Promised Love Update Friday 19 March 2021

Promised Love 19 March 2021: Starts with Qazala asking Surayya why Razia is throwing her son like garbage. Surayya says Asgar raised his hand on Dilruba. Qazala asks who is he? Razia says he works here. Qazala asks if the Servant’s position is more than the owner. She says crime is very small and punishment is big, says her justice is stained. She says when my son remarried, you kicked him out and when your son remarried, you made his second wife also sit on your head. She says Asgar is getting a kick out because of a servant. Shayra says Servants are also human. Qazala says I thought the voice is of Razia. Shayra says Servants shall get equal respect. Razia says she is Shayra?

Promised Love 18 March 2021

Razia says first or second and laughs. She says I know and says you look good, must like to eat biryani and says Razia’s grandchildren will be healthy. She calls her choti Razia and hugs her forcibly. She asks her not to be scared and says your saas’s saas has come. She asks Asgar to lock his anger in a big trunk. A big trunk is shown outside the haveli. Qazala says we shall not make Servant sit on the head and asks her to see yasmeen’s daughter. Razia says Noor has realized her mistake and is divorcing Azaan. Shayra says Noor has confessed her mistake and rectified it, but Asgar Chacha don’t agree to his mistakes. Someone is dragging the trunk.

Qazala says Asgar is not that bad. Razia says he did fraud in the company of 5 crores Rs. Qazala ass what we shall do with Thief? Shayra says we shall punish him. Qazala asks what about the owner? Shayra says why the owner will steal in his own house. Qazala says Asgar is innocent. Razia tells that theft is theft. Qazala says I know that my bahu will not ignore the elder’s talk and asks Surayya and Asgar to apologize. Asgar and Surayya say sorry. Qazala asks them to say sorry to Shayra also. They say sorry. Qazala asks them to go to their room. Razia says sorry is not enough. Qazala says I will forgive you if you forgive my son. She asks Asgar and Surayya to go to their room. The big trunk is brought inside the haveli. Razia asks about the sound. Noor says I will check. Qazala asks Noor if she will not greet her and asks her to see saas’ saas. She asks why did you marry Azaan? Noor says it was my mistake.

Qazala asks why she is kicking her destiny, as many girls dream of marrying Azaan. She says my talk is not ended and offers 10 Rs. Noor says you must have given more than 10 Rs 50 years ago. Qazala says it is the tip. Noor asks for more money. Qazala asks her to take 20 Rs. Noor takes out bangle from her hand and says it is good that I didn’t regard myself as Azaan’s wife, else I would have got everything out. Meanwhile, the trunk is dragged in someone’s room. Razia says I want to talk to you and asks her not to try to do anything bad with them. She says she is not only her bahu but Azaan’s mother and tells that he doesn’t bear if anyone misbehaves with Noor, Shayra and I…
Qazala says I am Azaan’s Dadi and more important than you. Shayra takes haldi milk for Dilruba. Dilruba cries and thanks to her. Azaan comes and says I know why she is like this? She says finally, you came budiya…Qazala says you tried a lot to keep me away, but I came. Azaan says you came but didn’t do any tamasha yet. Qazala says you have come, now I will do Tamasha.

Azaan hugs her and calls her Nirupa Roy, Pyaari budiya. Suriya gets happy that they are not going to Sultan Pur. Asgar pushes her on the bed and asks her not to challenge his manhood. Surayya says sorry and offers to massage her legs. Asgar says it is good that Ammi came. Surayya says we are not going to Sultanpur. He says he will take revenge on Razia. Surayya asks what? He asks her to mind her business. Shayra tells Dilruba that he will get someone who will love him. Qazala’s Servant comes there and asks them to listen. Dilruba and Mashuqa imagine him. He asks where is my room? They point at the wrong side and then at the correct side. The Servant Alladin thanks them.

Azaan tells Shayra and Noor that his Dadi was not bitter, but circumstances made her bitter. She says Dadu supported my mother always, but Dadi was alone. Razia says she (qazala) can understand that she shall not scratch old wounds. Azaan says we shall give her fair chance. Razia asks them to be careful. Azaan says we don’t need to be scared. Noor says I will handle that budiya. Azaan says she is my Dadi. Noor says your Dadi makes me do Servant’s work. Azaan says your face is like a servant. She calls him sucked mango. He twists her hand. Razia hugs them and says she is happy that they are with them. Qazala sees Razia and others hugging each other. She says once Razia is broken then it will be easy to suffocate them. She says there will be bursting of crackers. Alladin comes and says he did the work.

Asgar tells Surayya that he is planning a dhamaka and asks her to go and sleep. Razia asks Noor to sleep in her room and says I am scared about you. She says Azaan and shayra are together, so there is nothing to worry about. Someone keeps an eye on them. Azaan tells Shayra that he is happy that Dadi is back, but not happy with her decision. Shayra asks why didn’t you tell her then? Azaan helps her take out the earring and gives it to her. He closes the laptop as he doesn’t want anybody to disturb them. A man is standing outside their room.Later in the night Razia hears a sound and comes out. Suddenly the sound stops and then starts again. Razia walks to the hall and finds the trunk. She asks who is here?

She hears the baby crying and opens the trunk, when somebody hits her and makes her fall inside, then locks the trunk. Shayra wakes up in the night and asks Azaan to turn and says he is snoring much. She also hears the sound and gets up from the bed. Razia is locked in the trunk and tries to free herself. Noor is sleeping and hears the sound and calls Razia. She gets worried and comes out. Razia knocks on the trunk. Shayra also comes out. Razia calls them. Just then the electricity went off. Noor and Shayra get tensed. The trunk is made to fall in the Pool and the water gets filled up inside. Asgar comes to the room. Surayya asks from where is he coming? Shayra and Noor come there, but don’t see anything due to the darkness.

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