Promised Love Update Friday 12 February 2021

Promise Love 12 February 2021: starts with Noor accusing Shayra for snatching Faiz, so she wants Azaan in return. Shayra says Azaan is not a toy which I give and you take it. She says if he had loved you then he would have married you and not me. She says we got married with everyone’s wishes including you. Noor says I didn’t give you permission, but gave him in charity. She asks her to free him. Shayra says Azaan loves me and you have no right on him. Noor says I was with him since 24 years and laughed at his happiness and gave me shoulder to him when he used to cry when his father left him. She says I saved him from his mother scolding, I understand him. Shayra says if he understand him then would have never asked me to leave him. She says he loves her. Noor says we would have fall in love after marriage and tells that Ammi used to say that he is my khairkha (wellwisher).

She asks her to give her Azaan else she will take her life. Shayra is shocked. Azaan comes there and asks them to leave something for tomorrow. He asks Noor if her complaints are over. Noor says I talked to her whatever I wanted, and she might have understood. She says some relations are made by God and can’t be broken. Azaan keeps their hands on each other hand. He says I am relieved that your fight ended. He asks Shayra to give whatever she is asking and says she is greedy. He says my mad Noori. Noor hugs him.
Azaan signs Shayra to hug him. Shayra thinks I can’t give you what she is asking. Noor thinks I will get you Azaan. Razia sees them and thanks God. She asks Saba to learn forgiveness from Noor. They hear some noise and come out. Media comes there. Surayya asks Asgar what Noor is doing? Asgar says she will write history. Media questions Azaan about the fire accident, two deaths and Noor attempting suicide and asks for answers. Azaan says this is our personal matter and asks them to leave. Media says Bhopal’s people wants to hear the answer and says it is your duty to say being Nawab.

Asgar comes and says she is Bhopal’s begum. Surayya asks them to answer patiently. Reporter says we heard that Shayra tried to kill Noor. Noor comes and says you heard wrongly. She asks are you reporters or writers? She says neither I tried to commit suicide nor Shayra tried to kill me. She says Shayra saved me. Reporter says whatever happened in dargah, what is it? Noor says it was an accident, not to name it as suicide or murder. Azaan asks them to go. Reporter recalls getting Asgar’s message. Razia says I thought Meenu left us, but she is here in your heart. Azaan says you are very understanding. Noor goes to room. Shayra runs behind her calling her. She asks what happened. Noor says I am thinking today I have closed everyone’s mouth, but when I won’t be there, badi ammi and Azaan have to hear their taunts. She asks her to give Azaan.

Shayra says I can’t give what you are asking. She thinks if Noor tries to commit suicide then? She comes to Razia to tell her and hears her talking to yasmeen’s pic and telling that Noor is very understanding and proved today that she has grown up. Shayra thinks this time is not right to tell her. Razia sees her and calls her. Shayra says Ammi. Razia says whatever Noor told me, I am sorry for that. Shayra is about to tell about Noor’s condition, but Razia gets a call and excuses herself. She recalls her promise made to Yasmeen. She sees reflection and thinks Noor is hanging on to fan. She comes running there. Dilruba is cleaning the fan and asks what happened? Noor asks her to agree. Shayra thinks to tell Azaan about Noor’s intentions and thinks only he can tell her. She searches for him.

Light comes. Azaan comes and hugs her. He says I can’t you happiness since our marriage and says he felt peace when he saw Noor peaceful. She says she wants to talk to him. Azaan says talks can wait, but not with love. He gives her flower and dances with her….le jaye kahan plays…..Noor sees them from outside. She goes form there. Shayra breaks the hug and runs out. Noor steps on the railing and is about to jump cruing. Shayra comes there and saves her just as she is about to fall down. She asks what you wanted to do. Noor says she wants to die as she can’t stay in this world where Azaan is yours and not mine. Shayra says Azaan can’t be yours as love is prayer and it can’t be given to other in gift. Noor says I have understood that you will not give me Azaan. She says I have lost and can’t live with failure. She says Noor is dead. She is about to jump again and the flower pot breaks. Shayra asks her to listen to her and says Ammi and Azaan can’t live if something happens to you. She says how to take this decision in a hurry. Noor gives her 2 days time and asks her to decide. Shayra asks her to give her hand and helps her come down. She warns her asking not to do this. Noor says I will not do this in these 2 days, but if you don’t decide then I will die.

Shayra coming to Azaan to tell him about Noor, but just then they hear the sound and see Noor fallen down on the ground. Azaan runs to her and lifts her. Shayra is shocked. Azaan asks her to open her eyes. Noor says Shayra…I told you that you can save me. Shayra wakes up shouting in her bedroom. Azaan asks if she saw a bad dream. Shayra says yes and says she is fine. Azaan says something shall happen and is about to kiss her, but Shayra moves back thinking about Noor. Azaan asks what happened? Shayra says sorry. Azaan says you don’t need to say sorry and says both shall have consent to take the relation forward. He says he has waited for 5 years and some more time is ok. He asks her to relax and says you don’t know to say no. He asks her to refuse rightaway. Shayra says if the other person gets hurt then? Azaan says then it is that person’s problem. Shayra tries to talk to him. He says he don’t want to talk and sleeps on her lap.

She hears Saba laughing sitting with Noor and thinks whatever she might have told must be due to anger. Noor selects lehenga online. Saba says it is worth 10 lakhs. Noor says her choice is costly. Razia says this is our Noor. Azaan asks Razia not to keep her on head and says I have to make the payment. Noor says I can give my life for you and you can’t give me a lehenga. He says I can give you 10 lehengas, cars, house etc, but can’t give you noodles. Razia asks him to keep it down and have healthy breakfast. Surayya thinks Noor is looking happy and changed so fast. Noor asks Azaan to make a payment and gives laptop. He asks if there is someone’s marriage. Noor says Janaza and tells that who said that it is worn in marriage. Azaan takes the laptop to room. Shayra tells Noor that she is happy to see her happy. Noor says I have just 2 days and says that lehenga will deliver in 2 days. She says it will be either my marriage dress or my death dress. Surayya tries to hear them. Noor says it is in your hands now. She says I made wish lists of the things to be done, but didn’t know that my life is so small. She says she wants to fulfill all her wishes in the list so that she can die peaceful.

Shayra asks her not to tell this. Noor says you can make me prosper with Azaan and have two days. Surayya couldn’t hear anything. Shayra says I can’t make her understand and shall tell Ammi. She sees Razia praying Namaaz. She thinks she has to tell Ammi else the situation will be out of hand. She tells standing outside and says how to fulfill her wish and asks her to talk to her. Razia comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Shayra sees Noor hearing her. Razia says do you have any work. Shayra asks what to make in food. Razia says she will tell cook. Noor takes Shayra to side and asks if she was complaining to Razia. She says if you tell this to anyone then I will snatch the last right from you. They go. Surayya thinks to find out what they were talking about and takes the phone which she had kept there. She searches in her phone. Just then cat falls on her feet and Surayya drops her phone in the water pot. She scolds cat and wipes her phone.

Razia asks Azaan and Shayra to distribute blankets among the poor. He asks if there is any occasion. Shayra says Noor asked her to do this and she made Sheerkhoorma herself. Azaan is surprised. He comes there and says I will distribute it. Noor says I will do it. Azaan says I want to see if they will be alive after eating your sheer khoorma or not.

He goes. Shayra asks why are you doing this? Noor says she wants to do this before her death and tells that two more wishes are remaining. Shayra says it is enough and asks how to do injustice with Azaan. Azaan comes and asks what kind of injustice. He asks who is doing injustice with whom and asks anything serious. Shayra says we were discussing in general. Noor says destiny does injustice sometimes, give everything to someone and snatches everything from others. She gives example of their life and poor people’s lives. Azaan likes the sheer khoorma and says you learnt cooking also. Noor says life teaches everything.


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