Promised Love Update Monday 10 May 2021

Promised Love 10 May 2021: starts with Inspector coming to haveli and arresting Rubina for giving wrong medicine to Razia. Rubina says there is no proof. Khalid says I am the witness and she has confessed before me. Mashuqa says she has recorded all her statement and plays the video/audio. Inspector takes her. Noor says bye Mrs. Bhopal. Khalid apologizes to Razia and tells that he was hiding Rubina’s sin as he told that he is going to be father. Razia says I am happy that you are changed and is not like before. Azaan comes there and calls everyone. Razia, Mashuqa and Dilruba see him coming in suit. Dilruba says you are looking like old Azaan. Azaan says he has good news to share, but before that he wants to tell someone. He calls Noor. Noor asks why is he shouting? Azaan tells her that he has signed music contract with U series, they heard my song which I sung yesterday, which was uploaded and recorded by Mashuqa and Dilruba. He says he got an advance Rs. 50 lakhs and challenges Noor that he will buy the begum mahal from her by paying double rate and then he will kick her out from here. He says that day, you have slapped me infront of all, now it is my turn. He is about to slap her, but Razia stops him, holds his hand.

She says you have signed a contract and forgot all my teaching. She says the success because of which you are so happy is because of Noor. Azaan asks what? Noor says no. Razia says it is enough now and there is no need for the acting. She asks Azaan to look at her tears and tells that it is happiness tears. She says your song was recorded and uploaded by Noor. She even forced you to sing the song so that she can record it. She says she didn’t buy the begum mahal, but saved it so that we all can stay here. She says she misbehaved with us, so that I can react. She says if Noor wouldn’t have been here then I wouldn’t have been recovered. She says you have seen her anger and attitude, but didn’t see why she is doing this. She says she did this for you, so that you fight with the reality. Azaan is shocked and goes.

Razia tells Noor that it was necessary. Noor says don’t know what he will do now. Azaan looks at Shayra’s pic and says I don’t know why Noor lied to me, tells that honestly speaking, he doesn’t care. He says now your Azaan has become music sensation and asks her to return now.
Razia, Noor and Khalid look at Azaan. Razia says we can’t tell him about Shayra. Khalid says I shall talk to him. he comes inside and says you didn’t see properly, tells that Rubina was not at home, but in jail. She says she was acting to be pregnant. He says the more big thing is she was the one who was mixing poison in badi ammi’s medicine. Azaan asks what are you saying? Khalid says I am saying truth and tells that he was ignoring the truth, and was thinking that his wife loves him and the baby will make their relation better. Azaan hugs him and asks are you fine? Khalid says when we accept truth, we get the strength to deal with it. He asks when you will move the cloth of lie? He says when you will accept that Shayra is just in the pic and will not return.

Azaan slaps him. Khalid asks until when you will run away from the truth. Azaan asks him to go. Noor rests her head on Razia’s lap. Razia says this is not our Azaan, if he would have been our Azaan then he would have come here, fought with you and asked where you have been since 5 years etc and says he is drown in darkness. Khalid comes there. Noor bandages his injury. Razia apologizes to him. Khalid asks her not to apologize and says it is my ammi and abbu’s sin punishment. Noor asks why is he smiling? Khalid says you are back and Azaan have to come back. Noor says so daily you will beaten up and I have to bandage your injury.

Razia comes to Azaan and asks why did you beat your brother. Azaan says he was talking nonsense about Shayra. Razia says Shayra will not return, he said this and asks if he will slap her. She says Adil fired bullet at her, hit her with car and she fell in the valley. Azaan shouts Shayra, recalls moments with her and faints. He falls down. Noor, Mashuqa, Dilruba and Khalid come there. Noor shouts Azaan and asks what happened? Razia says I told him about Shayra. Noor asks Khalid to call doctor. Doctor comes and checks him, says he is weak and says let him rest. He asks her to come out. Doctor says Azaan doesn’t want to live and left the wish to live. He says Mashuqa gives me updates about Azaan and told that he has a change after Noor came, but it will be better if he accepts Shayra’s truth. He says if you tell him again then same thing will happen and asks her to think of some other way to tell him. he goes.

Noor asking Azaan if he will take revenge from her. Azaan is unconscious or sleeping. Noor holds his hand and says sorry, tells that she was not with him when he needed her. She tells that she has hidden about Shayra’s death and wishes that she would have shot and died that day, instead of Shayra. She says everything would have been fine if I was here, tells that she couldn’t save her. She swears on God that she never tried to come between Shayra and him. She says I really loved you a lot. She says my love is not selfish and I always thought about your happiness. She cries. Razia sees her sitting at his bedside and prays for their happiness.Khalid comes to Razia in the morning. Razia says he will wake up from the sleep and dream. She says when that happens, Noor will become of our house. Khalid says 5 years have passed. Razia says even now Noor loves him. Noor picks the call. The man on the call asks how is she? Noor says she is fine. The man asks if she is with Azaan, why is she talking in low tone? Noor asks how is he? The man says he is worried. Noor says even I am fine. Man says I love you. Noor says you are mad. He asks her to say. Noor says I love you too. Khalid hears him and thinks Noor is saying I love you to whom?

Razia comes to noor’s room and tells that she has made her favorite halwa puri. Noor says Azaan is alone. Razia asks her to have it and makes her taste it. She says she wants to talk to her something. Noor says I have to talk to you, says we have to tell everything to Azaan about Shayra. Razia says no and says don’t know who will make him see the truth. Noor says Shayra. Razia says she is dead, how she can say. Noor says we have to enact the truth infront of Azaan in a different way. Razia tells that she is with her and tells that even Allah will forgive you for this. Azaan recalls Khalid asking him until when he will not accept the truth while in sleep. He wakes up and sees Shayra standing near the window. He says finally you came and I was sure that you will come surely.

He says days, months and years passed and I was sure that you will return. He sees her going out and follows her. She runs out of the house. He runs behind her. She walks outside and goes to the graveyard. He asks her to stop and asks where you brought me. He asks her to talk to him and keeps hand on her shoulder. She puts her dupatta on her head and goes. Azaan removes the dupatta from her face and sees the grave with the name Shayra Akhtar Mirza. It shows Noor is standing far and watching it. He is shocked.
Razia prays to God. Khalid recalls Noor saying I love you too. Razia says give strength to her that she can handle Azaan. Noor comes infront of Azaan. Azaan asks if this is her bad joke. Noor says you are not accepting defeat and that’s why Shayra might have brought you here. Azaan asks her to keep her prank to herself.

Noor shouts and says Shayra is dead. She tells that Adil had kept Shayra captive. I ran out of house and escaped from Police, I went there. She tells everything and tells that Shayra fell in the valley. She says I searched her and took Police help. She says then we found Shayra’s dead body and buried her here. He cries and shouts. Noor thinks she has to lie to him that this is Shayra’s grave.

Khalid comes to Razia and tells that he heard Noor’s conversation with someone. Razia comes there and tells that she told truth to Azaan. Azaan comes home and shouts calling Noor. He asks how dare you? Razia asks what are you saying? Azaan says I have the right to question her. He asks how dare you not tell me? You knows everything, then why didn’t you tell me anything. He says Shayra left me 5 years back and I was mad to wait for her return, but you knew everything. He asks couldn’t you return once and tell me the truth. Noor hugs him and cries. Azaan says you fight me like mad. Razia asks him to live his new life and says you deserves happiness. She says I have thought something and I think even Shayra’s soul will want this. Khalid tries to stop her. Razia asks him not to stop her. She says only Noor can fill the wounds. Azaan looks at Noor. Razia asks do you think that I am hurrying up and says 5 years have passed. Noor says badi ammi. Razia asks her to agree. Khalid tells that Noor can’t agree for marriage as she has already moved on. He says there is someone in her life already. Everyone looks on.

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