5 things you shouldn’t do during your bridal shower


Bridal shower has gained more acceptance in pop culture and it is quickly becoming the  trend in most Nigerian weddings. Having a bridal shower goes beyond taking pictures and posting it on social media, It is meant to achieve a bigger purpose and for this to happen, both the bride and her girls have a role to play.

Even if the origin of bridal showers does not predate back to the African wedding ceremony,  the fact still remains that this event that preludes the wedding ceremony has come to stay especially in Nigeria and can be very productive if well managed.

In view of that, these are help fun tips that will ensure your bridal shower party is not ruined:

  1. Don’t bring so much alcohol to your bridal shower

Needless to say that some of the girls may be tempted to take more than required. If you don’t want to deal with hangover the next morning, then it is better to total take it off the menu. But if it must be involved, then make sure you have a minimum amount of it.

  1. Don’t wait until midnight to start the party proper

Because of the excitement or logistics reason, bridal showers tend to kick off late in the night. But then again, who says bridal showers only happens at night? A sunny afternoon in our opinion is better.

If your bridesmaid do not have engagements in the day time, then it is better to have your shower in the afternoon, lasting till the early evenings. After which everyone should retire in preparation for the big day. But if it must be in the night then begin early and finish quick before midnight.

  1. Don’t make promises you can’t fulfill

Work according to your means and budget. Don’t emulate others or lie to your girls about things you find yourself unable to fulfill if you don’t want to create a bad impression of yourself before your girls. The major thing you need is a venue, decorations, provision for food and drinks, provision for a camera man or good phone for taking pictures, a good music player and then games ideas for the party. Don’t promise to have a live performance from a known artiste if you can’t pay for it.

  1. Don’t do all the work alone.

Delegate decoration duties, cooking, picture taking etc. to your bridesmaids; they are there to help relieve you from some of your wedding stress not just to appear in your pictures. So please put it in mind to inform each of their roles before the day and you will be the better for it.

5. Don’t leave your girls hungry and tired.

Whether the shower is holding in a hotel room or in your own home, it is very important to plan ahead and designate comfortable places where all your girls will sleep. Make provision for their accommodation because you need them rested and refreshed after the party so that they can look bright in the morning of your wedding.

Also, feeding is important. After all that partying, some of your girls would be hungry in the morning. It will therefore be a good idea if your have made preparations ahead for light breakfast, both for you and your girls.


Remember the goal here is not just to follow the status quo of having a bridal shower before your white wedding, rather it is to make the event more memorable and impactful.


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