Our perfect place update Thursday 30 April 2020

Our perfect place 30 April 2020: Rita reads story for her children and asks them to sleep. Falak asks why is she so sad. Rita says she is not sad, if they don’t sleep, mamma will be sad for sure. They ask when will papa come. Rita says she will not hear this question again. Bejal ays they miss papa. Rita asks if they want mamma to be sad again. They nod no. She says then they should not question mamma again. They promise, and Rita leaves. Bejal asks Falak if pappa will not come again. Falak says she does not know and asks to sleep.

Sameer looks at Hetal’s pic in his mobile. Uday silently comes and sings Hogaya hai tujhko to pyar sajna…song…Rahul closes mobile and asks what does he mean. Uday says he was just singing, but it really seems Hogaya hai tujhko to pyar sajna…

Sammeer says Hetal and him are just friends. Uday says his faces turns as emoji when he looks at Hetal. Sameer asks really. Uday says yes. Sameer says he likes Hetal since college days, but there is no love word in Hetal’s dictionary. He warns Uday to get back to studies, else he will inform Parimal that Uday is not studying well. Uday goes back on bed and studies. Sameer continues looking at Hetal’s pics.

Hetal reminisces her sister Shree/Tanu’s words that she may be Hates for everyones but for her she is her cute sister Hetal. Her friend comes and says looks like Sameer likes her. Hetal says Sameer is cute, even she likes him. Friend says looks like even she loves Sameer. Hetal says she considered liking as love. Friend asks why she is tensed and looks at Shree’s pic. Hetal asks her to sleep as they have to open cafeteria in the morning.

In the morning, Rahul and Sameer enter cafeteria and see Hetal with staff prays Lakshmi goddess. Rahul asks friend what is happening. She says it is Hetal’s orders. After prayers, Hetal tells cafeteria is going in loss, so a neighbor shopkeeper suggested to pray goddess Lakshmi. Rahul laughs. Hetal says Sameer that his brother also laughs, she thought he is a serious character. Rahul reminisces Shree telling same and stares at her. She asks what happened. He diverts attention. They both try to leave. Hetal holds their hands and they both get emotional. Hetal says they have to chant her cafeteria anthem. They all chant anthem and laugh.

Rita comes to Ila and tells that she does not want children to be around Niranjan, so she will go back to her parent’s house at Jamnagar. Ila says she can consider this house as her parent’s house. Rita says she trusted her once and cannot trust her anymore. Ila says she considers her as daughter by heart and will not let Niranjan back in this house. Rita says she really does not want Niranjan’s shadow on her daughters. Ila says she will do whatever she wants. Rita emotionally hugs her.

Niranjan goes to Shree’s office. Shree gets concerned seeing his dilapadated state and asks him to come in. He says he does not want her to tell truth to Rita. She says why, Rita should know truth. He says Rita trusts her a lot and if she will know that he meets her, Rita will stop trusting her.

Shree goes to meet Rita. Rita cries that she tries to control her tears, but she cannot. She gets a question repeatedly, why dd Niranjan betray her, if she is imperfect. Shree consoles her and says she should shed her tears whenever she wants, tears are the indication that they are still strong. Rita cries loudly.

Sameer looks at Hetal and reminisces Uday’s words that his face resembles emoji when he looks at Hetal, means he loves her. Ishq bulawa aawe jab aawe…song…plays in the background. Hetal gathers colleagues and says to increase cafeteia’s sale, she has made a menu. Sameer looks at menu and says is obvious, he is impressed. Rahul comes and asks what he knows about running cafeteria, looks at menu as Hates’ special in all dishes and says bad menu, it should be Love special instead. Hetal says her menu is special. Rahul asks who does not like Hetal’s idea. Everyone raises hands except Sameer. Their conversation and confrontation continues.

Rita thanks Shree for coming and asks her to wait while she calls her mother-in-law. Family photo falls down.

Hetal tells Rahul that she does not want to argue, she will not introduce Love special menu. Rahul asks why. Friend says Hetal hates love stories. Hetal says in her cafeteria, only her orders will work Rahul says their cafteria and both their decision matter. She should try love menu and if it does not work, then they will reintroduce Hates special. Hetal agrees. Sameer calms Hetal and asks not to worry, people will like only Hates special. He calls his friend casting director and asks him to send 15-20 college goers and ask them to order only Hates special, he will pay them renumeration plus coffee bill.

Parimal looks at family photo. Gayatri asks him to frame it soon. He asks if Shree is still in Rita’s room. She says yes, Rita is continuing to cry. Parimal goes to his room. Shree comes out. Gayatri asks her to meet her MIL Ila and go, walks in to call Ila. Photo falls down. Shree walks towards photo. Gayatri with Ila comes and picks photo and says it is their family photo. She asks Ila if she wants to talk to Shree. Ila asks how is Rita. Shree says they should not let Rita alone and can bring her to her office often, it is good Rita loves her children and gave up idea of suicide. Gayatri says it is all because of Hetal, Sameer’s friend. Ila says Hetal changed Rita’s mind and stopped her from suiciding, she blesses Hetal’s family and says they are lucky to have such a nice girl. Shree reminisces Hetal telling she is not her sister. Gayatri sees Shree’s facial expression and asks if she is fine. Shree says yes. Ila thanks her for coming and Shree leaves.

Shree walks outside Metha house and calls Hetal. Rahul sees Hetal away from phone and phone ringing. He walks towards phone and picks it. Hetal comes and snatches it and says it is her phone. She sees Shree’s number and gets sad. Rahul asks if she is fine. She says yes. Rahul says she does not seem fine. Phone rings again, she goes aside to pick call. Hetal picks Shree/Tanu’s call and scolds her dare not to call her again, because of her she became orphan 6 years ago. She breaks down. Sameer sees that and consoles her.

Ila prays for Shree and Hetal’s prosperity. Gayatri says Shree is counseling so many peple and changing their lives and Hetal is studying and even running cafe. Ila says hotel. Gayatri says youngsters call it Kaafe. Ila says it is hotel. Uday hears that and says it is cafe and they are degrading young generation. He teaches them how to pronounce cafe. They all 3 laugh then.

Sameer consoles Hetal and she rests on his shoulder. He asks whose call it was. She says her sister and tells him whole story. He continues consoling her.

Rahul sees Sameer consoling Hetal, smiles and leaves. Hetal thanks Sameer for supporting her and asks if he did hair cut. He says yes. She says he is looking nice, in college he used to look champu.

Shree/Tanu enters cafeteria hiding her face with veil and goggles. She orders Hates special coffee without checking menu. Waiter informs Rahul that madam ordered Hates special without checking menu. He asks to prepare love special and writes love on it and sends it to Shree.

Waiter tells Shree that it is a complementary from boss who wants to try new menu and gives feedback form. Shree sees love on coffee and reminisces her happier time with Rahul. She gets teary eyed and looks behind, but Rahul leaves by then.

Ila cries looking at sethji’s photo and says she is acting as strong, but is more worried about Niranjan, she does not know where he is staying and what he is eating. Niranjan calls and she scolds him not to call back, else she will block his mobile number. He says she can do, but she should let him meet his children as he cannot stay away from them. Ila scolds he cannot meet them and disconnects phone. Children call Niranjan and tell they took mamma’s phone silently and are calling him. They asks when will he come to meet them, if he will never meet them. Niranjan promises that he will meet them soon. He then calls Shree, Shree says she is busy and will call him back. Niranjan says he cannot stay away from his children. She says she knows, he should realize Rita’s condition and let her normalize first. Niranjan thinks he will meet his children at any cost.

Hetal returns to cafeteria from grocery shopping. Waiter shows her Shree and tells her that this madam is biggest fan of Hates coffee. Though Rahul sent her love special coffee, she just sipped it and then ordered Hates special twice. Hetal says she will meet lady then and walks towards Shree. Shree gets up seeing her. Hetal looks at her carefully. Shree shows her face. Shree requests to listen to her once. Hetal angrily looks and takes her aside and asks why she comes repeatedly to hurt her. Shree says her intention is not to hurt her. Hetal says she does always. Shree says just wanted to see her for sometime. Hetal says she should go to another cafeteria and never come back here. She walks out. Rahul sees Hetal walking out with teary eyes. Shree also walks with tear eyes and crosses Rahul, but the don’t see each other’s face at all..

Rahul walks in and sees Shree has left love special coffee intact. He reads note and gets nervous.

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