praises himself. Mohan is frantically searching for Radha and is really worried.

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