Our perfect place update Tuesday 12 May 2020

Our perfect place 12 May 2020: Shree speaks with Niranjan over phone and informs him that Rita wants to take divorce and rests of the incident happened. She encourages him to be courageous and not accept defeat easily.

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Hetal informs Prachi that she again fought with Sam and again pushed him. Prachi scolds why she became so arrogant, Sam may file complaint against her for her misbehavior. Hetal gets worried. Prachi smiles and asks her to call him and patch up.

Ila goes to Niranjan’s room. He gets very happy seeing her and reminices her warning she will disown him if he betrays Rita. Ila emotionally touches him and then sees his dilapated room and cries hugging him. They both then feed food to each other. Ila then says she has not forgiven him, just her maa ki mamta brought her here. He says she may not forgive him, but should tell how he can meet his children and fulfill his responsibilities as a father. She says he should go and work instead of being in this room so that when time comes, he can take care of children well. He smiles and nods yes.

Rita helps Falak and Bejal in their homework. Falak pronounces beautiful as butiphool. Rita says it is wrong. Falak and Bejal dance singing ladkhi butiphool..song and says Taimaa taught her to pronounce same. Rita gets very angry and warns children not to meet taimaa. She calls Falak’s class mate’s mother and asks to send a nanny. She says she will send her nanny tomorrow as she does not need nanny now.

Rahul continues drinking reminisces Tanu. He gets severe stomach ache and rolls on bed. He reminisces his romantic days with Tanu and then their separation, etc.

Rahul gets severe stomachache after drinking heavily. He rolls on bed, but even then he gets up and picks liquor glass. Sam enters and scolds he started drinking heavily again, he will call maa. Rahul stops him and says he is fine and did not get stomachache at all. He asks him to sit and asks if he sorted out issues with Hetal. Sam says he is not gaining courage to inform her truth and knows end result will be bad. Rahul says then he should not tell her truth, but should not meet her sister also. Shree is a counselor and he is sure she will understand his problem and that it is best for Hetal and him.

Rita is busy reading a script. Falak and Bejal get ready for school and ask her help to fix tie. Falak says if she is getting busy, she will take Taima’s help. Rita shouts never to go to Gayatri. Caretaker comes and introduces herself to Ila as nanny hired by Rita for Falak and Bejal. Rita comes and greets her. Ila says when there can take care of children, why she needs nanny. Rita asks Falak and Bejal to show their room to nanny, she will stay with them hereon. Falak and Bejal run and hug Ila. Rita orders them and they take nanny in. Parimal confronts and how can she let a stranger stay at home. Rita shouts at him that he wants her to remember his brother’s betrayal and go into depression again.

Ila stops him and says even she does not like this idea. Rita says she will stay out of house for long, so she hired a strict nanny. Gayatri gets worried and says she will not let anyone be strict with children. Rita shouts and yells at her that she warned her to stay away from her children and hence hired nanny. Parimal gets irked and asks Ila how can she let Rita misbehave with Gayatri. Rita says Gayatri let children speak to Niranjan. Parimal says seeing Niranjan’s condition, anyone would do same. Rita continues her misbehavior and Gayatri apologizes her. Parimal warns Gayatri that he cannot see her insult and says she will stay away from Rita and her children. Gayatri hugs Ila and cries.

Hetal sadly waits for Sam Sam enters. Prachi excitedly greets Sam. Hetal runs and hugs him and says she thought he would not come. He says he values relationships a lot and not like her to fight often. She gets sad hearing this. He goes and sits facing his back on her. She gets more sad. Prachi says Sam she will get coffee for him. Hetal says she will prepare coffee. Parchi warns not to become wet cat and scratch Sam again. Hetal says yes and serves Sam coffee. Sam smiles and accepts coffee and gets back to his work. Hetal asks Prachi how to convince Sam. She suggests 80s Bollywood style. Hetal gets ready with heavy makeup and hair band and says wait and watch, how she will convince Sam in her damsel in distress style.

Hetal to convince Sam acts as trying to change bulb and repeatedly says Prachi that she is climbing to change bulb and if she falls, to admit her to hospital. Sam smiles and thinks she is doing over acting. He gets up and asks her to stop her drama and get down. She slips and he holds her. She says at last he got convinced. He says it is not that easy, drops her down and gets back to work. Hetal gets more sad and asks Prachi what to do now. She says she has one more sure shot idea, but for that she needs to be bold and old fashioned like her will not agree and it is for young like her. Hetal says how offensive even she is young and can do anything. Prachi murmurs in the eyes.

Hetal goes to Sam’s studio. Prachi tells Sam that an International model is waiting in his studio and she was searching him. Sam says how can anyone enter his studio without his permission. Prachi pushes her in. Sam enters and sees Hetal in a thin red dress. She in a mesmerizing voice provokes him to shoot her. He tries to leave, but door is lock. She challenges him again. He starts shooting her and she poses and opens her dress buttons revealing her shorts and slip-ons. She asks if his models are more beautiful than her. Sam walks towards her and rebuttons her and says models are his work and she is everything for him.

Sam further continues that for him, she is the world and loves her so much, but for her more than his feeling, her hatred for her sister is more. Hetal says yes and shouts that she hates her sister so much that nothing is important to her than her hatred, if she finds her sister’s boyfriend and his family, she does not know what she will do. Sam says he understands her feeling. She shouts no, he does not, else he would not have repeatedly hurt her by discussing about her sister.

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