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Radha Mohan 26 May 2023: Gungun calls Radha for help as her hand is wet and the rope is slipping. Mohan pulled the rope while calling Gungun not to leave the rope. There was a ray of hope when Gungun appears from beneath the surface. Gungun shouts that her hand is slipping. Everyone urges Mohan to pull up quick. The rope loosens and breaks off Gungun’s hand. A long silence follows the loss of Gungun.Mohan grabs the pipe and tries to communicate with Gungun. Gungun was unconscious. Tulsi cried for Gungun in the room.

Radha Mohan 25 May 2023

The media reported the incapability of rescue team to save Gungun from bore well. Radha questions Mohan why Gungun won’t move. She shouts at him to save Gungun. Tulsi cries and asks Gungun to say something. Gungun can hear Tulsi. Kevari cries for Gungun but Radha gives her sharp look.

Radha recalls a lullaby from the past and sings it for Gungun. Tulsi hopefully appears in the balcony. Mohan remembers how Tulsi had written the lullaby for their unborn kid. Gungun flinches and opens her eyes by the end of lullaby.
Damini slaps Hriday in the presence of Kevari. She questions how he dare take place of Mohan. Hriday holds her hand back and slaps her in return. Kevari was shocked at his action. Hriday slaps Damini once again.

Kevari confronts Hriday and gets slapped as well. He pulls a dagger and attacks the ladies. His mother stops him. Hriday was determined to tell the ladies he is registered as one of the biggest criminals of Hariana. He has 5 murders and 12 rapes in his names. Damini did not bring him here for her benefit, rather he came here by himself to find a hiding for himself. He is not interested in 10 lacs she has offered. He is only interested in Radha. Once he marries Radha, he will go and sell her in market.

The major tries to convince Mohan that all efforts are in vain now. The soil beneath is wet and they might not be able to help Gungun.Hriday and his mother tell Damini and Kevari that they have invited trouble to their house. Hriday had placed a dagger on Damini’s neck now and threatens to teach her a lesson. He was adamant to marry Radha at any cost. He sends Kevari to go outside and create some drama about her daughter’s life in danger.

The doctor announces that Gungun is breathing with difficulty. Tulsi cries for her breathing. The doctor tells the rescue team to inject oxygen in the boring, before they lose the girl.Mohan mentions that the rescue plan failed so they can once again start digging the hole when the major mentions that it has become difficult because it would get dark really soon and the mud is also really wet,

the doctor mentions there ahs been a problem since Gungun is breathing but is having really difficult, he asks them to put the oxygen mask in the well as soon as possible because if she is not able to breathe properly then they would not be able to do anything, they start pushing the mask when Mohan asks what happened, the doctor mentions that the oxygen level is very low down there and she has used all of her strength to climb, they must first try to give her the oxygen and think of anything else after that. Gungun is not able to move but after a while she slowly opens her eyes which makes

them all breathe a sigh of relief, the doctor asks them all to point it at the straight direction. Radha along with Mohan and Kadambari instruct Gungun to breathe deeply, Tulsi also leaning against the floor requests Gungun to breathe, Radha requests her to say something, when the doctor mentions she is able to breathe properly so they all start clapping. Tulsi sitting praises Bihari jee for helping Gungun, Tulsi suddenly hears the voice of her mother so stands up,

she has tears filled in her eyes while her mother questions where is Gungun, she is about to walk away when Tulsi calls her so she thinks as if her daughter called her. She turns to see Kadambari standing in front of her, Narmida asks if they have not been able to bring her out till now when Kadambari says she is going to take her to Gungun.Narmida reaching the well starts calling to Gungun, the major requests her to stay back as it is not safe,

Kadambari assures that she must calm down as they would surely bring Gungun out of the well, Mohan is not able to see it so assures he would surely bring his daughter out of the well, Narmida pushing him back questions what does he think of himself since he is a murderer as he first killed his wife and not his daughter, Kadambari questions what is she saying since mohan is not a killers, but Narmida mentions that everyone has seen the fake reputation of this Trivedi family as they have all the luxuries including servants,

but even then they were not able to take care of a child. She says if they did not have the strength to fulfill the responsibly, then should have given her the custody because in that case they would not have seen such a situation. Kadambari assures it is not the case as Mohan really loves Gungun, Narmida replies then why does she hate him, she replies she did not know the curse which was meant for him would end up harming Gungun.

Mohan recalls how she after losing the case blamed that he would never get the love of a daughter and would wish to see her face.Mohan kneels down as he is emotionally broken, Radha sitting infront of him assures there is nothing to worry about as Gungun’s Grandmother is just tensed so he must not take it to his heart, Mohan replies she is telling the truth as he first lost Tulsi and would now also lose Gungun, he exclaims if something happens to Gungun today he would not be able to stay alive.

The doctor coming to the major mentions that she has only two hours left, as she would not be able to survive any longer when he exclaims that they would not be able to anything in that time and they must start the operation. Radha hearing these rushes away while Narmida blames Mohan for being a murderer and warns that if anything happens to Gungun then he would be blamed for two murders, Kadambari asks her to not talk like this.

Mohan doesnot respond while they all are arguing, Radha sitting in front of Mohan asks him to not think of what Narmida is saying because she doesnot know what kind of a person he is, she would tell them all if they ask her. She asks if he knows why did Abhimanyu not come out of that situation because he did not have Mohan but she along with Gungun has Mohan jee, so he must not lose hope. Mohan asks what is he saying since he cannot understand it,

she says he has everything in his hands and controls what happens to her and Gungun, she knows he would not let her die as her Bhagwan Mohan jee is with her, she handing him the rope in his arms, stands up as she has tied it to herself. Radha slowly starts walking back when Mohan recalls that she said he controls everything including her life and that of Gungun.

Mohan is watching while the rope is passing through his hand, she slowly reaches the well when Tulsi wonders what is she going to do, she requests Radha to not do anything of the sort. Radha jumps into the well when they all are occupied. Mohan sitting is not in his senses meanwhile Radha falling asks Gungun to call her name as she is going coming to her, Gungun calls her.Mohan seeing the rope going through his arm finally recalls what Radha said that he would surely not let her die but he so tormented that he doesnot when it eventually leaves his hand,

Mohan seeing that the rope is about to fall manages to catch it at the edge, Kadambari seeing Mohan kneeling yells his name, the major rushes to catch him when he starts shouting the name of Radha leaving everyone stunned. They all manage to pull him out. Gungun starts crying seeing Radha when Gungun mentions that she is really scared so she must take her out but Radha assures this is why she came here,Gungun replies why did she come because now they both would be trapped when Radha replies nothing would happen.The major asks what is happening here because they are creating another problem because she doesnot know that she might cause the child to get trapped inside and lead to her death,

the reporters start blaming Radha for being the reason that Gungun might die since she without thinking about anything jumped in there so is she going to be the reason of the death of Gungun.

Mohan informs that he is going to pull her out but Radha refuses explaining she will not come out without Gungun as she is really scared and tensed, Mohan does not want to accept it but Radha threatens to cut off the rope if they try to pull her out, Mohan mentions how he would not be able to forgive himself if anything happens to her, Radha assures how she knows nothing would happen as she has him by her side.

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