Radha Mohan Zeeworld update Friday 2 February 2024

Radha Mohan 2 February 2024: Mohan says to Damini that Radha is wrongly blaming Maa so Damini should prove there is no poison in this kheer by eating it, Damini is tensed seeing how Radha is pushing the Kheer towards her, she refuses to eat it, Radha asks the reason for it, Damini hesitantly replies because she unlike Radha does not have any interest in snatching the right of others. They all are confused, Damini says Maa has made this kheer just for Radha so she is not going to humiliate Maa and Shivratri, she tries to leave but Radha stopping her explains even she has immense importance, but she also knows that relations are not broken because of the kheer, Radha says this is why Damini would have to eat this Kheer no matter the situation, Damini is really worried.

The neighbors are trying to listen when Gungun exclaims,

she must go and be with Radha, Ketki stops her taking away from the room.
Damini agrees to eat the Kheer but on just one condition that Maa will give her all the rights of the daughter in law and even Mohan is going to accept her as his wife in front of everyone, Kadambari angrily questions what Damini is saying and even Mohan refuses to say anything in front of Gungun. Damini says Maa wants to protect the reputation of their family while he wants to stay with Gungun, but what about her as should she always suffer the humiliation. Damini agrees to have this Kheer if Mohan gives her the right, Radha asks Damini to stop this situation and have this kheer, she thinks she is not even going to let her eat it as she is not like Damini but just wants to prove her actions in front of everyone, Damini once again tries to leave instructing Radha to remove it, Radha stops Damini asking why should she remove it, she explains Damini would have to eat it no matter the situation, Kaveri seeing the situation requests someone to protect her daughter, Radha asks what do they have to protect her daughter from because if there is no poison in the Kheer then what is the problem, Kaveri says she meant they have to protect Damini from Radha.

Radha once again forces Damini to have it, she says she will only do it after she gets the right of a wife, Radha keeps forcing Damini to have it but she replies she would only do it after she gets the right, Mohan takes the bowl from them both saying they should stop this drama and if they only have to prove there is poison then he is going to eat it, Radha at once requests Mohan to not have it, Damini also tries to stop him but Kaveri stops her saying she will herself reveal the truth. Mohan replies that he has to prove the truth, so will eat it, Tulsi is also requesting Mohan to not eat it and tries to stop him but is not successful, Radha is shocked staring at Mohan and even asks him to not have it, he asks if he is saying there is no poison in it then why is Radha so worried. Radha once again takes the bowl from him.

The guests also come to try and listen but Ajeet stop them all and even Rahul comes saying this matter relates to their family so they all should go and stop listening.

Radha informs she is the wife of Mohan so has to bear all the problems before him, even if it means drinking the poison so she is also going to eat the Kheer before him, Tulsi questions what Radha is saying, she requests Mohan to stop her.

Radha starts looking at the bowl of Kheer and slowly starts eating it until all the Kheer has finished, Mohan is staring at her and Kadambari is also tensed however Radha slowly opens her eyes and is still standing in front of Mohan, he keeps staring at her then suddenly yells there is ghost. Kaveri getting worried asks if Mohan saw Tulsi.
Kadambari yells at Mohan who says that Radha died after eating the Kheer but then even returned back, he asks how is she able to do all this and mentions it has been proven that there is no poison in the Kheer. Kadambari calling Radha says she has gotten the habit of ruining her trust, she questions what Radha got after causing humiliation to her family. Kadambari exclaims it is enough as everyone is waiting outside so they must leave. Damini and Kaveri both walk out of the room when Kaveri says she does not know what Radha is made up off because she was not affected by it, Damini says she cannot understand why the poison did not affect Radha.

Radha also walks out of the room when she thinks she is sure Damini has poison in the kheer, she is walking when Gungun suddenly rushes to hug her and asks if Radha was able to prove that Damini has mixed poison in the Kheer. Mohan says there is no poison in the Kheer, Gungun asks how she knows it. Mohan replies because Radha eat all of the Kheer and still nothing happened to her, the neighbors are also very confused. Gungun gets shocked asking Radha if she ate the kheer, she turns to Mohan saying that Radha never lies so he must now take her to the hospital because if something happens to her, Mohan says nothing wrong is going to happen to her because she is still standing in front of her. Gungun once again hugs Radha asking if she is fine, the neighbors question what had happened when Kadambari explains that it was just a family problem which they were trying to solve and such things happen in families, the neighbors talk how something wrong has surely happened. Gungun is still crying as she is worried about Radha, Kadambari calls Gungun explaining nothing wrong has happened to Radha.

Ketki blames that Radha has just gotten the habit of ruining all the events, Rahul also blames Radha for lying and even if she was poisoned then nothing would ever happen to her. Damini whispers to Kaveri that she feels that the poison was fake, Kaveri wonders if they cannot even kill someone using poison.

Kadambari asks them all to come as they have to perform the pooja, Damini getting shocked asks if she still wants to have this pooja when Radha ruined her reputation, Kadambari tries to stop Damini but she does not listen explaining they have all known her for quite some time but she has never done anything of the sort, they all started supporting Radha ever since she came into this house but what should they do to her now. Mohan angrily asks her to stop explaining that Radha has already ruined their reputation so now she must not also start doing the same, Radha holds both of her hands together and apologizes to them all, she suddenly starts feeling dizzy when Gungun wonders what is happening to her, Radha thinks why is she feeling so dizzy and wonders if there was actually poison in the Kheer, she tries to remain calm but is really dizzy, Gungun is also worried.

Radha feels a little dizzy so she calls Mohan, Gungun notices that something is wrong with Radha, who is not able to see anyone clearly, she wonders why is she feeling dizzy thinking if there was actually poison in the Kheer, Radha feels like vomiting and is not able to control herself, Kadambari notices that she is not well and even Damini along with Kaveri notice it, Kaveri exclaims Radha has once again started acting.

Mohan turns back to see that Radha is not well, she after doing her best to control it finally vomits blood seeing which everyone is shocked, Damini gets tensed wondering what would happen, Kadambari is not able to believe her eyes, Ketki and Ajeet also get scared. They all realize that Radha was telling the truth, Mohan hesitantly takes the name of Radha, Kadambari holds Gungun
who is really scared. Radha after staring at them is about to fall however Mohan holds Radha, as she is dizzy, she explains she was not lying and she would never lie to him, and she was not even blaming Maa jee, but it was all the truth, she blames Damini for all that has happened before falling unconscious, Mohan requests Radha to wake up however she does not respond. Kadambari angrily turns to Damini who is scared, Tulsi also asks Mohan to do something.
Mohan picks Radha in his arms when Damini once again tries to say that Radha is just acting however Mohan walks out after scolding her. Kaveri whispers to Damini that this poison was real, so they both should be prepared to go to the hospital as Mohan will surely try to find out the truth.

Mohan is running in the hospital while holding Radha in his arms, Kadambari along with the rest of the family is also with him, Tulsi prays in the Hal of the hospital that Radha should be protected.

Mohan is running when he bumps into a doctor, Mohan requests him to check Radha as she has drank the poison, the doctor asks if it is a suicide case or someone has tried to kill her, Mohan mentions they are going to talk about it later but he for the time being should check her. Gungun is also crying, Mohan places Radha on the stretcher assuring he is by her side and will not let anything happen to her, she should not lose hope. Damini is furious seeing the concern of Mohan.

Kadambari assures Gungun that nothing is going to happen to Radha as the doctor will surely help her. Gungun angrily stares at Mohan who is really tensed.

The doctor start performing the treatment of Radha as she is unconscious, Mohan is staring at her while standing on the door looking through the window. Tulsi stands beside Radha requesting her to open her eyes, she wonders what can she do now as she does not even have any way to protect Radha, Tulsi tries to touch Radha but is not able to do anything, Tulsi while crying wonders what is going on when Radha considers her as the elder sister however she cannot do anything for her, Tulsi once again requests Radha to open her eyes just once, she even makes Radha swear on the life of Gungun and Mohan however she does not respond. Mohan is also crying when he sees the doctor checking the vitals.

Mohan standing remembers when Radha mentioned that this kheer is poison and blamed that Damini mixed poison in it before the pooja. He refused to believe her and said she was lying, Radha still ate the Kheer saying she is his wife so would suffer all the pain in his life before him, which is why she vomited blood.

Gungun is heartbroken sitting with Kadambari.

Damini slowly walks to Mohan and places her hand on his shoulder assuring there is no need to be worried, she explains Radha would be completely fine. The entire family is worried.

Damini rests her head against the shoulder of Mohan, when Gungun pushes Damini away saying she must stay away from Mohan, the entire family is shocked seeing this behavior of Gungun who blames Damini is behind it, as she mixed poison in the Kheer of Radha. The entire family is shocked, Tulsi explains Gungun is telling the truth as this is all because of Damini. Gungun blames Damini wanted to kill her and she even throws the tray in the hospital so Mohan tries to stop her.

Gungun walks in front of Damini explaining that Radha said to everyone there was poison in the Kheer, but no one believed her, she turning to Kadambari explains even she said that Radha never lies however they refused to believe her and believed Damini while forcing Radha to stand alone.

Mohan remembers how Ketki also said that Radha is just habitual of lying and making stores, while Rahul also said that even poison would have no effect on her. Mohan remembers when Gungun asked him to take Radha to the hospital as she never lies however, he also refused to believe her.

Gungun turning says Mohan is wrong because anyone who loves him tends to die, they all are shocked hearing it, Gungun explains her mother loved him, but she died, Damini is shocked hearing it, Gungun says even Radha really loves him so she will also die, Kadambari cannot understand what she will do. Mohan assures that nothing will happen to Radha, Gungun however pushes him away seeing which Mohan is shocked, Gungun explains Radha loves them all, but they do not care for her, she says they all are very bad and Gungun threatens to leave the house if anything happens to Radha today. Gungun once again says she hates him, before walking away and Kadambari follows her.

Tulsi also says that if anything happens to Radha today then he will also lose his daughter so Mohan should protect Radha.

Damini once again tries to explain that she knows it, Mohan angrily pushes Damini in the corner saying Radha kept insisting she saw Damini outside the window of the kitchen and she even saw the cap of the poison bottle, but he was stupid to not believe her, Damini asks why he is believing Radha when she keeps on lying, she tries to assure she is not lying. Mohan asks who else would do it because Maa will never do anything of the sort and who else can do such evil things. Kaveri defends Damini saying she cannot kill even an insect, so he is going to kill her. Mohan says he is not that kind of a person who would harm a woman, but they should also be not like those people because if anything happens to his Radha then they do not even know what he is going to d with them. Mohan angrily walks away, hearing which Damini and Kaveri are stunned.

Kaveri informs Damini that Mohan is furious this time and if anything happens to Radha today then he is surely going to kill them both, she explains this means they should run away.

Damini asks if she heard what he said, My Radha, which means that even after so many efforts he still loves Radha, so what would happen to her. Kaveri suggests that she would get Damini married after finding a suitable boy but if they find out the truth then would be sent to jail. Damini explains that her plan will only start with the death of Radha, because even Tulsi died however she was not able to end his feelings for her so she will not make the same mistake twice as she has to end his love for Radha. Damini thinks Mohan has once again broken her heart today and he must pay the price for his actions, Tulsi gets worried wondering what Damini is planning she is really tensed.

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