Promised Love Update Thursday 15 April 2021

Promised Love 15 April 2021: starts with Shayra coming to Azaan’s ward and sits at his bedside. She keeps her head on his chest. Azaan recalls Shayra saying I love you Adil in the video and asks her to go away from there. Shayra asks him to talk to her. Azaan says you want to know what happened and says I will tell you. Adil presses the remote of the chip and Azaan feels immense pain in his head and things go beyond his control. Shayra asks what happened to you Azaan and gets worried. Azaan slaps her unintentionally and she falls down. Razia and Noor come there.

Razia asks him why did you slap Shayra? She says Noor told me about you. Azaan says Shayra can do anything, but I will not raise my hand on any woman. Razia asks what do you mean? Shayra says it was an accident. Doctor comes and takes Razia with him. Azaan is about to go to Shayra, when Adil comes there and calls Shayra. Azaan stops. Adil asks what happened to Shayra? Shayra says nothing and goes. Doctor tells Razia that Azaan has a trauma. Razia says trauma and asks if they can take Azaan home. Adil nods to the doctor. Doctor says yes. Razia sees Adil. Adil says he came to ask Doctor when they can take Azaan.

They come back home. Dilruba asks Shayra to hold each other hands. Mashuqa blesses them. Adil comes there and stands beside Shayra. Azaan gets upset seeing him and asks Noor to give medicine to him. Shayra gives medicines cover to Noor. Noor goes. Adil tells that he is going to guest room and asks them to call him if needed. Shayra asks Razia, if she needs anything. Razia says I want an answer. Shayra asks about her trip. Razia says it was not good, investors are backing off leading to loss, but she is not worried about that. She says she is worried about her children and asks Shayra. Shayra says azaan fell down and then he was hospitalized. Razia says sorry on his behalf. She asks if there is any fight between you both. Shayra says Azaan doesn’t like Adil and has issues with him.

Razia says I will make everything fine. Adil says there is a dhamaka in this begum mahal in 2 hours. He dances on khalnayak song. Noor asks Azaan about his behavior and says that doctor doesn’t know about you and told that you had emotional trauma. Azaan asks her to go and says he don’t want to hear her lecture. Noor asks him to say why he is angry at Shayra and says if she had done any mistake then what is the big matter. Azaan says when you don’t know then be silent. Noor reminds him and tells that Shayra has accepted their friendship fully. Azaan says Shayra knows that our friendship is pure, we don’t have anything in our hearts for one another. Noor nods. Azaan says Shayra has something in her heart for Adil. Noor asks if he is in medicine effect and says you have a misunderstanding. Azaan says Shayra likes Adil and plays video. Noor is shocked. Azaan says this is the proof of Shayra and Adil’s affair. Noor says I think something is wrong with this and says she will check it again. She says something is wrong and mute the audio.

She says this is fake. Azaan is shocked. Adil says if Azaan don’t doubt Shayra then how my plan will be successful. Noor says Shayra loves you truly and you are thinking her wrong. Azaan says you might have noticed their closeness. Noor recalls seeing them together and tells that her trust is more than what she had seen. She says your reason of anger is that you are afraid to lose your love. She asks him to trust Shayra. Azaan says you understand me so much and hugs her, says I love you. Noor says I love you too. She says you shall not tell anything to anyone. Just then she sees Razia standing there.

Razia asking Azaan and Noor what was happening here? Azaan says he was thanking his friend and says if she knows to spoil others mood then knows to make up the mood. Noor says everything will be fine now. Azaan reminds her of what he said. Noor goes. Adil is hitting the wood with axe in the garden area. Noor asks him what is the reason of his anger. Adil says you…and you are spoiling all my plan. he says whenever I think not to think about it, and wants to compress my feelings for you, but you are making things difficult for me. Noor says Adil. Adil says I made you realize that you love Azaan, but I am repenting now and get weak whenever you come infront of me. Noor says then go.

Razia tells Azaan that whatever he is doing is wrong. Azaan says I know, but then Noor said…Razia says I am not talking about that and says friendship is a powerful relation, but can’t replace love. Azaan says I know you are stress about business. Razia says I told Shayra and telling you also, tells that relations shall be good. She says if he gets closer to friend then love will get upset. Azaan says Shayra knows that she is my heart and Noor is my heart beat. Razia says if you have to decide between the two then? He says please. Razia says if life asks you this, whatever you choose, shall be carefully. Noor asks Adil to go and says you will not have any advantage. Adil says I will not back off. Noor says even Shayra and Azaan will not accept defeat. Adil asks from where they come. Noor says someone is trying to come between them and says you worry for them. Adil says they fight a lot. Noor says Shayra and Azaan will solve their fight and problems too. Adil asks really, how do you know? Noor says I have my eye on everyone. Adil says this is what I wanted, Noor is doubtful on me now.

Shayra comes to the kitchen and tells Dilruba that Azaan like ghee tadka and asks why is he putting oil tadka. She asks him to go angrily. Shayra gets teary eyes. Noor comes there and tells that Dilruba had put ghee tadka. Shayra says so he told you. She gets angry on Noor and tells that she loves Azaan and has only right on him. She asks her to get lost. Noor goes to her room crying. Adil tells Razia that Noor went to her room crying after a fight with Shayra. Noor looks at Azaan and her pic. She says sorry Shayra, Azaan is just yours. Even though I love you madly, I can’t show my right on you as he is just yours. She says I love Azaan very much. Razia hears this and is shocked. Razia reminds her that Shayra is his wife and you are his friend. She asks her to swear on her head that she has just friendship in her heart for Azaan. Noor says I can’t swear on you false and says sorry. She says I have love in my heart for him.

Adil is hearing them and says I made investors helpless to back off. I will snatch your relations also, will make you weak. Noor tells that she will never snatch Shayra and Azaan’s love. Razia says your love brought conflicts between Azaan and Shayra. You can’t hide your love from Shayra. Noor says I will teach my eyes to lie and will never come between them. She says their distance is not because of me, but because Shayra and Adil…together…Razia slaps her hard. Adil says perfect. Noor says I am not telling that they have something between them, but Azaan feels about this.

Razia says the misunderstanding will be cleared, but what is the solution for your feeling. Noor says it is not a disease to be treated by a medicine. Razia asks her to go from their life. Noor says badi ammi. Razia says this time sorry will not work. Noor says loving someone is not a mistake. Razia says it is a sin to love a married man. Noor tells that she had decided to go from this house before. Razia says it will be better. Noor says I will go from here, but after ending the distance between Shayra and Azaan. Razia talks to Shayra and asks her to solve the matter. She asks her to convey whatever matter is. Shayra says he gets anxious when he comes to me and Noor said…Razia says Azaan is yours and you don’t need Noor’s suggestion. She asks her to go and talk to Azaan. Dilruba tells Mashuqa that he is tensed. Mashuqa asks if he also doubts on Shayra and Adil. Dilruba scolds her. Mashuqa says whenever we saw them, we get to see new thing. Noor comes there and tells that it was shown intentionally. She tells that Shayra said that she went to dargah and she was telling truth. At one point, both of them were not in the hospital. She says Adil is making a picture and making us believe.

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