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Radha Mohan 28 May 2023: Mohan informs that if anything happens to Radha then he would not be able to forgive himself, Radha is sure nothing would happen to her since Abhimanyu went alone but she has him by her side, her Mohan jee and Bhagwan so she is sure he would not let anything happen to her,

she is looking at him with immense hope while he is holding the rope. Kadambari prays that Bhagwan jee should take care of both Radha and Gungun, Ajit also agrees with her mentioning who else would do anything to protect Gungun. Damini explains she would not forgive Radha if anything happens to Gungun, Kadambari requests her to calm down since Radha only did this to protect Gungun.

Mr Trivedi also prays that Radha should remain safe. Damini tries to walk away but Kaveri says she must stay here but Damini replies that she cannot see Hriday here and he has become something of a problem for her which she cannot even throw out so must take care of him.Hriday is shocked asking what is she saying, Damini replies that Radha indeed went into the well, Lata jee exclaims that she doesnot want to be a part of this so Damini should give them their one million,

Damini replies she cannot leave like this so Hriday asks what is the problem because if Radha is out of the picture, then he would leave, Damini explains that their part is still not complete and even if Radha dies, he would have to cry on her death. Hriday mentions it is not their problem so he must leave, Damini says if he leaves then people might also raise questions on her, Hriday agrees to stay but doesnot care of Radha any more, he just wants two million.

Damini questions if he doesnot think it is a little too much but Hriday replies that he took care of both Gungun and Radha, Damini agrees to his demands so Hriday and lata both run out crying, Damini thinks that the police will catch him if they manage to see his face.Hriday reaches the location and calling Radha runs to fall on the floor, they all wonder what is he doing but Hriday then covers his face with the mud, the inspector asks Rahul who is the person so Hriday informs that he is the fiancé of Radha.

Hriday explains he went to pray to Bhagwan that he should send Gungun outside but she also went in, she should have at least thought about Dadi before doing something like this, he exclaims he would also go inside to protect Radha jee, Mr Trivedi stops him mentioning he must not lose hope as they would surely be able to protect Radha and Gungun, Hriday replies he cannot control himself anymore,

lata jee mentions she knows how much he loves Rada but he should not lose his senses in this situation and remain calm, Hriday doesnot want to listen to anything and says he would have to bring her out. Hriday requests Mohan to help Radha.Gungun informs that she is scared so requests Radha to pull her out, Tulsi exclaims that only Radha is the one who can protect Gungun by putting her own life at risk.

Hriday sits down on when he explains he cannot live without Radha, Damini informs that Radha has just went straight to Gungun and he must do something otherwise they might be ruined.The major explains that Radha has made it more difficult to save Gungun, Mohan doesnot understand when the major mentions that Radha is on top of Gungun and if she tries to pick her up then might cause her to die,

the doctor also explains that she might cause problems for them both, Radha mentions she jumped after thinking with her mind and which is why she gave him the rope of her life, he must believe that she can bring Gu8ngun out of this well, she would surely bring Gungun out along with herself and so this is why she trusted him, he is always angry because he did not get the chance to save Tulsi jee but today he has gotten a chance to save Gungun and must believe in her,

Mohan thinks that he indeed believes in her but what about what these people are saying, Mohan exclaims nothing would happen to Radha and Gungun until Mohan is alive. Tulsi starts smiling.Mohan asks Radha to bring Gungun outside and he is with her, Major asks what is he doing so Mohan replies that she put her entire trust in him and jumped so today her trust would surely win, he assures that she would surely bring Gungun out as she has both Radha and Mohan.

Pandit jee explains that she has jumped into the well and the name Radha Mohan is like that even Yamraj jee cannot stand in front of them, Kadambari requests him to not lose hope.Radha asks Gungun to see that her entire family is waiting for her outside the well so is she ready to climb, Gungun asks what should they do so Radha mentions she must hold her hand and try to climb till her waist,

Gungun however refuses that she would not be able to do it so the entire family starts cheering for her saying that she will be able to did it, Gungun slowly starts to reach but Radha suddenly slips and is about to fall, they all are stunned hearing this and get tensed but Radha has been able to hold herself once again, Mohan questions if she is fine, Radha replies that she is fine and even Gungun is okay, they all are worried.

Major once again explains that if the child tries to pull herself so they both might fall and die, Mohan says she has to think of another idea.Radha asks Gungun to hold her hair, they all are stunned hearing this when Radha replies if she holds her feet then it might cause her to slip but her hair are really strong, major says that this might cause her neck to break.

Gungun says she cannot do it as she might fall once again but Radha replies this is the only way they can get out, Gungun replies but she is really tired and cannot leave. Radha says she will tell her a story so explains that when she was her age, she was really scared. She would not go alone to the market and even felt scared sleeping alone, she refused to even go to the room,

but one day her Dadi while working feel in the same room so starts calling her, but she was so scared that even her feet were not able to move, but they all have the chance to fight with their fears at least once in their life. Major starts panicking explaining they do not have much time so Radha must think of something else.

Radha explains she after a while started speaking something so she even went to the room and helped her Dadi, this happened because of the love that her family had for her as this is what makes us live. She mentions her entire family is waiting for her upstairs and no one would be able to live without her, so she must speak it with her. Gungun refuses to hold it as she might get hurt,

but radha replies that no matter what happens her hair would not break since her Dadi has made her drink a lot of milk and dry fruits. Major is really impressed with the way Radha managed to convince Gungun.Radha turns asking Gungun to hold her hair as she would not feel any sort of pain, Gungun after reading it holds her hair but Radha screams from pain, the entire family is stunned hearing this and get worried.


Radha asks Gungun to take a hold of her hair while she turns, the major praises Radha when Mohan replies this is her way. Radha turns back instructing Gungun to hold her hair, Gungun starts reciting the sentence which Radha taught, as she holds her hair Radha starts to groan with pain. They are able to see and encourage Gungun to try but when Radha once again groans, they all ask her to be calm.

Damini whispers to Kaveri how she believes that Mohan would surely bring Gungun out of the well, Kaveri asks what can they do it when Damini mentions first they have to take care of Hriday and wipe off all the proofs regarding their connection, Kaveri questions how can they do it so Damini mentions Divide and rule since their strength is that they both really trust each other but what if they manage to create disbelief between them both,

Damini calls someone mentioning she wants to meet her right now as it is really important.Gungun is climbing step by step by pulling the hair of Radha, they all see her while tears flow throws the eyes of Radha.Lata asks why did she call her here, Damini mentions because she wants to talk with her, Lata jee asks if she wants to beg for her life as nothing she can say will save her life, Damini replies even if it is for her benefit, Damini mentions that she is also a daughter and never puts the life of her mother at risk,

but what about Hriday who still makes his mother so such things so what if Hriday gets arrested so will she also go to jail with him, Lata je at once exclaims she doesnot want to go to jail but what else can she do as Hriday controls everything, Damini explains she can raise her hand, Damini then puts a bag mentioning that it is 1.5 million which only belong to her and she can live the rest of her life with ease, lata jee turns to leave but Damini stops her questioning why is she in such a hurry so before leaving she would have to erase all the proofs which Hriday has against her and delete everything,

otherwise she would also have to spend her life in jail but Lata jee says that indeed they would go to jail but Damini and her mother, she asks if Damini wanted to create differences between them both by offering her money however she should never think of it again as they do not have any use of this small amount and have indeed come here to dig a deep well.

Mohan is holding the rope asking Gungun to do it carefully, Pandit jee comes to Dadi mentioning that Radha has fell in the well, Dadi wonders what is happening as first Gungun went in the well and now even Radha, she is about to leave but Pandit jee informs that Radha is fine as she jumped, Dadi doesnot understand when he explains when all the efforts to save Gungun failed,

she also jumped into the well after tying the rope around herself. Dadi asks if he is telling the truth and Radha is fine, pandit jee assures so she prays to Bihari jee, he informs that this is because of her prayers that they both are safe so she must keep praying, Dadi once again prays to Bihari jee so he should always make sure he has his blessings on them both and not leave their side.

Gungun after a lot of efforts sits on top of Radha, the Major praises Radha mentioning she did a miracle so Mohan with a smile says she herself is a miracle, Radha asks Mohan to pull them up when Kadambari sees the blood coming from his hand, she asks all of them to help Mohan so they start pulling both Radha and Gungun out of the well.

Damini and Kaveri turn to talk but are stunned seeing Kaveri standing in front of them, she questions what is going on between them both as they both constantly come here to talk in privacy and even when Gungun fell in the well, they both came after three hours, she threatens to tell Mohan the truth about them both and she knows what he would do it her if there is even a single proof of her involvement then she is aware what would happen.

Damini tries to defend herself saying she was also present when they were checking the footage, Ketki explains she was also gone for a few moments, Kaveri asks what proof does she have that Damini erased the footage, Ketki mentions only three people have the keys to the room, since Mohan and Maa cannot do anything then the only one left is Damini. Ketki warns them to tell the truth but Kaveri stops her from blaming them,

she threatens her with the video when she drank the milk. She asks if Damini still has that video, Ketki replies she doesnot know what they think of themselves but it is really wrong. Kaveri tries to assure that she is also a part of their family and so would never do anything wrong to Gungun. Ketki explains that all those who love Gungun are still standing but they just are the ones who are here and even they have problems like every other family but the one thing which connects them is the love for Gungun.

Ketki hears Mohan calling for Gungun so leaves after warning them.Mohan and the rest of them are pulling Gungun out while even Radha is really glad that everything is going to be fine, Damini is tensed thinking that if Gungun comes out of the well then, her plans would be ruined which she cannot allow. Someone pulls him from behind, she questions Rahul what is this behavior and why is he behaving like this,

Damini tries to leave, Ketki informs Rahul that both of them are the ones behind this situation and they are the ones who caused Gungun to fell in the well, Damini questions if he has gotten mad since she is not involved in any of this, she questions how did he get so much love for his niece when he is not on the best of terms with Mohan, Rahul replies that his relation with Mohan is their personal matter which both of them would eventually solve, she needs to stay out of it.

Damini tries to leave but he pushes her against the wall threatening to suffocate her, she hits him on the foot running away, Ketki inquires Rahul if he is fine, he assures of finding the connection that she has with this incident.Radha and Gungun are both being pulled out of the well, Mohan assures they just have to hold on for a little longer as they would surely be out after a while, Radha is smiling.

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